Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time to Laugh at the GOP

Joe Scarborough, who I normally have no use for, actually managed to start out my day with some pretty good laughs with his comments over the GOP's nonsensical statements during the recent Supreme Court Nomination Hearings.

Watch the video here at Crooks and Liars

My comment:

What boggles the mind is - why aren't most Republican arguments and talking points treated in this same fashion by ALL of the media.

We can't really afford to laugh them off because they're sincere and their followers are zealouts - but honestly - it would be nice if the "MSM" just called it a wash and took Scarborough's example and just laughed the GOP out of existence.

Because honestly, most of their ideas and agenda are laughable if not just downright racist and divisive. Anything the GOP can do to drive a constant wedge between people with any sort of differences they do

straights against gays
whites against all minorities
evangelical christians against any other religion including other christians
natural born citizens against immigrants
rich against poor
men against women
employed against unemployed
working women against stay at home moms
military/police against civilians
America against any country that gets in our way

America is weary and broke. And I think Americans of all races, colors and creeds feel we've gotten far off our original track - that yes, we may have differences - hell yes, my people may have even been slaves and white folks the massas and we have screwed up this experiment called Liberty and Freedom more times than not...

But as a nation, it's time we grew up - put the old slings and arrows behind us; and the Republicans are the sad little grandpas holding us back to "a better time" that honestly, wasn't better.

The better times are ahead - in the future - if only we can get them off our backs.

And we can't do it by fighting them - much as they want to war with any country - we can't war with them in the same vein - we can only do it by laughter. It's the Colbert's and the Stuart's and yes, the occasional Scarborough's and all of us who are willing to finally laugh at the GOP thought Emperor - laugh our collective asses at them and point out that they truly have no clothes - and no hold on what is truly the American ideal...

Laugh and the world will laugh us.

Cry - and we're stuck with the GOP.