Friday, April 30, 2010

Still Boycotting Kroger

Anecdote relayed to me from a Roselawn resident: I went to Kroger in Roselawn for something as simple as orange juice. It wasn't until I got it home, that I realized it had already expired for 7 days. I can't imagine that happening to me in any other neighborhood Kroger.

Just one person's story but it's a single example of the many ways Kroger let it's Roselawn customers down. But Kroger insists that the store isn't necessary and that the store lost money, not because of their poor marketing, but because people don't just don't shop there anymore. Except for the hundreds trying to keep the store open. I suppose they don't count, being elderly, low income & mostly black.

Speaking of "mostly black", it seems that many white people in the city have their theories as to why the Roselawn Kroger closed. The comments I've seen online show that bigotry in Cincinnati is as nasty and insidious as it ever was. Prepare to have your stomach turned.

When members of the community do not support the safety of their own community by reporting crime and helping authorities to solve crimes that occur in the particular community then that crime will affect the business community to the point that it is no longer profitable to stay.

But NO. Armed robberies are people with guns or knifes and usually significant drug and/or alcohol problems which manifests itself in killing people to satisfy that addiction. This can result in loss of life or harm to employees. No amount of profit is worth that risk when the risk gets as high as it is in Roselawn.
4/25/2010 10:20:53 AM

where are the stories of the unhappy biggs customers? 4 of those are closing why isnt ms mayor mallery talking to them? could it be white folk just shrug and move on?channel 9 mentioned the bus and changing busses.are they saying these folks do not own cars? come on folks do something for we'll be tuckin you in at night.
davidencinci - 4/25/2010 4:19 PM

I am sick and tired of the black community whining about what THEY DESERVE. If you took better care of your neighborhood and raised your children better, Kroger probably wouldn't be leaving. Oh but's never YOUR fault is it? Give me a freakin break!!!
Apr. 19, 2010 1:35am EDT | from chrismcp

I guess Mr. Thomas and his group are trying to make a racial issue out of krogers wanting to close a store that has been losing money for over a year.I am sure that some of the black community is at fault for that million dollar lose,because of their shop lifting.1 out 2 people leaving that store has hid something on their person. so you people can blame the store closing on your own kind.cannot blame the white folk for this one,but i'm sure someone will try.
Apr. 18, 2010 12:09am EDT | from cchseal2

maybe the citizens of the neighborhood should clean up the place so krogers and other businesses would want to stay. eventually all that will be left in that area is the roselawn park that the thugs have fun in. oh yeah and the new cps school where the kids will never do well in anyway, as their parents are the thugs in the park...... rediculous
Apr. 17, 2010 9:38pm EDT | from justsharon1

Whats the crime rate in Roselawn? Maybe these residents should help influence the good of the community and make it a better place so business can thrive and grow.Thomas should hold a rally to make better citizens starting with his trashy ghetto daughter.
Apr. 17, 2010 3:19pm EDT | from xavier1

That is the most ghetto Kroger ever! Good riddance.
Apr. 17, 2010 1:53pm EDT | from kasper923

It would seem to me that a private corporation could open or close any store that it wants. Unless of course if it's in a racially charged neighborhood..Call rev jesse and uncle Al (sharpton), they'll stop it
Apr. 17, 2010 1:44pm EDT | from nobodiesfool

Considering how much in groceries they must be losing to theft for the store to have a $1M loss for the year. If it isn't theft, then that means the store isn't being shopped at. Either way, it's a sound business decision. Of course I know it means people will have to travel farther to get their groceries, and that many of those people don't have cars. I also understand it means a loss of jobs. But rather than boycott Kroger (which is kind of silly considering that the people involved in the boycott aren't willing to travel to a farther away Kroger anyway), shouldn't they focus on fixing the problems that led to Kroger not being profitable int he first place? That's the problem with some of the leadership in the African American community. They are muckrakers and pot stirrers, not leaders. Rather than address the real problems, like children who don't care about education, crime sprees and gangs, they focus on boycotting Kroger for closing a store thats losing a boatload of money. Having a Kroger in Roselawn won't slow down "black-on-black" crime. Having a Kroger in Roselawn won't raise test scores at Roselawn-Condon. Having a Kroger apparently only made it easier to steal food.
Apr. 30, 2010 9:01am EDT | from PhineasDelgado

Boycott will eliminate the shoplifting. Great idea. Instead of losing money the company will break even. No sales , no loss.
Apr. 30, 2010 8:43am EDT | from irishdanny

It is not Kroger's fault that the generations of kids in that area were not raised right.
Apr. 30, 2010 10:15am EDT | from KennedyHtsDr

So Roselawn deserves being without a grocery store in a 10 mile radius because as we all know it's a common fact: black people steal.

My level of disgust with the white people who made those comments cannot be described. Some of the other comments seem to think that boycott of Kroger is "stupid" because it proves the people of Roselawn can and will shop somewhere else.

I suppose they must think that either all black folks live in Roselawn or that black people elsewhere will not be sympathetic to what's happening there. So I replied:

I hate to break it to some of you but black people do live in other neighborhoods besides Roselawn. And when I make the extra trip to take some of my church members to the grocery store - now that they don't have one in their own neighborhood - do you think I'm going to take them to another Kroger?

And knowing how Kroger is choosing to starve out my friends & family Roselawn, do you think I'm going to spend my own hard-earned shopping dollars in Kroger? A boycott makes perfect sense. I and my family will not spend another dime in Kroger stores or buy gas at Shell Stations that are in partnership with their shopper card. And I'm not the only one.

Kroger is going to lose a lot more than a million dollars in the end if people get serious about the boycott. They're banking that people won't care and in this day and age, they might be right. But they've lost my family as customers for good. Here's hoping other people follow suit.

The boycott continues...let's hope it catches on.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boycott Kroger - I will not spend another penny in a Kroger Store

Kroger has long been a tiny thorn in my side - and recently I had given them the benefit of the doubt, but no more. I will not spend another penny in their stores unless and until they do right by the people who shop at their Hillcrest Store in Roselawn.

There is a large community of Senior Citizens who walk to this store from the retirement communities directly behind and also from the surrounding community. I have rarely been in the parking lot when it was not full. I've shopped there many a time for church functions and meals as our church is in the neighborhood. I have taken several people grocery shopping there after church or during the week. This store is needed and utilized.

But Kroger simply does not care. Just like the travesty of a store they keep on Vine Street downtown, the barely passable store in Clifton, and the one they are closing in Roselawn, Kroger has proven time and again that they do not value their customers in low income and predominantly black neighborhoods. While affluent white neighborhoods do their "Krogering" in pristine, enormous supermarkets, black neighborhoods have scuffled by on stores that were last grudgingly renovated in the 1980's.

Kroger is legendary for leaving empty buildings as a nuisance for police to handle. In the mid 1990's, Kroger closed two stores - One in College Hill and another in 7 Hills. They built a spanking brand new store right off Cross County Highway in North College Hill and left two neighborhoods without a grocery store in walking distance. The Seven Hills store was located in a strip mall that to this day has trouble keeping a tenant.

However the College Hill store was a stand alone Kroger Building. Over a decade later it sits empty, the police use it as a speed trap which I guess is a fair trade-off since they have to chase people off the vacant property anyhow. Despite pleas from the College Hill community for Kroger to sell that space & let it be developed into something, anything other than a vacant lot with an unsightly and depressingly empty reminder that there used to be a grocery store in walking distance of their homes, Kroger has declined all offers, including stalled negotiations with the City of Cincinnati over the property.

And so it sits.

When the Kroger Store first opened in North College Hill opened, I would shop there for my mother. The staff was so rude and the security guards so plentiful and unwelcoming, I felt like a criminal just for buying a loaf of bread and some grapes. I had previously stopped shopping in the Kroger on Colerain Avenue because the staff was so rude. I would drive from Colerain all the way out to Biggs in Forest Park to avoid shopping there. I wouldn't even pick up incidentals there I hated shopping there so much. Anything I couldn't get at Walgreens I would pick up at a Lo Bill that was on my home form work. When Biggs on Colerain opened(also recently closed much to my despair but that's another post), I did the majority of shopping between there and Aldi at Pippin & Galbraith. But I refused to go to Kroger.

It's only in the past few years and then only of sheer laziness, that I have taken to going into the North College Hill store. It's simply around the corner from where we live. Not to mention a certain friendly cashier who was so cute my daughter actually consented to be seen in public with her Mother anytime I so much as mentioned grocery store. I continued to complain to my friends about how much I hated Kroger - highest prices of any grocery store, rude staff, and meat that was less than fresh (although I attributed that story to them mistakenly; the ground beef incident actually happened to me at a Sam's Club).

Last summer, I was buying candles for my daughter's birthday cake. I had two different candles and a manager NOTICED (yes, it was a woman) and said that she KNEW where the candle was that matched the one I wanted and went all the way back to get it.

I think my perception of Kroger started changing right then. I still complained but I threw in the birthday candle story for ballast. They hadn't and still hadn't changed enough for me to my major grocery shopping there, but I did start shopping there for weekday items like milk or bread and produce. Gradually, they were pulling me back in.

And it was just a few weeks ago, that I said that I would actually have to stop telling my "I don't much care for Kroger stories." Their grocery prices don't seem so bad, even though I detest their shopper card. And most of the staff seemed much friendlier. I could even tick off several that I liked. Candle manager, cute guy my daughter is crushing on, stocky guy who always double bags, round faced girl who always asks about my dog.

And the manager who used to work at the Hillcrest store in Roselawn. When my daughter was in daycamp, we'd stop at that Kroger and get her daycamp snack. He used to work there as a cashier and he was as nice a guy as they come. He was a cashier back then but by the time I saw him several years later in the North College Hill store he was a manager and still a very nice guy and he remembered us. Come to think of it, it seems about the time he came, that's when I started noticing the changes in staff and that it was a much nicer crowd than it used to be.

So despite having done the majority of my shopping in Aldi & Biggs over the past 15 years, Kroger has been very much a part of my shopping experience. When the Biggs store on Colerain closed their doors this week, Kroger put a bad taste in my mouth for a quick instant with a sign that seemed to relish in Bigg's downfall: Welcome Bigg's Customers. I found it very distasteful but then I realized my only shopping option left is Wal-Mart because with the close of Biggs I am now surrounded by Kroger stores. Two on Colerain and the one in North College Hill.

And after the ground beef incident at Sam's Club and the clerk sneezing on my turkey incident at the actual Wal-Mart, I swore off shopping at WalMart. However yet again, this past February, looking for a small, yet pleasant cake for my mother's birthday, they had exactly what I wanted at the price I could afford.

Mind you, I will shop at Wal-Mart for some things, but I have refused to do my grocery shopping there.

However, I guess that's where I'll be going now. Because I will not spend another dime in a Kroger store. I've had it with them and their closing the store in Hillcrest at the expense of so many who depend on them is why.

It is truly, the final straw.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Just cleaning up a little. Fixing a typo here & there. Dusting off a few old posts & putting them back where they belong. When I updated my blog a while back, somehow I never got around to putting back a couple of my sidelinks so I've updated "The DebLite Must Read" and "DebLite on Racism" and put them back in the side bar.

Also, I've added a few new links for sites that have become staples for me lately:

Cake Wrecks
If you haven't heard the buzz about Cake Wrecks already, you've got to check out this site, it's simply hilarious. Started on a whim by Jen Yates, the site has spawned, a book, a tour , a theme song and many otherYouTube homages plus a million laughs. Read the guest post entitled, James' Sweet Safari and you'll realize that Jen is not only a wonderful baker but a very special person indeed. From the Carrot Jockeys to the Sunday Sweets, "Underneat" it all, you'll fall in love with Cake Wrecks.

Suicide Food
If I ever do decide to become a vegetarian, this site will be why. It's humorous and witty commentary gives serious food for thought on how and why we humans feel free to not only eat animals but claim they want to be eaten in packaging, labeling and advertising. I'm not quite ready to give up meat, but as someone who's recently taking a class in packaging & design toward my degree in Graphic Communications, I will seriously be rethinking designs that show animals enjoying their ends. Serious message aside, the site is funny and not to be missed.

Oliver Willis - Like Kryptonite to Stupid
He makes so much sense he truly is Kryptonite to stupid; and to buzz and to spin on all things political (with a smidgen of pop culture thrown in)- he simply cuts through bs and hits the nail on the head, every single time. His site is a pleasure to read, even in the links he chooses. A must read every day.

Your Pharmacist May Hate You
If you ever wanted to know why your prescription takes so long to fill and the backroom drama at your local chain drugstore....this is the place to be. The story of why this blogger changed his name from DrugNazi to DrugMonkey is worth a read all by itself. Start there and stay for the rest but beware, this site is as addicting as the vicodin Drug Monkey dispenses.

I'm going to do something I rarely do and recommend a post of my own. It's from 2008 entitled "Why None of the Republican Candidates Should Be President". It's over in the "Must Read" and even though it's two years old, I feel it's as relevant as ever. I hear all the same names being bandied about, particularly Mitt Romney, but all other usual suspects are lined up in the post as well: Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo and John McCain. Rudy Guiliani and Fred Thompson are as far out of the running now as they were then, but I did see an AP article that dusted off a theoretical Duncan Hunter candidacy. Who knew back in 2008 that Sarah Palin would be naught but a distant memory? I can't wait to do a 2012 version of this particular post. There are simply so many reasons Palin should never be allowed near The White House she may get a post of her own.


Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Memories

When I was 3
I wouldn't leave
My mother's knee
To say my Easter speech

When I was 6
I was confused
About taking communion
On Easter Sunday
I thought maybe
I wasn't allowed
But I quickly found out
The communion table
Was open to all
On any given Sunday

When I was 9
I learned that
Even a tomboy
Can look like a princess
To hide scabby knees
Scarred & scratched
From the battlefield
That is a schoolyard playground
All it takes is a dress
That's a little longer

When I was 12
I got the last
Easter basket
I would ever find
Placed by the Easter bunny
While I slept
Waiting for Jesus
To come over the horizon

When I was 15
I learned that
All it takes
To hide a hickie
Is a lace collar
And a little extra makeup
But while some things
Can be hidden
From human eyes
It takes an effort
To hide
And lot more effort
To forget

When I was 18
I spent the first holiday of my life
Away from home
I've never forgotten
How even the kindness of friends
Did not quite replace
The emptiness of not seeing my mother
And of not being home

When I was 21
I held my own daughter
In my arms
And dressed her in her first
Tiny white Easter dress
And took her to church
Were she slept
And I waited for the day
When she would find
An Easter Basket left
While she slept
And Jesus to come
Over the horizon

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'm a Republican Now

I spent the last week watching FOX Network & I have to tell you, maybe they have a point.

Glenn Beck? AWESOME! He is so articulate and those chalk boards? I swan, I just fell in love. He has those pink round cheeks that just exude authenticity. How can you possibly believe anything the Democrats have to say after listening to dear Glenn? I can't. Just can't. He's too good to be true.

And that Bill O'Reilly. I tell you, he just stepped right up and footed the court costs for the family of that Fallen Marine. What a Patriot O'Reilly is! That's more than enough to make anyone forget about the shooting of Dr. Tiller. After all it's not like Bill pulled the trigger. I say let bygones be bygones.

I'm in class & at work when Michelle Malkin is on but I've been reading her blog. She makes me proud to be a fellow blogger - although DebLite has nothing on Malkin's insight into minorities and immigration issues. I mean, just look at her. She probably grew up right here on the mainland but her folks obviously immigrated from somewhere, right? I'm just sure that means she can be trusted to be fair and balanced on all things that have to do with people of color.

The last guy I've been watching isn't on FOX at all. He's so wonderful, he can't be contained on FOX. He has his own syndicated show all to himself. I just can't say enough good things about Pat Robertson. He brings his own special brand of fire and brimstone vigor to the news of the day. What's news without a spritz of Jesus and a Christian twist? I watch him every day after Little House on the Prairie. Two pseudo Christian drama's for the price of Salvation - FREE!

And so they've convinced me. I've converted. I've seen the light. Guess I better start collecting elephant statuary and fix my mouth to call "Cross County Highway" by it's proper name, "Ronald Reagan." And I'll have to apologize to Steve Chabot for saying that he's "full of sh**". And I guess I better find a Teabagger to surrender to.

I better get going. Pat Robertson will be on in a few minutes and I've got an appointment later to get my afro straightened & styled like Sarah Palin. I'm also gonna have to find out when Rush Limbaugh is on the radio - I can't wait!

What a glorious day to be a Republican! Wish me luck!