Sunday, October 07, 2012

Yes, Mitt Romney Lost the Debate

Why Romney Lost the Debate with Women: It's Not a Prizefight

Romney's combative dogfight stance may impress men or those who have held power so long they assume it belongs to them. But women, or anyone who has been in an underclass or faced racism, read this behavior as arrogant and overly aggressive -- the language and habit of dominance.

-Brenda Peterson
Huffington Post

I rarely read or link to Huffington Post, but the article above is so solid, I have to pass it along.It could have been called, "Why Romney Lost the Debate with Women, and Anybody of Any Race, Color or Creed with a Brain."

Because I also felt that Romney was a blithering idiot. I felt like all he did was spout memorized talking points that were vaguely on topic but always meandered off into nothingness. Nothing Romney said was of substance. He wasn’t masterful, he was rude. He wasn’t knowledgeable, he was uninformed. He also reversed himself on so many positions that he has taken over the past months, let alone the last year it was pathetic to watch. Romney lost the debate in the eyes of all thinking people

President Obama was thoughtful, answered the questions asked and he seemed sincere. What I almost felt was that the President wanted to tell Romney: if you want this effing job you can have it, but I can tell you, not only is not all it’s cracked up to be, but you’re going to suck at it worse than anyone, even W.

President Obama knows what’s at stake. Like John Kerry a few years ago, he knows the choice is obvious, but he knows that America doesn’t always make the obvious choice. And I think he felt just a little…weighed down by being the one who is actually holding the office of President. To me, his head down wasn’t a symbol of defeat but one I see my people do a lot when they’re just sick of explaining shit they’ve already explained and now they have to do it again. And they’re still gonna have to do it some more. It’s a weariness of bearing the truth that is palpable.

The Barack of the most recent debate was not the Barack of 2007. Now he knows what he knows and it is what it is, and he’s fighting not just for the office but for the soul of this country.