Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Way It Could Have Been


Jeantel: What you doing?
Trayvon: Nothin. What you doing?
Jeantel: Watchin this movie. It's scary.
Trayvon: You scared of a movie. Whatever...
Jeantel: Remember that time we was on the phone and that dude was following you?
Trayvon: Girl, quit playin. I wasn't thinking about that dude.
Jeantel: You was scared.
Trayvon: I wasn't scared. I'm grown.
Jeantel: You ain't grown. You was scared though.
They both giggle.
Trayvon: Whatever...
They both say together: Yeah...

10 years later

Sybrina: Yeah, Trayvon had his rough spots growing up, but what kid doesn't? But look at him now. He's finished school, working, and now...
Tracy: I know...I can't believe it. They're getting married.
Sybrina: He always had a good heart though. Always bringing treats to his little brother. He never walked in the door unless he had something for him.
Tracy: I know...when I worried about him most, I would see them together and I would say, he's going to be ok.
Sybrina: Yeah, even  he went through that wanna be tough stage
Tracy: It's not easy out here being a black man gotta be tough
Sybrina: That's why I sent him to you that time...only a father can really teach a boy to be a man
Tracy: Only a mother can give a boy a good heart.
They both say together: Yeah...

10 years later

Trayvon, Jr.: Daddy?
Trayvon, Sr.: Yeah.
Trayvon, Jr.: This other boy at school  made me mad. He called me a name.
Trayvon, Sr.: Really? What he call you?
Trayvon, Jr.: Stupid head.
Trayvon, Sr.: Stupid head? Really? Why?
Trayvon, Jr.: Yeah, he said my hair was cut funny and I had a stupid head.
Trayvon, Sr.: Well mommy did kinda mess up your line up kid.

*looking in the mirror
They both say together: Yeah...

Not what thou art. Not what thou hast been, beholdeth God with His merciful eye: but what thou wouldst be.