If I Ruled the World - Building a Platform

If I ruled the world or ran for office, these are the things I believe in. It's mainly about restoring rights to the people that should never have been taken away.

This list may be updated as I think of more things for my platform. If you have any suggestions, post a reply or send me a message via the DebLite Contact Thingy in the sidebar.

Equal Rights for All
End corporate person-hood (corporations are not people)
End unlimited corporate contributions to campaigns
End "at-will" employment
End pre-employment drug testing
End pre-employment credit checks
Make union busting illegal

Justice System
  • Stop the system of pay to play
  • End the system where citizens are threatened and punished for requesting a trial
  • End prisoners having to pay for their jail stays
  • End cruel and unusual punishment (particularly Joe Arpaio's tent jail)
  • End the death penalty
  • All accused/imprisoned have a right to
    • representation
    • counseling
    • education
    • rehabilitation
    • re-enter society without stigma or additional punishment
      • employment/ housing discrimination
      • disenfrachisement
  • Community policing as national policy
  • End stop and frisk policies
  • End racial profiling
  • Give poor communities the same protection as rich communities if not more

  • Legalize marijuana and possibly other drugs
  • Punishment should be for crimes committed due to drug use not drugs themselves
  • Mandatory counseling and treatment for those who commit crimes due to drug use
  • End drug testing in schools


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