Friday, December 13, 2013

MC Rove Not Having It

If there is one Republican I still despise, it's Karl Rove (otherwise known on this blog as "The Treasonous Maggot") .

If there's any Republican I'd like to kick right in the seat of the pants hanging off his doughy white ass, it's Karl Rove. If there's any Republican that's on my top ten list of people I'd like to pimp slap into next week....

Well, you get the idea.

So anyway, after turning in the single worst white rapping performance in the history of drunk white people at any wedding, beer brawl or Radio-Television Correspondents' Association Dinner,  Karl Rove wants to take issue with a parody performance of Snoop Dog's "Drop It Like It's Hawt" that actually supports The Affordable Care Act that most white people love unless you call it Obamacare then they fucking hate it. But they're not racist or anything.

Karl Rove's quote, I kid you not, is that that the Obama parody, "...crosses the line."

Karl Rove should take note of what happened when John Boehner tried to challenged B-Rabbit but he won't. Karl Rove is not only a fucking idiot he's a hypocrite. It's ok to bastardize hip hop when someone is badly rhyming words like trove, strove and above with MC Rove.

But let someone make a parody video supporting poor people getting healthcare and the fake MC kitty claws come out. It's like the Kimmel-Kanye fued all over again.

Here's your opportunity to drop it like it's hot and get your Obamacare love on. Or Affordable Care Act if you prefer.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Open Letter to Google

Once upon a time there was Gooogle, there was Gmail and there was YouTube.

And Google bought YouTube which was nice for a while until Google thought that just because they owned YouTube it was a good idea to join YouTube with Google, Gmail, Blogger, and some god awful entity called Google Plus whatever the hell that is.

You all are making my life a living hell.

My Gmail, YouTube and Google searches usually don't coincide with the various portions of my life. You all don't seem to understand or care about this. You all seem to think that my public life and my private life and my geek life and my dating life and my church life and my gamer life and my music life and and my blogger life and my mommy life where I have to manage things for several different children all coincide.

They don't.

This is annoying as hell. The number of times I have to sign in and out of sh** all day because you all have no respect or caring for the different portions of my life is annoying.

I don't appreciate having to constantly uncheck "keep me signed in" because I don't want to be signed in. Everywhere I go on the web, there you are, following me. At least I only have one facebook account to sign out of for the same reason. But you all are insidiously burrowing into too many aspects of my life and it is annoying, intrusive and just downright creepy.

And just when I got used to the effing black bar and it actually became useful, you got rid of it.

Why is Google determined to make the user experience hellish at best and pathetically disappointing and inconvenient at worst.

Please explain this to me.