Monday, December 18, 2006

Haul out the Holly

Haul out the holly, put up the tree before my spirits fall again...
Mom: When are you all putting up the lights and the tree?
Me: About 15 seconds before Christmas.
Mom: I used to do it the day after Thanksgiving.
Me: Sigh
Ye Old Matey: No.
Mom: OK. Whenever you get around to it...(translation: there better be some Christmas around here soon sucka or it's gonna get ugly.)

Fill up the stockings, I may be rushing things but deck the halls again now
Me (a few days after Halloween): Arabella I need your Christmas list.
Me (after Thanksgiving dinner): Arabella I need your Christmas list.
Me (yesterday with a Christmas a week a away): You're getting whatever the hell I get you. I asked you for your Christmas list ages ago. Tough.

For we need a little Christmas, right this very minute...
Ye Old Matey: OK, we've got the lights up and your mom is happy right?
Me: Yep she loves them.
Ye Old Matey: Good. If no one is too tired this evening we'll finally put up the tree.
Me: You're not getting me anything this year are you. We said we weren't going to...
Ye Old Matey: Nah, let's just focus on the family (Translation: I still haven't decided which I like better, Sirius or XML but Snoop dog just got a show on XML and that may be the deciding vote.)
Both of us: agreed, we're not exchanging gifts this year, just the family.
(Both of us thinking: Yeah, right....)

Candles in the window, carols at the spinnet:
Little Arabella: My Christmas band concert is tomorrow.
Grandma: And don't forget about the church concert.
Little Arabella: I forgot to tell you about my best friends party. Mo-om, I have to be there.
Ye Old Matey: Can you wrap this S'more maker for my office gift exchange?
Guy at Church: Will you be stage manager for the kid's Christmas musical?
Little Arabella: Oh and my boyfriend is having a dinner party Sunday and his family wants all of us to come.
All of us: WHAT BOYFRIEND???!!!!!

Yes, we need a little Christmas, right this very minute. We need a little Christmas now!