Friday, December 31, 2010

Duke's Annual Mid-Winter Shut Off Rampage.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Fuck off, Freeze to Death and Die
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It seems Duke Energy is going to make an annual habit of trying to raise funds by shutting off gas and electric service mid-winter when it's obviously most needed. We need to change the law so Duke Energey cannot hold people hostage and establish winter rules -especially for families with small children. Ebeneezer "Duke" Scrooge should be held accountable.

Check out this January 2010 post from Cincy Mom's:

originally posted by Mauirobin

Our fault that we have been almost 200 bucks behind the last two months, but they came and disconnected us yesterday. (We still pay something every month, usually more than half) No warning, no knock on the door, no post on door. We scrambled and got it turned on, but my concerns are with the elderly, single parents with young children, etc. They said that since it was 40 degrees they can turn it concern is 40 degrees at noon still means freezing at night. How many folks out there that couldn't get their power back on?

I did some research and discovered that Ohio does NOT have a no turn-off winter rule. We did at one time for 90 days, but that's it.. Despite the fact that I think the elderly have paid more than enough taxes in their life-time, to NEVER have to have their utilities shut off....and most pay school taxes for years past any kids of theirs even go to the schools.

I think we should do something to get that law enacted here, as it is with many other states. No winter turn off during Jan, Feb, Mar. at least if their are elderly, or young children in the house. Any comments, or suggestions? In case you are wondering, I have no young children or elderly in my house, but I'm probably one of the rare households out there.

Here was my response to the initial post:

The rampage continues....

First off - this post starts off wrong. Not your fault. The economy is tough for everyone. When $200 can be a month's worth of groceries for some people - and you've been making an effort to pay - Duke is being real jerks.

Some friends of mine are due for shutoff today. And for again2 They did NOT get a notice. No little pink slip. Not even a line of type on their bill. How do I know? We just spent all morning going over all 12 of their last year's bills as they have kept them all down to inserts and envelopes.

They have been paying what Duke has said is their minimum balance and sometimes a little over if they could. Duke summarily decided that minimum balance isn't good enough. Their reasoning, according to this article I found online, is that people are probably spending the money they're spending $75 bucks on cable or "unneccessary" items and that money should rightly be theirs. God forbid a family spend $75 bucks a month on what is probably their only entertainment than give that measley sum that wouldn't cover their bill to Duke.

If shutting people off without notice after accepting what Duke says is a minimum payment isn't illegal, IT SHOULD BE. If a landlord accepts part of your rent, they have to let you stay and reject your next payment, they can't evict. If a credit card company accepts your minimum payment, then they can't just cut off your card. Likewise, if Duke says "this is your minimum payment" then they should be made to abide by the common sense rule that acceptance of payment means they agree to continue service.

The family I'm talking about has small children in the home, it's effing January and Duke basically said "too effing bad" - we're cutting you off and nothing but the full amount of the bill will do.

It's a damned shame and you can bet our new Governor Kasich couldn't care less. After losing over 800 million dollars already in transportation and education funding, his "let them eat cake" attitude is going to be solely with Duke, not with the constituents he should be protecting against their avarice.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Christmas Family Photo Album

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Family Photo Album as shown by our Facebook profile pictures.

That Deborah Girl

Ye Olde Matey

College Arabella


lol, we finally convinced her to join Facebook thank goodness
My New Year's resolution is to teach her to use it

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Start the Revolution

What we should be doing:

Sharing, Helping, Loving, Teaching

What we are doing:

Hoarding, hindering, hating - honoring ignorance

What we should be doing:

Figuring out life and the universe

What we do:

Kill what we do not understand

What we should be doing:

Figure out how best to serve humanity, helping people live happy, healthy, worthwhile lives

What we do:

Discriminate, fear, step on and manipulate others to advance our own causes

Humanity is at a crossroads.

How long until we free the planet?

White People

Tired of living in fear of the other

Tired of being called racists

Tired of being taxed to death

Tired of being disrespected and taken for granted by Republicans


Tired of living in fear of the other

Tired of discrimination

Tired of being America's scapegoat

Tired of being disrespected and taken for granted by Democrats

Turn off FOX News and all the other channels for that matter.

But especially FOX. That's right. Just walk over to you tv and turn off FOX and NEVER tune back in.

It's time we all woke up, smelled the coffee and started the revolution.

Not against each other.

But against the puppet masters pulling our strings.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kasich: Between a Rock and Rail Place

If this Enquirer article on Governor Elect John Kascih can be trusted, then 2011 is going to be a God-awful year for Ohio. If the article was reporting something a Democrat said, I would only give it half a glance, but the Enquirer treats conservatives with reverence and so the quotes can more likely be taken as gospel, not spin.

You can tell the difference because Democrats are usually relegated to one liners with the Enquirer's snide interpretations laced in between short quotes. Kasich's quotes lead in the paragraphs and the Enquirer happily expounds on his ideas as if Kasich were the Second Coming. Even so, whoever wrote this article did an interesting job of fulfilling the Enquirer mandate to never make the GOP look too bad while still getting a couple of skeptical zingers.

Starting with the title: Kasich, GOP: Ohio can cut way out of deficit. That one statement is nearly begging for a question mark and leaves the reader asking, Oh, really? They can? OK, let's settle in for a good read and see how Kasich and the GOP plan to keep this promise without backtracking.

Because Kasich has already been left stuttering over transportation funding that incumbent Governer Ted Strickland worked his ass off to bring here. A 400 million dollar investment and, depending on who you read, between 8,000 to 16,000 permanent jobs, not just temporary construction jobs, that would provide not only an investment in jobs, but an investment in Ohio's infrastructure and economy. Kasich ran on the fact that he would kill that idea and make sure the money was spent "responsibly" (lining the pockets of his GOP buddies at every turn).

Well he was only half right. He killed the idea for Ohio (mirroring the exact situation for the Governor Elect of Wisconsin), but the money is still going for rail projects and will be split between other sates and that's where those jobs will go as well. In at least one state, a billboard has gone up, sarcastically thanking both governors for declinging the funds and sending the money and jobs their way.

It's sad and quite telling that Kasich truly believed the GOP hype. Like someone who sees a $4.99 price tage and doesn't realize the price is really $5.00, Kasich only saw the 400 million dollar carrot, but not the regulatory stick.

At first our Governor Elect truly didn't seem to understand that he can not dictate to the US Department of Transportation where that money will go. While Ted Strickland sat shaking his head watching his hard work go out the window, Kasich was still trying to make his campaign talking points into real-world policy. Why can't the money still be given to Ohio for other projects? If Ohio declines the money, why can't it just be returned to treasury to redcue the deficit?

I'm going to tell you why John Kasich. Because the US Department of Transportation is run by rules and guidelines, unlike the GOP which is powered solely on talking points and unending conservative rhetoric based on the premise that if you repeat something long enough it becomes fact. That only works until you hit a real brick wall - a wall made of real adults not merely playing the political game but working to make sure rules and regulations are followed.

Feds To Kasich: Not Building Rail Line? We'll Keep The Money

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Tuesday that the money can't be used for other programs.

In a letter to Kasich, LaHood congratulated Kasich on his election, but then said that, "I wanted to let you know that none of those funds may be used for anything other than our High Speed Rail Program.

LaHood pointed out that Ohio has already received $1.1 billion in stimulus funds for nearly 500 transportation projects and hoped Kasich would continue the passenger rail plan.

If, however, you choose not to participate in the program, we would like to engage in an orderly transition to wind down Ohio's involvement in the project so that we don't waste the taxpayer's money," LaHood wrote.

The governor-elect "is fully aware of the rules surrounding the use of federal funds and remains interested in pursuing additional flexibilities on this issue," said Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols. "It is, however, refreshing to see that Secretary LaHood understands the importance of preventing anymore wasteful spending on the passenger rail project."

Wow. They simply cannot help it. Team Kasich still makes a pathetic effort at making it seems as if Secretary Lahood's message is "I agree with you, the rail project is a waste of taxpayer money" when what Lahood really said was, "The rules say the money has to be spent on rail. If you're not going to spend it on rail, you can't have the money. Now hurry up and make up your mind so we don't waste more taxpayer time and money while you play politcal games."

Which leaves Kasich between a rock and a rail place. Supposedly there's still a chance Ohio can still have the money for the rail project. Liberals have wasted no time in painting Kasich with a broad brush as the idiot who lost Ohio 400 million dollars and 16,000 jobs before he even officially took office. I don't care what kind of spin the GOP does, not even the Enquirer can make that sound good.


But the Enquirer sure as hell tried.

"[Kasich] will put all programs under the microscope," said Rob Nichols, Kasich's spokesman.

And so the spin begins anew. The GOP narrative is that Ted Strickland was out gallivanting around spending hardworking Ohians tax money on ideas like a train but Kasich will keep his campaign promise to stop the wasteful spending on frivolities like investing in the upkeep and future of our infrastructure. Furthermore, Kasich will carefully consider (read willfully cut) every single program that is seen by conservatives as "rewarding" the poor or minorities.

Because the rail program is not all Kasich wants to cut.

Republicans say they'll cut Ohio's way out of a potential $8 billion budget deficit - but there's only one way to do that: by cutting money for schools, universities, prisons and social services, including Medicaid.

So while Kasich is cossetted in the governor's mansion, let the peasants eat cake. Well, maybe that's a bit harsh because Kasich's idea about the jails is actually a good one.

Kasich said there would be obvious taxpayer savings in keeping people who bounce checks or fail to pay child support out of prison. He said the nonviolent offenders should undergo treatment, be put on a work-release detail, placed under house arrest or jailed by counties before sending them to state prison, which costs an average of $66 per day per inmate.

Bipartisan legislation to relax criminal sentencing laws and keep nonviolent offenders out of prison - as proposed by Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland and state Sen. Bill Seitz, a Republican from Green Township, failed to pass the Republican-led Senate the past two years.

Ok. Wait a second. Why did this idea fail? Because Kasich's idea about how to hanle non-violent offenders is actually an Republican idea. I like it and so does Ted Strickland because he backed it. It should have been a slam dunk for bipartisanship -but as you can see from the article, the measure failed.

You see Strickland who was supported by Obama, who is not only a Democrat but he's black and he's the President to boot. So a Republican idea is automatically becomes a bad idea when a Democrat supported by a Black President embraces it.

Got that?

Again, the GOP narrative fails. Far from being wasteful, in his term of governor, Strickland battled his way through 4 billion dollars worth of spending cuts. Repbulicans who keep shrieking about "fiscal discipline" atually kept Strickland from making additional and sensible cuts to the budget that would have saved Ohio some additional money.

I, and I'm sure many other Ohio citizens and taxpayers have no patience for this type of blatant bullshit. I keep waiting for other conservatives to stop saying "no" to everything progressive, liberal and proposed by Democrats simply for the sake of doing so. But they are children and right now, happen to the biggest bullies in the American media and corporate American playground.

For better or for worse, Ohio under Kasich is going to become Arizona 2.0. Arizona has blatantly decided to be the state where conservatives will try out the worst of their ideas in discrimination and bigotry. Ohio, it seems is destined to be the state where the GOP tests out their fiscal ideas, which basically amounts to saying no tax dollars allocated to anyone but large corporations and privatizing any and all public utilities. Their theory is that they can provide minimal to no public services and infrastructure investment to a struggling, unemployed populace and still have people elect them year after year.

It seems, if you are determined to kill any and all initiatives that are even remotely approved by a black Democratic President, it's altogether possible.

It leaves us all between a rock and a rail place. Always holding to the past or boarding a train to the future. One thing is for certain - people are definitely packing up and leaving Ohio.

Ohio is Number 3 on Forbes 2010 list of Top 10 States that People are Fleeing. I don't see that trend reversing under Kasich any time soon.


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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Forgiving the Unforgivable

Forgiving the Unforgivable

Hate is their currency. Ignorance is their sacrament. Racism is their communion.
North Carolina Senator Julia Boseman

I haven’t been able to write about politics lately. That’s why you’ve had the commentary about Deb’s Life or other things because ever since the midterm elections I have been afraid and angry. Trying to write about the current political scene leaves me sputtering, bitter and simply pissed off to the highest level of pisstivity.

The midterm elections left me rather despondent over the state of our nation. Despite the fact that many have pointed out that Obama’s numbers are better than Clinton’s or Reagan’s at the same point during their time in the Oval Office; despite the fact that many have pointed out that Clinton lost both houses while Obama only lost one; despite the fact that Obama continues in the same vein as he has since day one, there remains a certain lingering dissatisfaction with President Obama. Conservatives have never cut him an inch of slack and liberals are tired of seeing him bullied without fighting back. We keep waiting to back him, the champion of our cause, but he never seems to rally us troops. He merely says wait, no need for battle. Meanwhile the battle rages around him and he never seems to see it. There was that one slip about them “talking about him like a dog”, and it’s true. The GOP has never stopped short in their racist bashing of Obama. Yet, he is the one who has called these types of slights “petty”. Yet his refusal to respond to them makes him seem na├»ve and unwilling to admit that racism isn’t a petty faux paus committed by ignorant white people. It is a sharp edged tool, wielded by those in power and keeps us all on the razor’s edge between life and death.

No, thehe media and the Republican party certainly aren’t letting up on Obama. Their half-hearted and backhanded racist attacks have not abated one whit. The 2010 Midterms spurred the GOP to battle the President on any issue from Cabinet Appointments to whether or not his birth certificate allows him to have a driver’s license. The GOP continues to respond to the call of the likes of Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. Like tired Orkai on the way to Mordor, they cannot help but heed the drumbeat of the media cycle and Beck’s madness. They’re tired and not sure really what they’re fighting against – and they even fear that their own destruction is at stake. But they’ve been created for this cause, so fight they must, even at their own peril.

Once the GOP only had to fight Barack Obama, but the Tea Party has divided Republicans against themselves. Many Republicans have walked the fine line between not angering the Tea Party and keeping office but they have only done it by paying homage to Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin who remains the fly on in the ointment for conservative and liberal alike. The buzzing mosquito that and self-respecting liberal would love to swat but can’t catch

Sarah Palin is such an awful person and politician that she actually has liberals like me longing for the days of simply evil Bush era politics. Even Bush could be made to blush now and again over his gaffes – not being able to open ornamental doors, giving unwelcome backrubs to the Chancellor of Germany; or say, letting New Orleans drown and die for five days before sending help. He even squirmed a little through the press conferences of the Plame affair once he realized Rove and Cheney were involved. Of course he came through it in fine fettle and he never apologized for anything, but he did at least recognize a problem when he saw one or when people told him there was one.

Sarah Palin does not know the meaning of the word blush or shame. Her many gaffes, errors and plain spouting of erroneous information have been well documented yet thoroughly ignored. The media and her supporters simply explain away her incredible and appalling dim-wittedness as one would overlook a child’s tantrum.

Because we tend to think in terms of the current news cycle, maybe only the most recent Palin gaffes or errors will come to mind. But it takes this list of Palinisms to make one realize that she has committed enough gaffes and errors to enable someone to create an entire website around them.

Barbara Bush, recently quoted as wanting Sarah Palin to go back to Alaska and stay there, has nothing on me when it comes to having a distinct dislike for Palin. Unfortunately, we share a dislike of Palin for entirely different reasons. Palin represents a populism that threatens the Bush family dynasty hegemony. In my case, Palin represents a “whites only” populism that threatens my life. I don’t think Barbara Bush really cares much about black people but I don’t think she questions our right to exist. In her world, someone has to do the work and it may as well be the brown people she doesn’t have to worry her “beautiful mind” about.

Palin on the other hand would take even Barbara Bush’s loathsome “stay in your place” racism and turn it into a rootin’ tootin’ open season shootin’ match on all minorities. She thinks in the simpleminded terms of an untrained hunter – aim, shoot, kill everything that moves and doesn’t look human.

And to the likes of Palin, black people and other minorites don’t seem human at all.

Americans of all colors are a forgiving people. We’ll forgive Bill Clinton for shagging Monica Lewinsky. We’ll forgive Johnny Bench for betting on baseball or Michael Vick for bashing in the heads of a few mongrels. Hell, we even forgave Bush for blowing up Iraq and making sure Sadaam & Sons got good and hung. After all, the bastard had it coming for trying to have his dad killed and we don’t even know where the hell Iraq is on a map and we had to kill something or somebody after 9/11 – Iraq was as good as anywhere else, just killing two or three million birds with one stone – after all, those people don’t seem human at all.

How much more are we willing to forgive. Julian Assange sits in a jail cell at this moment and I’m sure he’s shaking his head, ruminating over the fact that he is in jail for telling the truth. For exposing American lies, propaganda and our death march that seems to encompass the globe.

And what’s more, American’s don’t care. We are quick to make people out to be villains and Assange is an easy target. But it’s much harder to point the finger back squarely where it belongs – at us.

How long will we continue to allow our government to sanction war and killing in our name? How long will we allow our government to spin a narrative of freedom, justice and sacrifice when we are the only ones doing the sacrificing? We are sacrificing our soldiers, our way of life and everything to hold onto the ideal that America is the good guy. That what we do is always in the name of good.

But what if that isn’t true and hasn’t been true for a really long time? How long will we continue to forgive the unforgivable? Indiscriminate killing in the name of the American people and locking up or outright killing anyone who dares to expose it.

Hitler only dreamed of such power. Even Russia has never really pulled it off to the levels they liked. Will such power finally be wielded by the United States?

And if so, can it be stopped?