Older, Wiser (Maybe), I'm Back

 And just like that.  I'm back.

It's been a time. 

When last I left you, we were mid- pandemic. I had taken custody of two children and my daughter had moved back back home. 

College Arabella turned Actor Arabella is now Actor in Grad School Arabella. We're just gonna call her GradSchoolArabella.

LilMan and Baby are now Preteen and Destructo. They live a cat and dog life but they depend on each other as all good brothers should. As they get older they sometimes form a shaky but developing coalition with GradSchoolArabella that is capable of out voting the elder block occasionally.

My ever pragmatic mother, despite a host of health issues is still fighting the good fight. Everything, and I do mean everything, has tried to kill her. Pneumonia, Influenza, COVID-19, Multiple Sclerosis, a pressure wound the size of Texas. And she just heaves a sigh, turns another day in her prayer calender, starts washing dishes, and cheers for her favorite team during football season. 

She is made of much tougher stuff than I ever hope to be.

As for me...

When I think back on everything that has happened since I last wrote, it all flies through my mind. A slow trickle of memories than faster, then sound memories, and more memories, faster and unstoppable like going over Niagra in a barrel, pushed along, the long drop and then smash. 

The memories roar inside my head and slide crashing into now. This moment before dawn and the crush of the day begins. 

I laugh. 

I made it.

Somehow, despite everything. 

I'm still here. Writing to you. 

I even still talk to Ye Ex Matey occasionally. Somebody has to remind me of who I am now and again. 

I've lost a few friends along the way. 

But I have made a few more.

All my hair is gray now.

And Biden. And Trump...

But that's another post. 


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