Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quick Takes

Oil Spill
Between Kevin Costner (Actor Kevin Costner Helps Fight Oil Spill) and Barack Obama's new A-Team of scientists (Obama Taps Crack Team Of Scientists To Do The Job BP Can't), they're gonna do what BP can't seem to figure out how to do - clean up and fix the oil disaster taking place in the gulf. Will this be the end of BP? I certainly hope so. Let them spend every last penny cleaning up this mess and compensating the people's who's livelihoods have been lost over this. Then hopefully, that will be the last we'll ever hear of BP.

America's Unofficial War With Pakistan
You may know that we still have troops in Iraq & everybody knows we're at war with Afghanistan even if we don't know why. But now we need to add the unofficial war we've got going on with Pakistan. Everybody knows about the attempted Time Square bombing by now and that is was attempted by someone from Pakistan, but the media is ridiculously complicit in asking the dumb question: "Oh noes! Why would people from Pakistan want to hurt us?"

The media knows the answer to that question and they're determined to make sure you don't find out. But here it is: It's because we're indiscriminately killing Pakistani civilians, including children (Bomb in Pakistan kills schoolgirls) which, in essence, makes us no better than Israel picking off the Palestinians. Hmmm...indiscriminate killing. No wonder Israel and America are so close. We have so much in common. See TruthDig's succinct summary here: Blowback: Why They Try to Bomb Us

Obama Jokes about Predator Drones

Remember Bush making the joke about being unable to find the weapons of mass destruction? Well Obama has his equivalent joke about predator drone strikes...yeah, the robotic planes we're using to drop bombs on Pakistan...the President thinks is funny. Jokes like this are why women sigh and claim that all men are stupid - and this time, Obama is no different. I hope Michelle popped him upside the head for this one when that insipid White House Correspondent's dinner was over. What is it about that stupid annual event that encourages Presidents to make the dumbest jokes? You don't get presidents as disparate as Bush & Obama, yet they've both made the same error in judgment, at the same event, on practically the same topic...killing people.

Kroger Boycott
I am still boycotting Kroger. It gets easier every day. I have simply re-routed my shopping to the Save-A-Lot in Northside (for such a tiny and run down store they have decidedly fresh produce even if the selection is not that large; but they had large collard greens in enormous bunches!) and Aldi at the corner of Galbraith & Pippin which I loved dearly even before the Kroger fiasco. Aldi meats are impeccably fresh & clean, whether frozen or refrigerated. Their off-brand (for America anyhow) canned goods & dairy are also always well priced. Shopping at Aldi is a learning curve, but well worth the time & effort - the prices can't be beat.

I've tried grocery shopping once at Wal-Mart but it was too depressing and I haven't been back. The store is too dimly lit, the aisles are dauntingly long, the dairy is miles away from anything else, and heaven forbid if you need health & beauty items(HBA). They don't keep any of them stocked on the grocery side so you have to walk ALLLLLLL the way past the women's wear, men's wear, baby's wear, electronics, automotive, housewares and art supplies just to get a lousy bottle of lotion. And in a dark little corner BEYOND that are the pet care items. No way am I putting myself through that again. I only go there for dog food now. One item, in & out. And it's worth shopping at 3 different stores (Save-A-Lot, Aldi & Walgreens) just so I never have to step foot in Kroger again. Yeah, they made me that mad and darn, I really miss Biggs.

Dancing Girls
Check out the video here. Yes, the parents are delusional if they see nothing wrong with this. Most of the dancing moves are not too bad, but the clothes the girls are dressed in serve to make the entire visual tantamount to kiddie porn. The fact that they got their dance ideas, not from the Beyonce video, but from the Chipmunks movie is a sad commentary on the unhealthy ways we over-sexualize children. That the parents don't know any better makes them dense beyond belief. It's not ok to put our daughters on display as if this is all they have to offer. As one comments:
At least they willl be able to put this on a resume when they get their 1st job at the local strip club

I think it's telling that if you watch the video, you automatically age up the girls. How old are they? Seems they're either 8 or 9 depending on what report you read.

Good dancing but too suggestive and the stripper wear should never have been considered.