Monday, May 14, 2012

Cheater: David Justin - Rainbow Warriors Group Cheats College Students

It's one thing for people to treat me badly. I do not tolerate people treating the people I love badly.

I especially despise rude people, liars and cheaters.

David Justin is all three.

My daughter goes to Ball State University and decided to move off campus for her junior year. She later changed her mind and contacted the landlord.

The landlord, David Justin, told her that all she needed to do was find someone to take her place and he would refund her deposit of $315.

She found someone else to rent the apartment and the replacement paid, to the landlord, the deposit in full.

My daughter later received a check for $200 from the landlord saying he took out the rest for "expenses and gas money."

Needless to say I am ANGRY!

I could, and maybe I should let my daughter chalk it up to a $115 dollar lesson learned. And I would - but she has gone out of her way to be an adult about this. She has refused my help and only when she got the check minus the extra money and with a lot of nagging on my part did she agree to let me do this my way.

I'm going to give him every opportunity to return the money for one week before I drag him into small claims court and put up flyers all over Muncie, Indiana including every property of his I can find, explaining why no one should rent from this lying, cheating scumbag.

If you feel like it, give him a call and ask him why he feels it's ok to cheat a young college student out of her hard-earned money.

David Justin
Rainbow Warriors INV Group LLC
1327 Laurel Oak Dr.
Avon, IN 436123

Home: 317-272-0327
Cell: 317 - 640 - 1627

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Rainbow Warrior's Investment Group LLC Avon Indiana

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Team White Jay

Yeah,I know.

Months of barely posting or not at all. Then it's like I woke up and thought it was still Black History Month.

I feel you.

But white people are just interesting to me right now- in a tear your hair out in frustration because even the nicest white people seem to do the same racist crap as people who are obvious bigots. And then it hurts even more because- although there's always that element of surprise, no matter how prepared I think I am to confront racism and bigotry when it's put in my face- when white people that I think are cool do or say racist things, it's disappointing and frightening.It's hard enough to carve out safe spaces among white people and then here's one more person I now know I can't trust.

There are four websites I read practically every day, no matter what.

Crooks and Liars
Free Range Kids

Racialicious hipped me to a web series called Awkard Black Girl, which, I honestly, they've written about several times but I didn't actually watch until I read their latest account of internet racists piling on this series.

It seems that the "Awkard Black Girl" series won a coveted web award called the Shorty Awards. Quicker than you can say Jim Crow, white people were jumping on the racist bandwagon accusing the awards of practicing "affirmative action", proclaiming a series they  had never watched "unworthy" of an award and more racist bullshit that you'll just have to read for yourself.

Before I even got through the article, I went and watched the series and it's hillarious in "is this girl spying on my life, why the hell didn't I think of this, completely laugh out loud funny" kind of way.

So here's the thing that's pissing me off about white people today:

White folks can make themselves believe anything EXCEPT the fact that most black folks are hard-working, law-abiding Americans.

I live in a world where white people often assume that I'm an ignorant, unintelligent, thief and probably a welfare recepient, dependent on their largesse and that if I have a job at all, I got it through Affirmative Action.

Conservaitve white people despise Affirmative Action, thinking it unfair, oddly in a world where white people wouldn't hire blacks for any but the most menial tasks unless and still wouldn't unless they were forced to do otherwise.

And even in this day and age, there are far too many black people who can honestly say that they are "the only one" in their office of maybe one of two, which is the case where I work.

And so, the fact that I went to school, earned a degree, searched high and low for a job until I found one and I'm good as hell at it - all of that is secondary to one fact for most white folks: I'm black, therefore I'm not really qualified, they just made a special exception for me, or the company is trying to boost their EOE profile.

And when you think about most of the complaints that white people have about President Obama, they mostly have to do with him being "unqualified" or being the "Affirmative Action President". Despite the fact that the man was a Constitutional Professor, many complaints complaint from conservative whites claim he knows nothing about the Constitution.

White people complain that black people don't value education or job or independence (which to them means not accepting welfare even if it means being hungry and homeless).

But then when we do send our kids to school, they do everything to keep them or discriminate against them when they're there.

When we do go on to college, we're accused of not having got there on our own merits but must be on some sort of  "Special Scholarship" or that a college must have lowered it's standards to let us in.

And when we do graduate from college and enter the workforce, it's harder for us to find employment, harder for us to keep it (we are the last hired and the first fired) and to add insult to injury - white people will always assume that whatever job we have, we didn't truly earn - someone just had to fill a quota.

So it goes: Akward Black Girl couldn't be good because it's good. It had to be chosen only because of white pity or some misguided attempt to "even the playing field".

White people: you can't have it both ways. If black people go out and do all the things you swear up and down they need to do to assimilate into this country, then why the hell are you still pissed when we are successful?

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Do white people resent the people who make them stop behaving in racist ways?

Follow up from the other day when my coworker pissed me off with some casual bigotry and then tried to make me explain why I was offended.

I walked into the bindery on Monday and it was such a busy day and I was so glad that my coworker was back from vacation, I really didn't notice anything.

But on Tuesday, when I walked through the bindery to go to lunch - maybe it was because the machines weren't making their usual racket - maybe they were off in a meeting somewhere - I dunno, but only one guy was in the bindery and the radio was off.

The radio was off.

And I knew. In a monumental moment of being unable to keep his mouth shut, my co-worker had told the bindery people that I thought they listened to racist radio.


So on Wednesday, when I walked out for lunch, I tried to check it out as surreptitiously as possibly, and sure enough, on Wednesday, the radio had been changed from 700WLW to Oldies 103.5.


But one guy noticed me checking out the radio.

He looked at me and I looked him.Without a word being said I knew that word had gotten around.

Now some of you, particularly white people will say, SEE! Happy ending. Win-win. They found a radio station they like and doesn't offend you. Great! Someone told them that you were offended and they moved quickly to correct it. If that doesn't prove they care about your feelings then what does?

It's not so much my feelings I'm worried about.

Some changes, people shouldn't be forced to make. In this case, it's true, no one forced them to change. I never said anything to a boss - and I can't prove my co-worker talked to any of them at all. They could have ignored the whole thing. The fact that they didn't ignore it either shows they care or just don't want to be accused of being bigots. Either way, I don't have to listen to that racist crap anymore and that's a good thing right?

Not so fast.

The battle won't be truly won until white people start making these choices of their own volition -without having to be reminded that there are other points of view and a long history behind them. That certain types of poison, really are poison and shouldn't be ingested.

Just because they change the dial in the bindery - will they in their cars? Their homes?

Their hearts?

I walked through that bindery every day for months - and God only know how long my only other black co-worker has been there - and even if we never worked there at all -  it never once occured to a single white person  there that maybe what they were listening to was not only not acceptable for the workplace but anywhere.

So, it's not about me, it's about them.

And changing the dial is a good start.

But it's only one step the need to take.

I doubt any of them will ever take the next. I have a feeling that many of them will simpy feel they did this to appease me - and at worst, they will resent me for it.

 That's a change I can live without.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Some thoughts on suicide bombers

Never judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.

And so, I try to imagine.What would it take for me to be a suicide bomber? How fucked up would life have to be for me to A) strap on a bomb and B) actually detonate it.

The thought is horrific and terrifying and just completely unimaginable for me. Although in my lifetime I have had boments when I was suicidal. Being molested as a pre-teen combined with being harassed and taunted by the racist white kids at school sent my grades into a nose dive and drove me to a suicide attempt.

Later, in my 30's, when we lost a baby, I wanted to die as well. The idea of the tiny little heartbeat stopping and mine continuing was nearly too much to bear. I think it was one loss too many for Ye Ex Matey after the deaths, seemingly one after the other of his grandmother, grandfather and mother. It was the beginning of the end for us.

So... grief, loss, unearable pain- physical and emotional; I can see these things making someone want to end their own life. I didn't because I knew that what I was feeling would not continue - that the feeling of wanting to end your own life goes away as the pain ebbs.

But what makes someone not only want to take their own life and the lives of others as they die? While Republicans in general and conservatives in particular make me angrier, in their willful ignorance, than many would believe possibe - and the idea of a Republican President  in this political climate is repulsive- it's certainly not worth ending my life over.

Yet and still, we are, even at this moment, sending men and women overseas, knowing that may be sending them to their death. They may never return.

They strap up so I don't have to?

What a horrendous thought.

And probably true.

No sooner than President Obama finished his speech in Afghanisan, more people decided the best way to protest was to strap on a bomb and set it off.

The pain, the loss.

The unimaginable pain.

What a barabaric little planet we are.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Bible For Dummies as Written by That Deborah Girl

I came across an article on today where a man tried to sacrifice his son. In response to his misguided attempt to follow God, I though I'd write a short synopsis of the bible, after which it should be clear that we don't need to do shit like this anymore.

Old Testament

God, two people and a snake are walking around a Garden....

Noah gets drunk a lot- still has time to build a boat and save mankind

Sex can be a dangerous thing and comes into question. Sometimes God will let you have sex with your wife's handmaiden and not really get mad (He's not really consistent on the sex thing)- the result is a millenia of world conflict and people still blowing themselves up over the result of handmaiden sex thousands of years later.

It's ok to beat your children, woman and slaves if you can get them.

It's ok to drive a tent peg through a man's head if you're fighting on God's team and you're named Deborah (yay!) They will tell the story then write a song about it. Women are totally badass in the Bible. They're just not allowed to do shit anywhere else.

God tests people a lot. God will let Satan kill off your women, children and slaves just to prove a point. He will let you alone if you love Him more than your women, children and slaves. If God tells you to sacrifice your kid - he doesn't really mean it. He's just testing your faith but HE DOESN'T REALLY MEAN IT SO STOP ALREADY. But if God says you're gonna have a baby, then for heavens sake believe him - you could save the suicide bomber clean up team a lot of trouble later.

Sex is bad. Very bad. People who are so evil as to want to have sex with angels and not virgins DO NOT deserve sex. Bad people. Sodom and Gomorrah get wiped off the map.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: so many of the greats on God's team get caught up on a technicalities or get their heads turned by pretty women: Moses, Sampson, David, Abram/Abraham, Jonah, Job, Judas. Remember: If God tells you to kill your kid, DON'T DO IT. THIS IS ONLY A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY BIBLICAL BROADCAST SYSTEM.THIS IS ONLY A TEST. Otherwise, if God gives you a job to do, just go do it. If you don't and you find yourself in a pool of whale vomit, it's your own damned fault.

Sex is good again.. If you're black and king and taking sexy back, then you can write a whole book about all the ways you got off and have it put in the Bible itself.

Proverbs is like the Dear Abby of the bible. My favorite verse is: Withdraw thy foot from they neighbor's house lest he weary of thee and hate thee. So very practical.

A bunch of prophets predict that Jesus is coming.

New Testament

Remember all those prophets predicting Jesus is gonna show up? Well, in the second half, He does. The second half, which isn't really half because it's way shorter, is all about Jesus, people learning not to have sex so much and other new rules for living together and winds up with a dandy little glimpse of a supernatural apocalypse.

Jesus is the coolest, nicest most perfect guy ever. All the other kids in the pumped up kicks don't like cool, nice perfect guys unless they're George Clooney. Jesus was way ahead of his time and gets Crucified which is a fucked up, horrific way to die.

Jesus dies but three days later He gets back up. This proves that not only is He God but that eventually He is gonna totally kick Satan's ass for good. Eventually. In the meantime, He spends most of his time walking around, chilling with people and after around 40 days He flies off up to heaven saying one day He'll back. Kinda like Frosty the Snowman - we don't know when, we don't know where - but eventually He will show up. And when He comes back He will have the Sword of Godric Gryffindor with Him. There will be a sorting. Lake of fire for some, Kings Cross Station for the others.

Sex is officially bad again. In a landmark biblical decision, sex outside marriage is just plain sin and sex in marriage is only preferrable to hell-fire but really we'd all be better off if we just didn't notice our naughty bits at all.

God wipes out nearly everything He said in the first half of the book. No more sacrifices because Jesus on the Cross was the "Last Sacrifice" (the guy who tried to sacrifice his kid - he really shoulda read that part). All those other rules still count but there are two new rules that trump all the other rules.

Love God more than anything
Love everyone else as much as you love yourself

The moral of the story: What the world needs now is love sweet love, it's the only thing there's just too little of.