Friday, December 13, 2013

MC Rove Not Having It

If there is one Republican I still despise, it's Karl Rove (otherwise known on this blog as "The Treasonous Maggot") .

If there's any Republican I'd like to kick right in the seat of the pants hanging off his doughy white ass, it's Karl Rove. If there's any Republican that's on my top ten list of people I'd like to pimp slap into next week....

Well, you get the idea.

So anyway, after turning in the single worst white rapping performance in the history of drunk white people at any wedding, beer brawl or Radio-Television Correspondents' Association Dinner,  Karl Rove wants to take issue with a parody performance of Snoop Dog's "Drop It Like It's Hawt" that actually supports The Affordable Care Act that most white people love unless you call it Obamacare then they fucking hate it. But they're not racist or anything.

Karl Rove's quote, I kid you not, is that that the Obama parody, "...crosses the line."

Karl Rove should take note of what happened when John Boehner tried to challenged B-Rabbit but he won't. Karl Rove is not only a fucking idiot he's a hypocrite. It's ok to bastardize hip hop when someone is badly rhyming words like trove, strove and above with MC Rove.

But let someone make a parody video supporting poor people getting healthcare and the fake MC kitty claws come out. It's like the Kimmel-Kanye fued all over again.

Here's your opportunity to drop it like it's hot and get your Obamacare love on. Or Affordable Care Act if you prefer.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Open Letter to Google

Once upon a time there was Gooogle, there was Gmail and there was YouTube.

And Google bought YouTube which was nice for a while until Google thought that just because they owned YouTube it was a good idea to join YouTube with Google, Gmail, Blogger, and some god awful entity called Google Plus whatever the hell that is.

You all are making my life a living hell.

My Gmail, YouTube and Google searches usually don't coincide with the various portions of my life. You all don't seem to understand or care about this. You all seem to think that my public life and my private life and my geek life and my dating life and my church life and my gamer life and my music life and and my blogger life and my mommy life where I have to manage things for several different children all coincide.

They don't.

This is annoying as hell. The number of times I have to sign in and out of sh** all day because you all have no respect or caring for the different portions of my life is annoying.

I don't appreciate having to constantly uncheck "keep me signed in" because I don't want to be signed in. Everywhere I go on the web, there you are, following me. At least I only have one facebook account to sign out of for the same reason. But you all are insidiously burrowing into too many aspects of my life and it is annoying, intrusive and just downright creepy.

And just when I got used to the effing black bar and it actually became useful, you got rid of it.

Why is Google determined to make the user experience hellish at best and pathetically disappointing and inconvenient at worst.

Please explain this to me.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

TBBT: The Itchy Brain Simulation

 My deepest loves I rarely blog about, but the latest episode of "The Big Bang Theory" made a very deep impression on me. I'm going to be thinking about this episode for a long time to come.

I'm just going to jump right in and say that I've waited a long time for the return of adult Sheldon. For far too long we've had to deal with petulant, childish, Bazinga-yelling Sheldon.

But in "The Itchy Brain Simulation", even Sheldon seems to be looking back on these past shades of himself and finding them lacking. His adult behavior in this episode is nearly out of character until her reminds Amy and the rest of us: "I don't know why you're surprised. I am a grown man."

And with that we've finally come back to the adult Sheldon. The Sheldon who saved Leonard from death, an international spy and The Department of Homeland Security. The Sheldon who briefly peeks through in another epidsode and wonders why he is "punished" with social conventions even long after he saved a nun's life. The Sheldon who has made several significant scientific discoveries throughout his career and recently spawned an international collaboration to verify his discovery.

Oh, that Sheldon. Adult Sheldon. It's nice to see him and yes, we had almost forgotten and it's nice to see the writers have remembered Sheldon is an adult like he was in the beginning of the series

Now I see the shift and dichotomy of Sheldon more deeply. Part of the episode revolves around Sheldon trying to pull off obvious and childish pranks. Much like Sheldon trying to fit into the workaday world of his inner circle, they don't quite work as much as he would like them to. But they do provide him with easy experiments to social situations - what works, what doesn't - things that we understand (hopefully) but Sheldon is still working on.

But while all these daily machinations and interactions are taking place, we see that Sheldon is playing a much longer game than any of the other characters. The beautiful mind of Sheldon Cooper that we've been hearing about so long, shows up in this episode with a vengeance.

If all the other seasons have been about bringing all these characters together and delving into their various relationships, this season seems to be about breaking down those parts into their original elements - splitting the atoms as it were - and finding the deeper aspects of what these characters are truly made of.

This season has gone a long way in a few episodes of answering the question we've all wanted to know: Why is Sheldon the way Sheldon is? This is the third time we've been made aware that Sheldon is more than the sum of his geeky parts and that he is more aware of himself.

And for the first time, Sheldon is trying to tell us in ways that are adult, insightful, reasonable and downright interesting.

I see now that this actually began last season with Sheldon explaining - patiently and candidly - about his issues with physical intimacy.

This season, when he confronts Penny over disregarding his feelings over the seemingly trivial YouTube comment system was, for Sheldon, akin to anyone else revealing their deepest heart's desire on an entire episode of Dr. Phil. He demands that his feelings not be written off, and given the same consideration even if the others don't quite understand.

And then there's this episode which will probably go down in history as one of the top episodes in the series from way back to the first time Sheldon hugs Penny all the way up the Bakersfield Expedition.

This time Sheldon literally puts Leonard in the position of being Sheldon.

I found this to be mind-blowingly insightful (sorry if I've pre-blown your mind) and, as Amy puts it, "diabolical". It's a reminder of the Sheldon who's such a formidable opponent that even the Department of Homeland Security leaves it to his mother to deal with him.

We saw in an earlier episode this season that Leonard has great empathy for Sheldon. And even though the long-suffering Leonard puts up with Sheldon far more than any of the other characters, I  still think this was a lesson Leonard needed to learn - that putting up with Sheldon may actually be a lot easier than having to be Sheldon.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Downton Abbey Hurt Me Deeply *SPOILER ALERT*

***** SPOILER ALERT*****
Do Not Read This Unless You've Already Watched Series/Season 3 or 4 of Downton Abbey Or You Don't Mind Being Spoiled

***** SPOILER ALERT*****
Do Not Read This Unless You've Already Watched Series/Season 3 or 4 of Downton Abbey Or You Don't Mind Being Spoiled

I've been a fan of Downton Abbey for quite sometime and I had been missing this show terribly. PBS only shows the occasional rerun after having Downton in heavy rotation for months at the start of the year. Yesterday, I decided to spend part of a lazy Saturday watching some episodes from last season online.

I went to the page and simply clicked on the first link from the last season available. The minute I saw the opening I realized what I had done. I had stumbled across the newest "series". The newest season/series is already playing in the UK but won't be available in the US until January unless you watch online.

I said I would only watch one. Then two. But like a child gobbling down too many sweets when mum isn't looking, I clicked on that third link and my night, I think my life, was forever changed.

***** SPOILER ALERT*****
Do Not Read This Unless You've Already Watched Series/Season 3 or 4 of Downton Abbey Or You Don't Mind Being Spoiled


***** SPOILER ALERT*****
Do Not Read This Unless You've Already Watched Series/Season 3 or 4 of Downton Abbey Or You Don't Mind Being Spoiled

In Series 4, Episode 3, a much beloved character, Lady's Maid Anna Bates is raped. Violently, terribly raped. Punched, slapped, beaten, dragged screaming into a room off the kitchens and raped by the valet of guest at Downton. Made worse because, in Alfred Hitchcock Fashion, beyond the initial brutal punch and seeing her being dragged off, that's all that's shown. The rest is only heard in screams and slaps, interspersed with clips of everyone else oblivious upstair listening to a famous singer.

To say that I was shocked and appalled is an understatement of the greatest measure. In a series where I am prone to squeals, giggles and belly laughs over the Dowagers one liners and Cora's incessantly lovely head shaking. Where I'm given to sympathy and sometimes tears over every character's least struggle and disappointment. Where for three years I've breathed this show in like the scent of a lovely flower and was looking forward to many more. One of my favorite people on this show was raped.

I'm not sure I can watch this show again now.

When I first saw this, I sat stunned, alone, in the dark of my bedroom. So I turned to the one source I thought could assuage my grief that was building by the second. I went to Google and typed in two words:

anna raped

In a world with thousands of woman name "Anna" and where "rape" is a horrible, but not uncommon word, that's really all Google needed to know to give me a digital pat on the back and steer me to the correct pages. Fans in the UK were angered, shocked, much as I had been on watching The Peter and The Bull episode of Family Guy which depicts a brutal rape that, even in a cartoon, left me ambushed and sickened. I have never watched Family Guy since. If it comes on, I change the channel.

I don't know if I can do the same with Downton Abbey but I may have no choice. I never thought there would be a need to stop watching this show, but, especially coming after the deaths Lady Sybill and later Matthew Crowley, this was one violent act gone too far.

I initially felt that the fans were over-reacting. I felt this episode was akin to an All in the Family episode where Edith Bunker was raped. I felt Downton Abbey had been shocking but I didn't think the episode went to far, especially in an age where brutal, gorey murder and the resulting autopsies are a nightly television staple and Law and Order SVU has shown much worse. It never dawned on me until just now that Edith managed to escape her attacker.

Anna does not.

I couldn't sleep. So I did what any fan would do. I watched the next two episodes available. In an effort to understand and perhaps to put off going to sleep. I was definitely more disturbed than I realized. The aftermath of Anna's rape featured prominently in the two subsequent episodes.

Bleary eyed and uneasy, I finally fell asleep.

And I dreamed I was raped. In living color. Violently, terribly, fully, no reprieve from any detail, raped in my dream. I spent hours in my dream trying to flee my attacker, living out the life of woman who has just been raped. The confusion, the terror, the physical pain from every scrape on my skin to bodily fluids down my leg.

I cannot describe the hideousness of this. The palpable relief of waking up and finding myself safe in my bed. The terror of realizing that even in my own bed, I wasn't safe. My bed is now the place where I've witnessed two rapes take palce. Anna's and mine.

I could not go back to sleep.

I cannot watch Downton again. I simply cannot "go back" to that house.

I've been robbed of so much and I just wanted to watch a show I liked.

I don't know what to do.

I'm crying now so I'm going to stop.

Posting this, editing it and adding the links I've calmed down and stopped crying. But I have no idea what to do. I think I'm going to have to talk to someone.

I think I'm going to have to stop watching Downton Abbey for a long while.

I feel entirely stupid for letting a television show effect me this much. Then again, my past is not exactly free from this type of assault.


Update 8Nov2013
I'm not the only person who feels this way. Also, I am going to a few sessions of counseling over this. I won't be watching Downton Abbey for a good long while into the future, if ever.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Caring for America is Weakness

The Republican Party has proved one thing: they do not care about the American people except as talking points and pawns to maintain their own power.

John Boehner has proven to be the most surprising person in all of this. He may not care one whit about poor people, but he has the typical sociopath's caring of his America. He cares about what he feels is right about his America. And in John Boehner's America, America keeps her promises and pays her bills. You don't promise to do a thing and then not do it.

It's interesting to watch and it gives me a grudging and tenuous feeling of gratitude (I can't call it respect) for John Boehner. In a world where his fellow party members seem only to stand for something, he is standing up for the one principle he believes in.

Then there's second term President Barack Obama who, unlike first term President Barack Obama, isn't really taking anything off anybody, especially not the Party of No Republicans who have obstructed any and everything he's tried to accomplish from cabinet and judicial appointments to everything Candidate Barack Obama ran on: sun-setting the Patriot Act, Closing Guantanamo and the other secret prisons and yes, healthcare.

It's the one campaign promise he intends to keep. Like John Boehner, Barack Obama believes in keeping promises. You don't promise and thing and then not do it without a darned good reason and giving it everything you got.

But to every other Republican and far too many Democrats, actually caring about America, the promises we make and the people who reside here and are affected the world over by American policies - to care is weakness.

To not engage in mere political theater and protect your own interest is downright stupid.  To actually try to keep a campaign promise, uphold your principles or do something that works for the American people is something that only happens by accident or as a result of some cosmic screw up that results in a politician trying to scrape egg off their face.

If this sounds bitter and cynical it's because I am bitter and cynical. President Obama was right - they have lost the trust of the American people - and it's going to take more than another ridiculously partisan show of genitals and poop throwing before we believe that you have our best interest at heart.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Put Up or Shut Up - Voter Rights Edition

Damn, so on da Buzz today, they were talking about people, namely Tea Party types, signing up to be poll observers for the express purpose of challenging black voters on election day.

I suggested that the host, Lincoln Ware, who is politically minded, should start a "Who Watches the Watchers Program" to keep an eye on these types of shenanigans. And he said, 'Why I gotta do it, why can't you do it?" And I'm like, "Nobody knows who Deborah is, who's gonna listen to me." I mean seriously, I have a blog, but like five people read it.

Anyway, I said I'd try, so...

Does anybody want to sign up to be a poll observer? If I can get 25 people to sign up, we'll start a group to become poll observers and make sure black voters or any voters are not subject to intimidation and discrimination or harassment.

I'll get the information on how to become poll observers and where we should deploy our volunteers. We will also need an action plan on how to respond if we do witness intimidation.

Geesh. Anyhow, it's time for me to put up or shut up. I have to at least try.

I'd also like to to thank those who send readers my way:

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Visual Lingual
Stuff White People Do
Awake Black Woman

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ask a Slave with Lizzie Mae

Oh my. Every now and again, something comes along that gives me the smallest glimmer of hope. For years, I used to read the Wikipedia entry about Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondent's Dinner back in 2006 as my favorite bedtime story.

Right now the gleam of light in the darkness is the web series, Ask a Slave with Lizzie Mae.

This is the kind of witty satire that keeps me from being a serial nut puncher. So many conservatives I'd like to punch in the nuts, so little time.

In the meantime, it's stuff like Ask a Slave that keeps me from going to federal prison. At the time of this writing, there are six episodes. I hope they make more. They are golden.

If I'm not mistaken, I think I actually had the pleasure of seeing Miss Dungey perform in person when I went to the Smithsonian. I was visiting DC for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity. I spent the day before at the American History Museum at the Smithsonian. I fell in love with DC that day. It was lovely fall weather, my traveling plans went off without a hitch and I felt steeped in history just being in our nation's capitol.

Of course some people don't like the series. Some black people are offended by anyone making light of slavery. Some white people feel that harping on that slavery thing after all this time is just beating a dead slave, I mean horse.

And there are those of every shade, like me, who get and think it's funny as hell. Because it is. It's funny....because truthiness can also be a whistle in the dark that keeps the fear and hellishness of racism at bay.

Go Lizzie.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

And Baby Makes Three

My daughter is in her senior year of college. Ye Olde Matey and I broke up for good and he moved out a year ago and has since moved to another state.

My mother and I enjoyed a quiet idyll for a couple of months until a friend of mine went to jail for reasons best not discussed - the result is that I'm taking care of her baby.

He was 7 months old when he got here. He's 9 months old now. It's been 21 years since I took care of an infant. I am the proverbial fish riding a bicycle. I have been raising this kid on fragmented memory and frantic Google searches.

Pretty much how I lived my life before he came anyhow, but the stakes are a bit higher.

After two months, we have some semblance of a schedule now. At first I adjusted to his sleep schedule. Now he's slowly adapting to mine. Which means I may be able to steal a few moments in the early hours of the day to write again. I have never, and never will be a true morning person, but there is something about writing before the sun has risen to meet the day that is truly satisfying. Or in the wee hours of the night when clarity is at it's finest, sharpest point.

I digress.

He's a charmer, this baby. He is so stinking cute it's almost annoying, especially as I can't make it through a single grocery trip without a hundred old ladies pinching his cheeks.

But to the lady at Fricker's who outright asked me, "Is he mixed raced?" fuck you, you racist bitch. I don't care how many mixed race grand-children you have that made you feel entitled to ask. Just fuck off.

I live my life in this weird balance between grace and anger. I have very little patience with white people and their ignorance these days and I can't even put my usual quantifier of "some" on this sentiment.

Because we have to be oh so careful not to generalize, don't we? Some white people, most white people, a subset of white people, ignorant white people. Never ALL white people.

Even when it's pretty much every damned white person I've ever come across. There are so few white people that I've ever known or encountered who haven't made me feel uncomfortable for daring to be black in their presence or just outright said something so stupidly racist as to leave me biting my tongue to bleeding in repressed anger (no black person over the age of 12 cries over racism)...

But it goes deeper than even these personal's the constant parade of black faces on the news - morning, noon and night. No crime is to slight to make the evening news if you're black. They must have at least two black faces or it's just not a news day. And no matter where I travel it's the same.

To see white murders and street car racers given respectful, even reverent coverage, while the average black shoplifter is treated to a perp walk, mug shot, shots of their home and community and one last snapshot of them grinning (grabbed from Facebook no doubt and I suppose there's a special white bonus if they have a gold tooth) just in case the white watchers did not get the people, they're dangerous don't you know.

So I'm raising this mixed race kid who will always, no matter how light his skin is, be black in this world we live in - and I can't help but do I make a difference so maybe by the time he grows up it won't even matter.

And I realize that this is the hope of black mothers through a millenia of raising black and white and mixed race children.

Times up. The baby is awake and crying.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Way It Could Have Been


Jeantel: What you doing?
Trayvon: Nothin. What you doing?
Jeantel: Watchin this movie. It's scary.
Trayvon: You scared of a movie. Whatever...
Jeantel: Remember that time we was on the phone and that dude was following you?
Trayvon: Girl, quit playin. I wasn't thinking about that dude.
Jeantel: You was scared.
Trayvon: I wasn't scared. I'm grown.
Jeantel: You ain't grown. You was scared though.
They both giggle.
Trayvon: Whatever...
They both say together: Yeah...

10 years later

Sybrina: Yeah, Trayvon had his rough spots growing up, but what kid doesn't? But look at him now. He's finished school, working, and now...
Tracy: I know...I can't believe it. They're getting married.
Sybrina: He always had a good heart though. Always bringing treats to his little brother. He never walked in the door unless he had something for him.
Tracy: I know...when I worried about him most, I would see them together and I would say, he's going to be ok.
Sybrina: Yeah, even  he went through that wanna be tough stage
Tracy: It's not easy out here being a black man gotta be tough
Sybrina: That's why I sent him to you that time...only a father can really teach a boy to be a man
Tracy: Only a mother can give a boy a good heart.
They both say together: Yeah...

10 years later

Trayvon, Jr.: Daddy?
Trayvon, Sr.: Yeah.
Trayvon, Jr.: This other boy at school  made me mad. He called me a name.
Trayvon, Sr.: Really? What he call you?
Trayvon, Jr.: Stupid head.
Trayvon, Sr.: Stupid head? Really? Why?
Trayvon, Jr.: Yeah, he said my hair was cut funny and I had a stupid head.
Trayvon, Sr.: Well mommy did kinda mess up your line up kid.

*looking in the mirror
They both say together: Yeah...

Not what thou art. Not what thou hast been, beholdeth God with His merciful eye: but what thou wouldst be.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Cheerios, Paula Deen, Trayvon Martin

  If I wrote about the racist incidents I experienced just yesterday, which are pretty much like any number of events I experience every day (I haven't left the house yet today) black folks would be nodding their heads in shared understanding. My white friends would do what they always do and busily offer explanations that include anything and everything but the obvious racist truth.

 I want to stop blogging about racism but honestly, white people give me plenty of cannon fodder on a daily basis. Particularly people like Paula Dean who don't understand how the idiocy and evil of their casual racism makes it easy for people like Trayvon Martin to wind up dead.

 The death of Trayvon Martin begins with the punchline of racist jokes that go unchallenged. Of stereotypes that are constantly repeated. Of media coverage of Cheerios commericals that never manages to point out that white people are posting racist comments.

Most articles point out that "racists" or "some people" have a problem with the commercial holding fast to the fiction that those racists and people are white people. Racism can no longer be labeled white because we've been told so often that "everyone is racist" and "we all have prejudice" so often that we miss the obvious truth:

There are oppressors and the oppressed. There is a dominant group and there is a group that is being subjugated. The issues that black people have with whites are not the exact and polar opposite of the prejudice white people hold towards black.

These issues are separate but they are not equal.

White people want to believe that black people hate and fear them just as much as they hate and fear blacks. They want to believe that black prejudice, if nothing else, is equal to theirs.

To believe this is to believe a lie. Black reticence to embrace white people is strictly born of the hatred, fear and racist born discrimination and ostracism directed towards black people by whites.

They say it's the same, but it's not the same.

One is a survival instinct of a deadly attack. The other is merely the relentless attack.

The media refuses to co-relate these issues. To them the issues of the Cheerios Commercial and Paula Deen's Racism and Trayvon Martin's death have nothing to do with each other let alone have anything to do with the Supreme Court weakening black voter rights or "stop and frisk" style racial profiling or the constant racial attacks on our current President.

The media doesn't see these issues as related. With racism, as with much else, they are so busy looking for the next scandal to feed the 24 hour news cycle they cannot be bothered to connect the dots and follow the bread crumb trail right back to the YouTube commenters and Paula Deen's of the world who aren't even sure that white people using the n-word is racist.

I will save you some trouble: yes, it is racist for white people to use the n-word.

Yes, the people who deny the existence or rightness of people of different "races" to be portrayed in a Cheerios commercial are wrong.

And yes, the logical conclusion of all these sentiments is the death and erasure from existence of young men and all people who look like Trayvon Martin.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cheerios Blows the Box Top Off Color Blind Racism (Part Two)

(Part Two)

So many white folks are shocked! SHOCKED I tell you! They are patently surprised that white people still make racist comments in 2013.

Social media response has been "fierce, nasty and unusually racist," according to USA Today.
Meanwhile, back in my world, the word American is synonymous with white when it comes to the media. To me this response is not unusual at all. In my world, the majority of white people are just as racist as they ever have been. Many make an attempt to hide it, but most don't.

When I hear terms like, "Americans think, Americans feel, Americans love, Americans don't like..."it always gives me pause because whatever they're talking about doesn't usually jibe with my experience at all. Even the most liberal of publications do this and they rarely realize it. I am definitely an American. I'm not white I am black. But I am definitely an American. Just not the kind of American the media is referring to. Or politicians. Or most people when they use the word "American".

It's only when I translate "American" to "white American" that whatever they're talking about actually makes sense. Try this exercise sometime.

Regardless, whatever you're watching or reading, you have to remember that white is the default audience. Most white folks have grudgingly accepted that black people will be in a commercial or two. Tide and Applebees come to mind as two commercials that blew my mind with multiculturalism.

Take these headlines on the subject of the Cheerios commercial.

Mixed-race Cheerios ad causes controversy
(uh, no, it really didn't)
Why Is This Cheerios Cereal Ad So Controversial?
 (really, they have to ask?
 Hate talk won't derail mixed-race Cheerios ad
 (well I would hope not)
Cheerios Won't Give In to Bigotry 
 (did anyone think they would actually take the commercial off the air? was this ever a possibility?)
Interracial Cheerios Commercial Generates Debate
(amongs whom? again what is there to debate?!)
 The Uproar Over the Biracial Cheerios Ad Is Actually Progress
(that it brought the issue out into the open, yes. but this guy seems to think it was all a "publicity" stunt)
 Consumers love the interracial Cheerios commercial that YouTube trolls hated
(well that's a relief)

Turns Out Americans Love ‘Controversial’ Cheerios Ad
(Kumbayah! All "Americans" are back on track now")

So, just like the my Part One of my Cheerios two part series, the media defines the issue. But they define it as a controversy. Then they go on to say that this commercial has sparked "debate." Needless to say, I have a big problem with this.

Controversy: Disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated.

Seriously. These people are not having any type of disagreement. They're just being outright unreasonable bigots. There is no "other side" to this so-called disagreement. Black people aren't up at arms about the commercial or say, merely committing the crime of existing, let alone loving who they choose to love. But these white people surely are. Many of them are, quite literally, making the argument for slavery.

This may be a controversial stance but it's not a controversy. The racists are just flat out wrong. Instead of making this an argument with two sides, the media could just say flat out: Bigots Are Wrong About the Cheerios Commercial, instead of making it seem as if they may have a valid point to "debate" about.

They don't.

When I hear white people express their surprise that "Americans" still feel this way, even in the advanced modern age of 2013, it does not reassure me. It makes me feel horrible. It hurts me every bit as much as the outright racists.

Because my question becomes, HOW could they be so blind?

Blind beyond all moral consciousness. Blind beyond any and all reality. Blind to their complicity and worst of all, blind to their own prejudice and lack of caring.

To not know that this type of racism not only still exists but is still the reason that black people are hideously oppressed in this country is a willful blindness. It's not the "Accidental Racist" in the imagination of Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. It's not the work of mere "trolls" on You Tube.

It is the whole-hearted sanction of racism to be "color blind".

You can go to just about any video on YouTube featuring black people and find racial slurs. ANY VIDEO. The comments will not be flagged, disabled or moderated. YouTube, and by default Google, is too large for such a thing. I suppose they feel it's a free speech thing to allow people of color to be insulted on a daily basis. Much like banks and bankers that are to big to fail or jail, Google is too big to care about the mere feelings of black people.

And now that I give it some thought, there is no day in my life that I go online and don't encounter racism of some sort. It's actually worse now that when the Internet first became widespread in the 1990's. Back Then people were just amazed at actually being online. Now that people have got the hang of it, they have brought their ideologies along with them and racism is as prevalent as ever.

It's my theory that the Internet is actually entrenching racist attitudes more firmly in those who refuse to give up racist thought and practice.

People go to the internet to find like minded people. And when they do find people who think like this they also think, "Well, it must be true. Someone else said it. Someone else posted it. Black people must be inferior to white people. Black people deserve my hatred."

Seems a bit much? Seems a bit too harsh? If you're white, probably but I don't know why. I have never entered in a discussion online where people did not defend racist attitudes. Eventually I give up but I always close with this line:

"Arguing on the Internet is like being in the Special Olympics. You may win but you're still retarded."

Of course the outrage I get about comment is legendary. How dare you say such a thing. How could I  possibly be so politically incorrect as to use the word "retarded".

It never fails that I get these responses especially after an argument on why racials slurs, particularly the "n-word", is perfectly acceptable for use by white people. Black people are just being too sensitive.

The irony is always lost.

So excuse me if I find white folk's "shock" just a tad hypocritical. I know what white people say and think when they think no one is looking. Being a light skinned black woman with straight hair made white people just a bit too comfortable around me. It's one reason, among many, that I started wearing an afro. They don't make that mistake anymore.

This article does a good job of dismantling the "I'm so shocked" syndrome. The article is so very good I can only take the mildest of disagreements with the conclusion:
... stop giving these trolls the attention they crave.
I must politely beg to differ. The reason these people make comments like this is because they think they are doing so anonymously. The realize that there are no repercussions.

But if nothing else this mild media push has put the on notice: You can be seen. You are not invisible. Considering what has been done under cover of secrecy in this country, I think that's a message we can't broadcast enough.

Two other articles that I really thought did a good job on this topic:

READY: Cheerios from a confessed closet bigot

Cheerios ad gets to heart of problem

You can read Part One here.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Cheerios Blows the Box Top Off Color Blind Racism (Part One)

 As much as I consider myself tuned in to racial issues, my realization that the "first" Cheerios commercial featuring a black family could be construed as racist dawned on me quite slowly. Over a period of months in fact.

Cheerios calls the "first" commercial "Big Brother". I know that instinctively I felt something was out of place, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Some of these realizations are just dawning on me now. I never realized how many stereotypes Cheerios is shattering in the first commercial.
  • It's a commercial with a man feeding his children. There is not a woman present or even mentioned. For all we know, the three males in the family are the entire household.
  • It's a commercial with all males and all males of color. That in itself makes this commercial rare in a world where there are usually a group of white people with one black person or a group of black people with several white people. Rarely just black people alone. 
    • The only commercial I can think of that has done this in recent memory was Kraft with their Kraft Singles commercials. I'm not going to count that commercial with the dad piloting a toy helicopter into his wife's china cabinet and flinging spaghetti sauce everywhere for reasons you'll see in a moment.
  • To me, a portrayal of black males in an every day family setting is priceless.
  • It's a black man caring for and providing a morning snack for his children. Black men are nearly always portrayed in the media or stereotypical thought as not caring about their children.
  • It shows a man competently caring for children. I cannot emphasize enough that ALL men get the short end of the stick on this on TV. Men are nearly always portrayed as inept and bumbling when it comes to household or child rearing matters.
So the commercial is an every day scene. And none of that really seemed odd to me. But then the older child comes and takes some Cheerios off the younger brother's high chair.  I watched this commercial for about six months before it dawned on me that a lot of white people wouldn't see the cuteness. What they would see is black people teaching their children that it's ok to steal; and that the "natural inclination" of black people to steal is born in them and can be proven by an every day family setting. Even the youngest Black people steal dontcha know.

Well, by the time it dawned on me, I figured other people were already talking about it and so I typed the following into Google: Is the Cheerios commercial racist. (If you type that same into Google now, you'll only get info on the "Just Checking" commercial. You'd have to specifically reference the "Big Brother" commercial to get results on that one now.)

At the time, I didn't have to type which commercial. People were already talking about it. A few black blogs were raising the alarm, but tenuously.  The commercial seemed well intentioned but a lot of people were questioning: "Is Cheerios unintentionally perpetuating the stereotype that Black people steal?" "Is Cheerios practicing color blindness which amounts to burying their heads in the sand about stereotypes?"  Black people are more attuned to the intentions behind a message than most white people would believe. And before we actually say, "damn that's racist" you would be surprised how many comments or incidents we haven't called out or just let slide. We don't sound the racism alarm as quickly and as easily as white people claim we do. The concensus among black bloggers and commenters seemed to be, as we mostly do in these matters, "wait and see."

As it turned out the answer to the first question was "No" and the answer to the second question was both "Yes and No."

As a result of the newer "Just Checking" commercial and also because of the just plain adorableness of the "Big Brother" commercial, I now know that Cheerios had no intention of implying black people steal or train their children to steal. That is a bigger relief than you can possibly imagine.

As to the second question: "Is Cheerios practicing color blindness?" I'd have to say yes, but I don't think they're burying their heads in the sand. I don't think they thought through the part about stealing either. I think they thought it was enough to show a black family in ways that most white people don't think about. I think that was a conscious choice. The part about stealing has some subliminal undertones of the kind of unconscious or "accidental racist" nature that most white people don't even know they exhibit and actually think they hide pretty well on the whole. (They really don't hide it well. It's almost kind of funny sometimes actually, but that's a whole another post.)

What I think is that if Cheerios had known they were perpetuating a stereotype, they may have scripted an entirely different commercial, let alone use the word "bandit". They seem to want to make these commercials as benign and loving as possible. That their most recent ones using black people are bringing white resentment to the surface seems to have shocked them. Or maybe the reaction to the first commercial led them to make the second. That I can believe. I see a "get it all out in the open" attitude to the second commercial that is missing from the first. After all, the black man and the white woman aren't even in the same room and the  reveal of the black father is saved until the very last.

Or maybe they're just jumping on the multicultural bandwagon and letting the chips fall where they may. After all, it's not like they haven't used black people and black families in commercials before.

So they're guilty of not understanding that old stereotypes die hard. That's not hard for me to grasp. Most well-intentioned white people have this same blindness. It's a forgivable mistake for the most part. It's just time that white people stopped trying to forget this stuff and pretending it doesn't exist or never did. Good white people have to recognize it for what it is and call it out when they see it. That's the only way to to begin to root out racism.

Cheerios has done several commercials featuring black people. I've seen them all, noted them but they just washed over me until the "Big Brother" commercial.

Odd Couple 2009

Dad & Son Go Shopping 2011

Big Brother 2012

Just Checking 2013

Mama 2012 (not about black people, but I love this one because I remember the first time my daughter picked up a Cheerio and fed one to herself and then to me.)

The One and Only Cheerios (seems they've been planning this Love thing along )


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Red Pill Blue Pill


 If you do or say something racist or otherwise hurtful
And someone actually calls you on it

Consider yourself privileged
Consider yourself to have been presented
with a unique opportunity

If someone tells you
I was offened
That hurt me
I can't believe someone would
Can you believe someone would...
How could they...
That was so racist

Consider yourself privileged
Consider yourself to have been presented
with a unique opportunity

It's as if Laurence Fishburn himself
(with his fine ass, damn he is fine)
Actually stepped off the screen in that dark leather coat
And sexy sunglasses
(I bet he smelled so good, that scent of leather and sexy sunglasses and aromatic cologne and Laurence Fisburn on film looking so damned fine)
(ok, yeah, I got a thing for Laurence Fishburn)

It's as Laurence Fisburn himself
Actualy stepped off the screen in that dark leather coat
And sexy sunglasses
And presented you with the Red Pill/ Blue Pill Scenario

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

You have been given a great gift. The gift that someone believes you are the person who knows a good opportunity when you see it. Someone who believes that you will jump down the rabbit hole with them.

Will you give them the gift of your belief in return?

 Red Pill/ Blue Pill.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Using a Government Agency to Target American Citizens

Everything in a nutshell: Bhengazi, IRS, AP

Bhengazi - Being cautious is not a coverup.

Four American citizens were dead and

IRS - Yes, the government uses various agencies to target American citizens. Duh.

I suppose the upshot for Republicans is that it's perfectly fine to use the Department of Homeland Security to target those hippie Occupy Protestors. But actually making sure that people who claim tax exempt status should, well, actually be eligible for tax exempt status, that's "targeting American citizens on their own soil."

AP Scandal - The Fourth Estate reaping what it sows. Teh m

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Western Southern Life: The Biggest Bully in the Playground

Only the rich deserve peace
Only the rich deserve beauty
Only the rich deserve protection

The Anna Louise Inn. I liked living there. I liked walking Lytle Park in the moonlight. I loved weekend afternoon strolls to Serpentine Wall. I loved being downtown in the heart of the city.

I loved the veranda of the Inn. The stately grace of the building itself - it seemed to exude peace, strength, stability. Something I and the other women who lived between those walls needed desperately.

It's been there for decades.

Only the rich deserve peace
Only the rich deserve beauty
Only the rich deserve protection
Only the rich deserve mercy

Sometimes the "where" is every bit as important as the "why". The location of the Anna Louise Inn mattered, just like the location of the Metropole mattered, and just like the location of the Drop Inn Center matters.

Gentrification. Such a gentle word for such a brutal, nasty, racist, classist and uncaring process.

Washington Park, Over the Rhine, the West End. Every city across this nation in neighborhoods whose names I do not know.

The poor are pushed around, pushed over and pushed out.

Western Southern Life is just the most recent in a long line of bullies. Cincinnati is the only the most recent in a long line of cities to fail the people who need it the most.

Only the rich deserve peace
Only the rich deserve beauty
Only the rich deserve protection
Only the rich deserve mercy
Only the rich deserve freedom

All the rest must shift for themselves as they can.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

All Aboard the Redline Express

I think with every new post I write about politics, I think I'm going to start a list of talking points words. Words that the media presses so hard to let us know that they are on message. They repeat them to the point that every day people start using them and some thoughts become defacto instead of suspect.

The words for this week boys and girls:


When you hear these words repeated, over and over again, across every network, there is a rich white guy somewhere who is rubbing his wallet. His various media teams and think tanks are high-fiving themselves at getting the word out and co-opting yet a few more terms for the Doublespeak cause. The Pentagon looks the sequester and budget cuts and laughs. They'll be rolling in cash again any day now. It's just a matter of time.

When you hear these words, you should realize that the American Propaganda machine is in full effect and immediately switch to MeTV where you can watch the full swing of American propoganda in it's heyday. When it was ok to hate Indians and Mormons (I had no idea how much Mormons were hated back in the day until I saw a western show the other day. No wonder Romney lost) and black people were almost barely tolerable.

So our usual cheerleaders for war are cheerleading for war. Syria crossed the line we drew in sand and by jingo, we're Americans. We don't take that crap. You can't cross the lines we draw, knock the block off our shoulder and blow up little white kids in one of the most racist cities in America and expect us to take it! No sirree!

This. Means. War.

We have to blow up children over there so they don't blow them up over here.
The only choice we have is to blow up people. There is no other way.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Accidentally on Purpose

Just a couple of quick comments on the "Accidental Racist" song since I know you're just dying to know what I think about this whole fiasco.

1. The song is complete and utter racist bullshit.
LL Cool J says the song is about forgiveness. I didn't know that I needed to be forgiven by white people for their fucked up racism, but, uh, ok.

2. The song is complete and utter racist bullshit - I don't care if Harriet Tubman herself comes back from the grave and starts rapping along with LL. It's some racist bullshit. And I don't give a shit what this article says, Brad Paisley is a racist.

If you really want to know why it's racist bullshit, I suggest you start reading because I'm not going to explain it to you.

There's a new category of links over to in my sidebar called "Saving My Sanity Against Racism". You should read them all.

I read these sites everyday because sometimes, the only thing standing between me going to jail for assault and being cool like Fonzie and just saying, Heeeyyyyy, and taking the peaceful road like my man Jules Winfield from Englewood and walking the Earth like Cain from Kung Fu is these websites. Yes, I'm saying it. The only thing that keeps me from pimp slapping the shit out of some white people sometimes is remembering what I read on Abagond and Field Negro. White people can really piss me off sometimes. They can hurt my feelings. They can completely dehumanize me. And these are my friends. Strangers....good Lord, you just don't want to know. If you're white, I know that sounds angry to you. I wish I really cared.

Again, I'm not going to explain to you why the song is racist. But once you read all the links on the "Saving My Sanity Against Racism" list you might just get it.  If you're too busy for that and just want a crash course in Racism 101, you can read, THIS and THIS.

Go ahead, I'll wait...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blah people, Wetbacks

I'll give you Rick Santorum on the blah people vs. black people thing. But now we've got US Representative Don Young, a Republican obviously, from Alaska (shades of Sarah Palin putting something in the water that turns white folks racist) calling people "Wetbacks" like that's the proper term for migrant farm workers.

And it's mighty white of him to offer the usual backhand apology that is so common to white parlance. He's sorry "if" he offended anyone. He didn't mean to "give offence".
“I know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays, and I meant no disrespect.” Rep. Don Young, R-AK, after saying some racistg ass bullshit, but not really apoligizing.
Just so you know, that's not an apology. That's absolute bullshit. That, "I know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays?"   Lol, do we really give a U.S. Representative "racist grandpa" privileges? And by the way, you need to talk to your damned racist grandpa and tell him to keep his fucking mouth shut because:
  • If you speak racist ideas and act out racist behaviors, you're a racist.
  • If you teach your children racist ideas and behaviors, you're a racist.
  • If you stay silent about blatant racism, you're a racist
 It's that damned simple.

If you really want some Lol's check out FOX News' page for Latinos! ¿Es caliente, no? Do they really expect folks to fall for this blatant pandering?

I could stop blogging about racism if the Republicans and conservative white folks around me didn't make it so damned easy.

Related Articles:
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Rep. Don Young: I’m sorry for calling Latino workers ‘wetbacks’ (Washington Times)
(Gets it wrong, he never said that and he has yet to really apologize)

U.S. Rep. Don Young in Hot Water for 'Wetback' Comment (Fox News Latino)
Rep. Young, "Wetback" Has Always Been Used in the Same Way (Fox News Latino)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Memory of Anne Frank

I sent the following letter to the Anne Frank Center USA. It won't do a bit of good, but oh well, I suppose it doesn't hurt anyone if I tilt at a windmill or two.
I was very touched to read about the Anne Frank Sapling project. It is such a beautiful idea that it left me breathless with emotion. You can only imagine my shock and horror when I found out that New York is one of the cities to receive a sapling.

The 11 U.S. locations, which also include a park memorializing 9-11 victims in New York City...

Winners were selected based on their commitment to equality, demonstration of the consequences of intolerance or historical significance to civil rights and social justice in the U.S., according to a news release from the center.

New York does not deserve a sapling based on a systemically murderous attitude towards people of color, shown and proven by New York's hideous "Stop and Frisk" policy. New York is committed to oppression, not equality. While suffering the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and placing a sapling at the 9/11 memorial seems to be a good idea, it is merely giving New York City a recognition it does not deserve.

New York is committed to making the lives of people of color miserable and has repeatedly justified their oppression of non-white people based on skin color and ethnic origin.

Mayor Bloomberg is more concerned about people drinking sugary soft drinks rather than stopping the blatant and unconstitutional discrimination. "Stop and Frisk" is an affront to human dignity. Profiling is an affront to human dignity. These practices lead to unfair arrest, detention and violent abuse by the police, condoned and encouraged by the city administration.

Minute-by-minute harassment, detention, violent abuse and murder should not be rewarded with a priceless gift symbolizing peace and social justice.

Based on your own criteria, New York should be immediately withdrawn as a city selected to receive a sapling in memory of the precious name and person of Anne Frank.

New York should receive a sapling only if Mayor Bloomberg and his administration commits to an immediate and unconditional stopping of it's "Stop and Frisk" policy and many other policies that condone the harassment of people of color. The Mayor and his administration should issue apologies to everyone affected, arrested, detained, harassed, beaten and killed at the hands of New York police due to blatant racial discrimination.

Then and only then will the city have planted a seed in which your sapling can flourish, in the environment in which you wish it thrive. History, humanity and a commitment to a future of freedom for all people demand no less.

I urge you to reconsider bestowing this gift to the City of New York as it wholly undeserved.


Deborah ************
Citizen of the United States

Friday, March 22, 2013

Despising the Conservative Mindset, Part II: A Nation Run by Sociopaths

Senator Rob Portman, a Republican from my own home state of Ohio, recently made an announcement that he is now for gay marriage because his son came out to him as gay. Rather than reassuring me that Rob Portman is capable of having a change of heart, he has me worried that we are a nation run by sociopaths.

It's a wonderful thing that Portman has decided to support his son, rather than cast him off. But I can't help but think that Portman's support is entirely self-serving and worse, borders on mental illness.

I've written before about "The Conservative Mindset". Conservatives, to me, are incapable of empathy and understanding about any frame of reference other than their own. Their "hate the sin, love the sinner" attitude allows them to turn a blind eye to bigotry, prejudice, hatred and their own unbalanced mindset.

Republicans prove over and over again that their mindset is that of a sociopath: they are mentally unstable, irrational, and incapable of showing empathy on any issue that doesn't affect them directly. However this is not limited to Republicans. The end conclusion of my last article was that Barack Obama is not a liberal, but a conservative. No where does he prove this more than with the drone wars, the expansion of warrantless wiretapping, and the coordination with the Department of Homeland Security to have the Occupy Wall Street protestors labeled as terrorist and their encampments demolished. 
Sociopaths...can feel emotional attachment to other individuals. The sociopath will still lack empathy & attachment for society and won’t feel guilt harming a stranger or breaking the law in any form, but won’t lack empathy for those to whom he feels attached. ...[S]ociopaths are capable of committing horrible crimes...The sociopath will lie, manipulate & hurt others as well, but will more likely avoid hurting the select few he/she cares about/feels attached to, and he/she is likely to feel guilty if he/she ends up hurting somebody they feel attached to. 

...He/she will con and manipulate with charm and intimidation, has the ability to present himself/herself as normal to society. ...[T]he sociopath is less organized, he/she might be quick to display rage, nervousness, agitation. A sociopath is likely to spontaneously act out in inappropriate manner, snap out in rage, without thinking about the consequences.
Sociopath vs. Psychopath, Differences Between Psychopathic & Sociopathic Personality Disorders Read more
I think most conservatives feel that "Obamacare" is a "liberal" idea that is merely a carrot dangled to the American public to get him re-elected. Having read more about this issue and the politics around it, I firmly believe that President Obama believes the Affordable Healthcare Act is in the best of the country. Not as a humanitarian issue, but as a financial one. I think he's done the math and found out it's actually cheaper to insure everyone. I also believe this because, on the gay rights issue, President Obama really didn't have a better excuse for his change of heart on gay marriage than Senator Portman.
In an interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts, the president described his thought process as an “evolution” that led him to this place, based on conversations with his own staff members, openly gay and lesbian service members, and conversations with his wife and own daughters.

"I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors, when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don't Ask Don't Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married,” Obama told Roberts...”
In the case of each man, they can't stand to hurt the ones they know and love, or fight for their cause, but until that point, it is impossible for them to understand or really even care how these issues affect others. The very definition of a sociopath.

I'm not the first to notice President Obama's

Rob Portman's revelation should prove him less fit for office, not more- and any all Republicans who think like him was well. That Portman is only capable or willing to do what is best for him and people like him shows that he is the worst of pandering politicians: at best selfish and uncaring - at worst, mentally ill.

  *****PS- I'm not the only one who has noticed Obama's preference for, uh, let's just call it, self-preservation, at the expense of the rest of us.

The Fried Chicken Flu
     Anchorman: Today, [the mayor eating a chicken with cameras flicking flashes] the mayor of Louisville ate chicken at a press conference in show of support. [mayor in a strecher with some vomit on his shirt as he is being carried away by paramedics] Seven hours later, he was in a coma. [sick people are eating fried chicken] Yet, amazingly, people are still eating chicken, packing into the few restaraunts that still have the golden bird in stock, willing to risk life and limb for a leg and a thigh.

    Riley: They going to die. [Jazmine begins crying very loudly] Hey man, she gonna be crying like this all the time? 'Cause I say if she is, we kick her out.

    Robert: Shh! Everybody shush! Shush! President Obama's talking. I know he's gonna tell us what to do. [Barack Obama is shown]

    Barack Obama: Uh, good afternoon. I'd like to start off by thanking all of you out there, uh, who have called and written letters about the safety of the first family. You'll be happy to know that Michelle, Sasha, Malia and myself and Bo are all fine.

    Robert: Don't nobody care about you, man! Tell us everything gonna be okay for us.

    Barack Obama: Everything is gonna be okay...for us. We are currently in our very own super-r-secret underground bunker with enough food and water and entertainment to last several lifetimes. But I'm here tonight to talk about you. In time of crisis, Americans pull together and gonna get us through this difficult time? Sharing...

    Robert: Sharing!

    Barack Obama: Lending a helping hand to a neighbor in their hour of need.

    Robert: No, fuck a neighbor! What we need is a cure!

    Barack Obama: Unfortunately, there is no cure for the pandemic we now face. But we do have an even more powerful weapon...compansion for our fellow man.

    Robert: No, fuck compassion for our fellow man!

    Barack Obama: In conclusion, I want to say that we are in some tough times ahead, and when I say "we", I mean you but Michelle, Sasha, Malia, myself, and Bo are gonna be right here, rooting for you all the way. Good night and god bless you and may god bless the United States of America.

    Robert: [mourning] We're all gonna die! [Jazmine and Robert begins crying] We're all gonna die! [screen fades black.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Hell Has Frozen Over: I agree with Rand Paul

I started out this morning writing about the recent deaths of General Schwarzkopf, former American Surgeon General C. Everette Koop and Hugo Chavez. But I will post that tomorrow.

So Rand Paul staged a good old fashioned filibuster. Hell yeah. And he's fighting against something I actually believe in.

That's why it's snowing. Hell has truly frozen over, Rand Paul and I agree on something.

Barack Obama should feel good about this. Yes, he should. It's not good to have one of his nominations held up yet again. But the Republicans are back to talking about the issues again. Issues like the economy, unemployment, immigration and drones.

They're talking about issues they disagree with him about. Not just disagreeing with him because, "Hey, look at that black guy." But I think, for 13 hours last night, the Republicans finally saw that it's actually talking about something that the American people care about will get them all the attention they want.

Americans do not like drone warfare. Not here and, contrary to what the media tries to portray, we don't like it elsewhere either.

Drone warfare is cowardly and Orwellian. There's no two bones about it. Barack Obama has seemed to embrace it wholeheartedly and it's one of the few points in his Presidency where he's as terrifying as Republicans believe him to be. I've said before, if Barack Obama says he's going to get you, hide your kids and hide your wife, because you're as good as dead. Just ask Moamar Khadafi and Osama bin Laden if you don't believe me.

Barack Obama also dealt swiftly and fairly harshly with the Occupy Protestors as well. He says he wants to hear the voice of the American people, but for all that he lauded them in public, he worked with the Department of Homeland Security to have all the encampments shut down. And these were peaceful protests.

Last night, Rand Paul made Republicans seem like they may have decided to get a clue. And not because of their fake pandering on immigration and their vain attempts to appeal to "minorities."

But for once, they stood up for every day Americans. The right to privacy. The right not to be spied on. The right not to be killed.

The problem is, I'm not so sure that they actually care about these things - or if they just care that these powers are wielded by a black man.

My American side, wants to believe that they care about America. But the Republicans will have a long way to go before they gain my trust - or my belief that whatever they do is beyond a political stunt and a feeble power grab.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Horsemeat and Web Ads: Do Not Want

The horse meat scandal has me off beef at present. Despite all the reassurances that in the United States only American suppliers are providing beef for the likes of Ikea, Aldi, Taco Bell, Burger King and various frozen food suppliers, I just can't trust it. The final turn of the screw was the revelation that in some places, donkey meat has been disguised as beef. The idea that my last "beef" roast may have just been a donkey flank was entirely too much for me. I haven't touched a piece of beef since and I get ill at the very thought.

With the exception of Ikea, each one of those has been a place I frequent. And Ikea is a place I only recently and belatedly discovered. I was fascinated that in addition to furniture and housewares, they not only have a restaurant but nearly an entire grocery of Ikea selections, something I was planning on investigating in the near future. That probably will not be happening now.

So, my diet is now reduced to chicken, turkey and fish. My daughter is hoping this is the first step towards a Deborah that could be a vegetarian and I have to admit, she may be right. It's hard reading Suicide Food and looking my dog in the face, knowing that I eat other animals without much regret. I know that in some countries, my beloved doggie could be lunch as well as a pet and that it's my own cultural norms that make her a valued companion rather than a tasty meal, as disgusting as that idea may seem to me.

I know a lot of websites support themselves with web ads but this is annoying and makes every web page load at the speed of a constipated snail. I recently got a new laptop and a few days of Internet Explorer wantonly allowing everything on a page to load simultaneously, even conflicting videos, I quickly downloaded Mozilla Firefox. Although the browsing experience was better, I was still getting pages that refused to load because every web page these days isn't complete I suppose unless it has miles of Flash and tons of ads.

I would love to shake the hands of whoever invented Flashblock and Adblock. I'd like to take them to lunch and have their baby. The ease and speed of browsing the web are an immeasurable help to me. It also provides a much needed balm to the insult that is Windows 8.

Dear God, what were they thinking? There is nothing fun or amusing about the Tiles layer. It's merely an unwelcome, intrusive and annoying impediment to getting to the desktop.

Someone should make Bill Gates write on a chalkboard 100 times - My laptop or PC is not a cell phone or tablet and should  not run like one. They should also look up "gorilla arm" when it comes to trying to use a laptop or PC as a touchscreen computer.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Everything Shoved Down My Throat

Well, I have a laptop again, so I guess that puts me back in the blogging game.

I've been deciding whether or not to return.

From my last two posts, I guess you can tell I've been putting up with some pretty racist pigs lately. But, as blogger Abagond says - it's not that black people see racism in everything - it's that white people see racism in nothing. Always willing to see the best side of everything they do....not willing to extend that latitude to "the other".

So I have a new computer - it took me weeks to decide whether or not to open it. Toshiba, Microsoft. They both suck giant donkey dicks. Take this computer, take our intrusive and unfair EULA - screw you, you bought it, we own you now. Fuck I hate Windows 8.

I am not a big fan of corporations these days.

I'm not a big fan of a lot of things that keep getting shoved down my throat whether I like them or not - the streetcar, the casino, this raw parking deal. Sky high cable bills and taxes out the wazoo, whether I can pay them or not.

The right to effing privacy being completely eviscerated. The government and corporations seem to feel they have a right to all my info, all the time, nothing hidden. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if they know the size and shape of my vagina - they're certainly up my ass all the time.

And yes, I blog. So that means  a portion of my life, my thoughts, are put online. But the thing is - I choose, what I share with you. I choose what I want to share and when and how often.

The United States Government with the full sanction of every Fortune 500 company and their shareholders see things differently. They are entitled to my information - and if I don't give it to them, well they'll just get it another way.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sick and tired of explaining what freedom really means to people who should know better.

Freedom doesn't mean being stripped to your knickers by the TSA. Freedom doesn't mean some company selling my information for a profit and at their leisure. And it sure as hell shouldn't mean Toshiba and Microsoft uploading and downloading "anonymous" information from my computer simply because they can.

Does anyone but me see something wrong with all this?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Living White Reality

One of my least favorite memes on TV and in movies is 'one black person in a group of white people." I know white people offer us token blacks in the spirit of inclusiveness but this has been a trend since the 1940's. That it's still happening in 2012 is depressing as hell.

And so, I  wondered, why is this grouping played out on tv and in movies all the time? Until at lunch time a few weeks ago, I found myself the single black person at a table full of white people.

Ohhhhhh! I got it then. This is white reality. And white reality is pretty much all that's reflected in American media. So to white people who create entertainment, their reality is never of being in a group of black people, and very few have any idea what a group of black people do when white folks aren't around. It's of one or at most two black people or any minority will long as there's only one.


I'm going to remember this year's Superbowl as 'The Sistah Bowl'. Jennifer Hudson singing "America the Beautiful," Alicia Keys singing "The Star Spangled Banner" and Beyonce rocking the half-time show. And then there's that beautiful sistah at the end of the Tide "Montanaland" commercial. "Go Ravens" indeed. She sold it so hard, I wanted to go out and immediately buy the largest $19.99 bottle of Tide. I instantly regretted having only bought the $11 bottle earlier that day.

Audi also had a commercial that left me clapping for the hero at the end of their "Live Bravely" spot. If I ever get to the point where I can afford an Audi, I'll probably get one just because of that commercial.

Yes, I can be easily influenced by good and respectful advertising. Tide showed how it's done and Audi was a close second for me. VW's ad did not work for me, although several of my African American friends and fam were not offended by the ad at all.

Still, VW knew that a lot of people would be offended by the ad and chose to air it anyway. And a lot of people were put out. But the feelings of black people do not matter. If it's funny to white people, it should be funny to everyone else too. I suppose that's why we're still putting up with Seth McFarlane after all these years.


Lately I've been traveling to Indiana a lot to visit my daughter at school. I also work in Kentucky. In either situation, I'm surrounded by white people. I find the white people of Indiana to be friendly and racists while the people in Kentucky tend to be downright hateful.

Of the two, I much prefer the Indiana variety. I worry less about being lynched driving down dark roads in Indiana than I do in Kentucky.

Friday, January 18, 2013

I looked in my spam email today and it's filled with headlines like:

Mitt Romney May Have Just Lost the Elections
Andy Griffith's Epic Heart Disease Battle

Until recently, I thought two chains meant exactly that.


Time to get back into the swing of things.

It takes a concerted effort on my part, not to blog all racism all the time. Believe me, white people definitely give me enough cannon fodder, every single day.

It's 2013 and I can't even go to Kroger near where I work without some white person looking at me like I'm a dangerous animal they can't believe isn't locked up and is allowed to roam free. The thing that pisses me off the most is how white people convince themselves that they hide these reactions pretty well. I don't let it bother me every day, but after months of this, it's pretty annoying and I'm lucky that annoying is the worst of it. I know the day is coming when someone is going to "Say Something" and I'm going to have to decide now, how I'm going to react to it. LOL. I'm gonna keep going back to Kroger so they're just gonna have to get used to me. Bless their hearts. The racist jerks.

So just know, that even if I'm not blogging about racism, it not only still exists, it effects and shapes my day, my life, my world and it definitely "colors" my view of white people in ways that would shock and surprise white people. Funny how no matter how many "other folks" write about racism and the wealth of material out there, white people are always shocked and surprised by the fact that "other people" are observing them being racists.

Yes, racists. Not merely bigoted or discriminatory or rude or ignorant. Outright racists. I just don't have the  patience for sugar-coating a shit sandwich for white people anymore.

I think I've started off this year just a tad bit bitter, but if you were eating a shit sandwich every day, I'm pretty sure it would leave a bad taste in your mouth.

I'm not bitter. Just wiser.