Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet the Two Biggest Benedict Arnolds of Our Time

Joe Lieberman

Ben Nelson

Both have earned my utmost and deepest loathing that I thought was reserved expressly for the likes of Karl Rove & Rush Limbaugh. However these two turncoats have sunk to the depths of bile ridden slugs that Rove & Limbaugh can only aspire to.

My sincere & utter disgust does not quite express my level of disdain for these two traitors. May they live in the shadow of the infamy they deserve.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mothers and Daughters

I told Teen Arabella, quite plainly, NOT to wear her black boots w/ high heels to school. There was just enough snow to make the cold walk to school slick and the tile floors at school are not safe for high heels and quick stepping teenagers. However when our neighbor's car horn sounded, generously offering a ride to school, she dashed out of the house before I could see what she had on.

Suspicious, I went into her room & sure enough, her sturdy Timbalands were sitting on the floor. I gathered them up & took them to school, determined to confront her & teach her a lesson about listening to her mother. I clumped to the school office, got her homeroom number and soldiered on in my motherly task.

When I found her, I held out the Timbs, looking pointedly down at her feet only to see that she had on a pair of pink & gold tennis shoes which perfectly complemented her pink sweater.

Teen Arabella looked at the Timbs in my hands & said dryly, without missing a beat, "While you were looking for those, you should have looked for the black boots I left in my room. Hey, and since you're here, can I have $10?"

I sheepishly handed her $10 and hugged her before I left, taking the Timbs with me. Before I got to my car, I was grinning broadly.

All those stories from the bible about love, fidelity and filial loyalty jumbled into my head. "Train up a child in the way he should go, and he will not depart from it." Honor they father and mother that they days may be long in the land which the Lord, our God, has given thee."

I wonder what will be on her Christmas list this year?


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It wasn't funny the first couple of times

I've been watching the crazy, sexy, cool jumble that is the television series Californication on DVD. We don't have enough cable to sneeze at, let alone Showtime, where this series is aired. I believe the show is currently on Season 3 and I've just finished Season 2.

I won't be watching Season 3.

There are no black main characters on this show, I have yet to see even a black person with a speaking role, just blackground extras. But that's not why. The main characters occasionally attempt "black" slang accents and inflections with a humorous air that shows they are self-deprecatingly, hopelessly white. But that's also not the reason why I won't be renting Season 3.

I won't be renting Season 3 because yet again, I was confronted with the "This Baby Isn't Mine, It's Black, Ha Ha, Ain't that Funny" attempt at humor. If you're not familiar, let me explain. A white woman gets pregnant & claims some poor unassuming white male is the father. He has some doubts but decides to wait until the baby is born. However once the dark skinned infant is born and shown to be African American, the man is elated and celebrates that he "just knew" the baby wasn't his.

I don't know if this tired joke is funny to white folks, but it sure as hell isn't to me. Sadly enough, this is the third show I've seen do this, as I previously wrote about the first two here. It's a shame that Californication will join Desperate Housewives and the now canceled My Name is Earl to shows that I won't watch.

Why does Hollywood persist in trying to make this tactless, racist joke funny? White babies get babies get to be the butt of jokes.

This is one joke that isn't.

Monday, October 19, 2009

FOX Network: Officially Not Fair or Balanced

So the White House, with the quiet sanction of President Obama, is finally saying what the rest of us already knew: FOX "News" is not a news station but a propaganda outlet.

Uh, duh. Maybe the President will actually answer that little boy's question next week: "Why do people hate you?"

I wonder if that little boy's question has anything to do with he sudden shift in the White House's policy to take FAUX News a bit more seriously. Beacause the comments that follow the linked article prove that the little boy's question was precient.

Cue for Beck, Hannity and the other spinners saying this is an attack on the press and the media in general, instead of a single finger pointed at FOX Network.


Update: 10/21/2009, 11:01PM

Seems I've been writing this blog post in bits and pieces but I really wanted to add this part.

I don't know when it occurred to me that I could be a boycott of one. I guess it was when a good majority, but not all, of Glenn Beck's advertisers bailed on him. Despite this fact he's still on the air and that was when I made up my mind:

I will simply not watch FOX Network programming, media or movies. Period.

It means reading the backs of DVD's before I buy or rent them. 20th Century Fox movies are out for me. It also meant giving up a show that I really like. House has been a very entertaining medical drama for me, but it's not worth supporting FOX to watch it. Likewise, Ye Olde Matey came to me last month about this great new show he'd discovered, Lie to Me. I told him I wouldn't be watching it because it was on FOX and that was the show they had aired instead of President Obama's speech. Also, my mother has become a fan of the new show Glee. I watched it with her a few times not realizing what network it was on. But now that I know, I've giving it up.

Below is FOX Network's Primetime Lineup for Fall 2009. If you watch any of these shows, please consider that you're supporting the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin and Laura Ingraham, helping them to continue to spout conservative propaganda:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Student Drug Testing Hits Home - Literally

Never have I felt so bullied. Rarely have I felt so angry and helpless.

Sunday, my daughter finally handed over to me the 13 page Policy for Random Urine Drug Testing of North College Hill City School District Students. Although it's voluntary, I only have to give up my daughter's "privilege" of being in any of her school's extracurricular activities if I don't sign the "voluntary" form.

This is no small matter.

My daughter plans on majoring in musical theater, but if I don't sign, she won't be able to participate in her school's Thespian Society. She is also in marching band. Attending performances is part of her grade, so if I don't sign, she can't march at football games or sit in the stands at basketball games for Pep Band and she'll fail band. She wouldn't be able to participate in Service Leaders, her school's community service group.

She wouldn't be able to go to her Senior Prom.

Her grades are mostly B's with an A here or the odd C in Chemistry or Calculus. As I never made it to Chemistry or Calculus, I can live with that. She's a well-rounded, civic minded, church going (she goes with Grandma even when I skive off), stellar student who has taken advantage of everything her small-town school has to offer.

And for this, they reward her with the promise of random drug testing.

And she couldn't care less. What she's mad about is that I am refusing to sign over her rights. That's really the kicker in all this. She's not mad at the people who are more than willing to make her pull down her pants and pee on command for the right to be in Band, Drama and Service Leaders. No, she's angry at me for not signing.

I've talked to some other parents. And they signed. Not because they agree with the policy. But because their children, too, are angry at them for not signing under threat of not being able to participate in after school "stuff". You'd think us parents would have enough sense to band together - but everyone's too busy trying to keep a roof over these kids heads and food on the table. No one has time for a well-reasoned rant, let alone a good old-fashioned protest.

I sent her school superintendent, Gary Gellert, a very politely worded yet obviously angry email. And he called me back. The better not to have his comments on the record. He worked very hard to assure me that it's no big deal and that ends justify the means. "Yes it may step on the rights of a few students..."

Which was really all he had to say. He knows it's wrong. But he's willing to do it anyway. I wonder if the grants the federal government is giving out for schools who expand their student drug testing has anything to do with his support of this decision? I wonder how to find out if NCH Schools have recieved that money? That would explain a lot.

My mother informed me that I'll be "ruining her life and her Senior Year" if I don't sign. My daughter has made it patently clear that she couldn't care less what a civil liberty even is as long as she gets to participate in Drama. I offered to send her to Playhouse in the Park or Clifton Arts Center or anywhere...

But it's not just Drama. Unsaid but just as out there - it is unthinkable that I should allow her to miss Prom. I just couldn't be so cruel and mean. Even I have to remind myself that I'm not the bad guy here.

"But the drama program at school is free, Mama," she insisted.

And I said to her, "It's not free. There's a price."

I guess I'll sign the paper and despise myself and Gary Gellert and school board members and all the others across the country who think that drug testing our children is a good idea. It's a popular idea and catching on fast. Coming to a school district near you soon enough. It started with testing student athletes for steroids. Then steroids and banned substances (pot & coke folks). Now it's all the rage to test any kid who so much as wants to be in Chess Club. And for all you folks who are keeping score, yes there are now districts who just want to make sure all kids are eligible for random tests because, hey, why leave anyone out at this point?

The form stresses how very voluntary and non-punative this matter is. The double-speak is as amazing to me as everything else. It's not voluntary and she will be punished. Either way. And regardless of the fact that it's being shown that testing may doesn't have a real effect and just pushes kids towards substances the tests don't catch...

Eh, what's the use. I better go find a pen.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

A New Day

When in the course of human events, more than half of your links don't work anymore and you're sick of looking at your own page design it becomes necessary to update your blog.

So, here it is - the new DebLite page I've been working on for a bit. Actually - I've been hanging on to the new template for sometime - wasn't quite sure I was ready to let go of the old and then today a miracle...

The Bengals beat the Steelers! WHO DEY! I took that as a sign - and it wasn't long after today's game that I actually got busy, implemented my new design (a lot easier than I thought it would be considering I've been putting it off for nearly a year now) updated my links and this is the result.

There are a few new faces in the Cincinnati Blogs area as well as my old friends and favorites.

Tavern Wench
Tagline: Of Bars, Booze, and Bartending - Proving "Coughlin's Law" Invalid Since Feb '05
A delightful blog highlighting Cincinnati's local bar scene from the POV of a fem bartender.

Tagline: News Scores and Complete Local Coverage
Best blog I've found so far to get the real scoop on Cincinnati Sports. From basic info like the score of the latest game to some nice in depth commentary, this is my new go-to site for the local college and pro athletic scene.

Last but certainly not least - My very own Ye Olde Matey came to me one day and said: "So what's up with this blogging thing?" Before I could blink, he was up and running on his very own blog. What he says: "...on this site I will be giving tips on beats, production, music. Reviews of movies and my love for the 5 elements of hip hop."

What I may not have mentioned before (and I how I could not have up to this point is just crazy) is the Ye Olde Mate is a very talented music writer and producer. So now he has his own blog giving tutorials on recording software and his reviews of anything and everything to do with music related media from movies to the latest and hottest hip hop tracks.

A few new links have also been added under the Progressive Blogs and Around the Web sections. I'll be adding several more over the next few weeks, including a few that got lost while the site was under construction.

So, welcome to the new digs. It's a new day at Deb Lite!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bengals Win Against Green Bay - Steelers Lose to Bears

(The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger)
Odom sacks Rodgers

The Cincinnati Bengals haven't won a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2006. I'm a home team kinda girl so naturally this means I hate the Steelers with a passion (with a grudging admiration for Ben Roethlisberger who is simply an inhuman beast of a player who never says die). I simply cannot abide native Cincinnatians who insist on supporting the Steelers. If ya love 'em that much, seriously, move to Pittsburgh, 'kay?

All that being said, I was pleased with the Bengals win yesterday against the Green Bay Packers, although they could have spared me the nailbiting, heart sinking finish of worrying that they might still lose in the final 44 seconds, much as they lost their season opener against the Denver Broncos in the final 34 seconds last week. But they won. I was so cheerful that I stuck around to enjoy CBS Sports eye-pleasing camera work while watching and cheering on the Chicago Bears as they spanked the Steelers (who was that Steelers player who looked like he might cry?) and I was very happy. At least the team I love and the team I hate are both 1 and 1. I can live with that.

Ye Olde Matey and I are fairly new to football fandom. Before the advent of Marvin Lewis, our football viewing was limited to watching the commercials during the Super Bowl and the final quarter if we weren't too busy partying down with our family. It was an occasion to party, not to actually watch the game. When Marvin Lewis became head coach, Ye Olde Matey decided he was going to start following football "for real". I took the attitude, "you're not making a sports widow out of me" so I decided to watch too. As relatives newbies our conversations during games, between cheers and groans, are not particularly knowledgeable and tend to focus on players that once caught our attention as Bengals but, for whatever reason are no longer there. He tends to stick with the major players and know every single detail. I tend to focus on people who impress me with a play or two and then quietly (or not so quietly) disappear to other teams.

I always start it with my seasons-old lament about how we should have kept Kevin Kaesviharn. After a few years with Cincinnati (and doing pretty darn well), he moved on to the New Orleans Saints where he proceeded to bloody Carson Palmer's nose the first opportunity he got to play against the Bengals and as of this season, is now playing for the Carolina Panthers. I upped the ante wondering where in the world is Ethan Kilmer only to find out that he has retired from the NFL altogether after a brief stint with the Detroit Lions. I must not be the only person who didn't know that because the search words "Ethan Kilmer" continue to be the #1 search that brings people to this blog. Happy retirement Ethan. You may not have been in the NFL long but you have fans and you are missed. Speaking of the Lions and ex-Bengals, John Kitna who also went there for a bit is now playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

We didn't bring up the most obvious former Bengal because we'd had all summer long to discuss T.J. Houshmandzadeh's move to the Seattle Seahawks. My disdain for the Steelers has already been established, but it was mainly during the Steelers-Seahawks Super Bowl that my utter loathing for the Steelers were established. It was then that I was impressed by the Seahawks in general and Shaun Alexander in particular. However it seems that Alexander is now a free agent; so free that no team has picked him up and Housh, even to my untrained eyes, appears to be their hopeful replacement. Can't wait to see if Housh, who has already been said to have far "outplayed his draft status" becomes the superstar I believe him to be.

Our conversation finally moved onto the current roster. We discuss our now seemingly tamed wild-child Chris Henry and how well he appears to be doing, quickly moving on to how it's always good to see Robert Geathers STILL making players think twice about catching the ball and if they do manage to catch it and are still standing while he's on point, they scurry for the sidelines if they see him coming. Game after game, that's a guaranteed smile on a Sunday afternoon.

A couple of newcomers, Odom and Benson seem to be more than earning their keep. Odom gave both Greenbay quarterbacks a good view of the turf with an amazing 5 sacks. Benson, sporting Rudi Johnson's old number is doing Rudi Johnson's old gig of running up the middle and cutting through the chaff but somehow, seeming not to get beat up as much as Johnson used to. I don't exactly like how the Bengals appear to have treated Johnson. Let's hope Benson fairs better. Marvin Lewis also unflinchingly reassigned Housh's old #84, so no love seems to be lost there as well.

I'm not sure what his name is and I'm not going to look it up because #86 has earned a name from us - Big Butt Butterfingers (the linked thread suggests some other names). Seems we're stuck with him by default due to injuries and other circumstances but please, dear God, someone teach that guy how to catch and hold onto a ball. Please. We're begging you.

So, it's a new season, a new team. New promise, new hope. Even Big Buttt...I'll be cheering the Bengals on every yard of the way!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Chris Bortz: Lost in Translation

I spend quite a bit of time reading other blogs and engaging in discussions or jut adding my two cents in the comments section. It's a good way to get a feel for what other people think about the pertinent issues of the day and add my voice to the fray. Now and again, I google my posting name, "ThatDeborahGirl," as a way to keep up w/ what I've posted and to see who, if anyone has replied and then I reply back and so on.

So the other day, I'm doing my normal blog trackback using Google and I had the pleasant surprise of seeing my comments I left on another site quoted in a front page post on the COAST blog regarding the current streetcar debate here in Cincinnati. You can read what Bortz had to say and how my comments were used as a "translation" of what he said by clicking here.

COAST is an Ohio taxation watchdog group and they are currently they are fighting against the proposed Cincinnati Streetcar. I got all heartfelt teary-eyed that someone thought my words were what they needed to help make their point, especially since we were firmly on the same side of this issue. They even had my picture next to my quote which means they had to swing by here to get it - I don't think I have it as an avatar.

It also seems the person they were using my quote to "translate" was none other than Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Bortz. Hmmm...It seemed to me that this wasn't the first time Chris Bortz and I have been on the opposite sides of a debate. Googling some more to trackback, seems the first first time I took issue with him was over the jail tax, right here on DebLite.

Bortz, like many a republican, is all for law and order and locking up their neighbors - regardless of how many times it's proven that CPD is not exacty working to protect and serve Cincinnati so much as blackmail, blue flu, and slow down Cincinnati into getting what they want, when they want and how they want it on a silver platter. It's one thing to support your local police. It's another to let them bully the population and local government into subservience. At any rate, the marjority of voters felt the same way I did by an overwhelming margin and the jail tax was defeated.

Another time Bortz and I were not in agreeance over at the Cincinnati Beacon on whether City Council should engage in a private Executive sessions . Not exactly sure how that one turned out but I do know one thing. After my post there, Bortz was silent. It was a particularly satisfying take down if I say so myself (and I do).

Now it seems we're on differing sides of the streetcar debate. The Cincinnati Streetcar is another effort by City Council to focus on yet another "get 'em Downtown and they'll spend like crazy" proposal. Much like the Umpteenth Fountain Square rebuild, and the spanking brand new Sports Stadiums that are Soaking Us For Tax Money and the previously mentioned We Have to Build a Jail With Just a Tiny Tax Increase - the Cincinnati Streetcar is supposed to be a way for people to connect with downtown without having to ride the Metro or simply drive downtown and park.

Whenever Cincinnati wants to show that they're making progress, some genius comes up with a project that emphasizes getting folks downtown to spend money. The problem is, while everyone keeps dumping tax dollars into downtown, the neighborhoods suffer neglect. Viable business plans and neighborhood intiatives get lost in the cry to get everyone downtown.

The latest plan to spend a million dollars (as if that's all it will take) is the Cincinnati Streetcar. Now I can think of many other ways to spend a million dollars - homeless shelters, stocking local food pantries, build a neighborhood clinic, keep some cash around for the pools next summer. or just plain invest in local businesses (such as Mayor Mallory's small business owners intiative which is incredible!).

What I don't want, and many Cincinnati folks don't either, is to see the money wasted on a slow trolley that will basically put the crawl in pub crawl. It's supposed to start at UC which is basically giving the college students better access to the downtown bars as well as the ones already in Clifton. Further for all the miracles the streetcar is supposed to solve, other cities that have them find them more a nuisance that don't live up to the hype or the "feasability studies".

Untold in these "studies" is the fact that the benefits are the product of computer models and have never been achieved in the real world. For example, in 1978, planners in Portland, Oregon, forecast that by 1990 the city's light-rail ridership would be 42,500. In reality, it was half that. In Sacramento, light-rail ridership was initially projected to be 50,000 on an average weekday. By 1998, average weekday boardings were 28,000 (slightly higher than a revised projection made once local officials had committed to the project). Studies typically highlight the congestion-relief benefits of rail transit, even as transportation planners refuse to argue that these benefits exist. Indeed, in his 1998 survey of rail transit investments built since 1980, Jonathan Richmond of Harvard's Taubman Center for Local Government concluded that none had appreciably reduced congestion in cities. From the article: Ground Zero In Urban Decline by Sam Staley
My main problem with the Cincinnati Streetcar is that there is nothing in the proposals that explain how the streetcar solves any of our city's very pressing problems with transportation. If the money is to be spent on transportation, then how about working on, not getting people downtown, but out to the suburbs where the jobs are. Most people aren't traveling to work downtown in a place where even the Cincinnati Enquirer is located in the city of Blue Ash. White flight hasn't just meant families moving to the suburbs. It's business moving beyond Tri-County and Sharonville out to Blue Ash and West Chester.

If Cincinnati wants that to change, then we can't just keep rebuilding Downtown. The city must focus efforts on the neighborhoods for the people they don't want to admit are even there. The city cannot just cater to rich people and I'm not using "rich" as a euphemism for "white" either; working class majority white neighborhoods have been just as neglected - Hartwell and Lower Price Hill don't look much better than Avondale and Bond Hill when it comes to empty storefronts and boarded up houses.

Chris Bortz and City Council want to support a streetcar for the privileged few while so many go without while adding an additonal tax burden on people who are already stretched to the breaking point. I don't think it's too much to ask them to refocus their efforts and our tax dollars on a worthier cause.

Cincinnati Streetcar Website
Map of the Streetcar Route
Chris Bortz talks about the streetcar proposal

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And so, Goodnight

So, when I heard the news...I did what I think Ted Kennedy would have like me to do as an every day Jane Doe American: I read the bill (pdf). All of it.

Officially H.R. 3200, it is the bill known commonly as the Health Care Reform Bill. I know now that it's not merely 1000 pages, but 1017. Only a few hundred pages more than the longest Harry Potter book. This isn't as good a read, but I devoured it just the same.

I know now, for myself, not because I've been told, but because I read it for myself that there is no mention of death panels.

Any citizen - can read the bill. Such is the power of the Internet that I can take the time to read and comprehend the same information available to anyone and everyone. The Internet is the great equalizer of information. It's all out there. All you have to do is connect the dots.

All you have to do is read.

So the Democrats have come up with 1017 pages of proposed health care reform. It left me feeling satisfied and with a few questions. But most of them come from protecting our identities, medical histories and private data. But as to what this administration is attempting to accomplish with health care, it would be a benefit to every American, not just the privileged few - namely those we elect to represent our interests.

I also read the Republicans overly simplistic 4 page rebuttal that they claim is their better plan. Seriously, where did they find the time to write four whole pages between kissing Limbaugh's ass and letting the bullshit of Hannity and Beck fly? If the devil is in the details, then the Republican image is that of angels as they claim that the reform they never bothered to institute and still don't really feel is necessary, but all right, since you're whining about it, here's a plan we slapped together and by the way, if we manage to defeat the Democratic plan, there's no way in hell you're getting any sort reform, but here it is anyhow.

I suppose the Dems will use Ted Kennedy's death as some sort of rallying point - pass health care as a memorial - do what they should have done.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." That the hour of Ted Kennedy's death is convenient to the cause of healthcare, hopefully will not eclipse the true patriot and statesman he was.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FYI Jon Stewart: Obama Wasn't Wrong- You are

Dear John Stewart,

President Obama was not wrong in the way he spoke out on the Gates/ Crowley issue. You, however, were wrong, dead wrong in criticizing President Obama for speaking out. But hey, when was the last time you had to worry about one of your family members being profiled because of the color of their skin? Yeah, you make a big deal out of being Jewish on your show, but darlin, your skin is WHITE. That makes you a white guy. Period.

Oh, and now you're turning on the President in regards to him speaking out on health care. I guess he's not being dictatorish enough for you.

What you all don't seem to understand - and fuck you particularly Jon Stewart because you should know better - we didn't trade a Cheney Dictatorship for and Obama one. We actually have a President now - one who is willing to take a few blows in order to establish the rule of law - not the rule of whoever is willing to take the most pot shots or scream loudest at a public meeting.

You expressed on one of your shows that Bush just "got things done" without asking. That Bush ran roughshod over everyone and everything. And yeah, he screwed things up and put the country in debt, and ruined our credibility with the rest of the planet and killed a few million Iraqis and handed out pardons to his buddies like cotton candy at a state fair, but he got things DONE and damned, can't Obama just get things done like Bush in the name of doing somethign GOOD.

Unfortunately, the answer to that question, as much as we would like it to be yes, is no. Because we would simply be changing a malevolent dictatorship for a benevolent dictatorship. But it would still be a dictatorship and we are Democratic Republic.

And in this Republic, as long as it stands, there seems to be one man who understands that principle whether you or the rest of America does or not.

And that man is Barack Obama.

I read some comments on an article once that said that you simply were off the mark. That you weren't, above all "funny" anymore and that Colbert was stealing your thunder. And this was my response to that person.
As much as I love Colbert - politically, Colbert's the flashy pretty boy you play around with. Stewart is the one you take home to mama and settle down with. There is no eclipse. They both do two entirely different shticks for the same ends. Can't get enough of either one of them.

And without them, the political landscape would be very bleak instead. How quickly we forget the days when their voices seemed to be the only ones expressing their sarcastic dissent and how they dared to challenge the status quo.

I know American[s] are a fickle bunch. But to turn on Colbert and Stewart at this point in the game is just....wrong....and sad...on levels I cannot comprehend. They shouldn't have to be funny to get us to give a damn about our Democratic Republic. It's a damn shame that only their brutally intellectual and stunningly presented dog and pony show may have just saved us all.

If I thought that much of you then, then you can imagine my disappointment now.

It's one thing to criticize Obama. It's another to give the MSM fodder, as if they didn't have enough bullshit and lies to begin with. You, on the other hand, with your "shtick", give those lies and spin credibility.

You are not just turning your back on the President. You are turning your back on all of us who give a damn about how this country really should be work.

Once upon a time, I was ready to say fuck America, let it burn, who cares. But you reminded me that the country and the ideals it was founded on were great. It was the administration of the country that was screwed up.

And you were so right.

This administration also has it RIGHT. For all our sakes, don't abandon it now.

Now is not the time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Racism? What Racism, Part 2

The Temptations said it better than I ever could....

Smiling Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend

Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within

Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes

They don't tell the truth

Smiling faces, smiling faces
Tell lies and I got proof

The truth is in the eyes
Cause the eyes don't lie, amen

Remember a smile is just
A frown turned upside down
My friend let me tell you
Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
They don't tell the truth, uh
Smiling faces, smiling faces
Tell lies and I got proof

Beware, beware of the handshake
That hides the snake
I'm telling you beware
Beware of the pat on the back
It just might hold you back
Jealousy (jealousy)
Misery (misery)
Envy I tell you, you can't see behind smiling faces
Smiling faces sometimes they don't tell the truth
Smiling faces, smiling faces
Tell lies and I got proof
Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
They don't tell the truth
Smiling faces, smiling faces
Tell lies and I got proof
(Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes)
(Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes)

I'm telling you beware, beware of the handshake
That hides the snake
Listen to me now, beware
Beware of that pat on the back
It just might hold you back
Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
They don't tell the truth
Smiling faces, smiling faces
Tell lies and I got proof
Your enemy won't do you no harm
Cause you'll know where he's coming from
Don't let the handshake and the smile fool ya
Take my advice I'm only try' to school yaf

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Racism? What Racism? Part I

NBC. Meredith Vierra, Matt Lauer. ABC. Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts. Whatever conservative robots they have CBS that I refuse to even watch anymore.

They are liars. Liars by omission. That any and all of them can sit there, grin in America's face every morning and not mention the bigotry and racism behind the vitriol that is the Townhall Protest, Birther and Tea Party movements is disgusting. I know they're paid to look pretty and spout whatever they're told - but they sicken me. Every damn morning.

White folks are on a kick right now that is really pissing me off. First, they are openly declaring black folks racist. Yep. Racism has nothing to do with white people anymore. Black folks are racist. It used to just be Minister Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and occasionally Jesse Jackson. But oh no. The cop who arrested Professor Gates - not a racist - but Professor Gates is. Obama for saying the cop acted stupidly - well Obama's a racist. Me - for calling out my coworker on her bigotry - oh, that makes me a racist for reading something into her comments that she never intended.

Rush Limbaugh called new Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor a racist over and over again on his show for her "wise Latina" comment. "Here, we have a racist," he declared. Limbaugh, of all the God-forsaken people and who has, to any sane and rational person, become the poster boy for what is true American bigotry, had the unmitigated call to someone else out for racism? My stomach churns with anger just thinking about it.

We all have seen the playground scenario - A little kid on the playground who shouts out "You're stupid!" and the other kid lamely yells back, "Well yeah? are you! You're stupid too." Simply out-of-hand calling people of color "racists" merely for the crime of pointing out the blatant bigotry of whites is a disgusting and pathetic practice. Beyond childish and shows the dangerously simplistic minds of grown people who should be intelligent enough to know better.

Worse, bandying about the term "racist" and applying it to black people is an attempt to rob all people of color of what that term really means. White oppression, white privilege, discrimination and bigotry are real. They have not gone away and have never been "underground" or "silent" as white people like to claim. That there are still "white" neighborhoods and "black neighborhoods", "white" schools and "black" schools, "white" churches and "black" churches - that we still categorize so much in terms of "black" and "white" is indicative of a larger problem and it's not one that people of color can ignore as it effects their livelihoods. But it's a problem that white people more and more often quickly set aside by labeling black folks who call them out on their narrow-mindedness "racist".

I really have to question the sanity of people who listen to the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Savage, O'Reilly and Coulter. If you watch FOX News and BELIEVE that it's news not propaganda, think again. If you watch shows like the 700 Club and BELIEVE that it's a news show, not propaganda, wake up!

One last note - please do not accuse me of or expect me to apologize for using "white folk" as a general term. I will not. If you're white and the mindset I've described above doesn't apply to you, then obviously, I'm not talking about you. But you need to be aware that the good have to fight as well. Don't stay silent. Fight back. Fight back for the soul of our country.

Monday, June 29, 2009

More than 15 Minutes

The year I was in 7th grade, I was so bad, and my grades were so awful, my mother refused to get me anything for Christmas. And true to her word, I woke up Christmas morning that year and there was nothing for me.

It's a horrible thing to do to a child of any age. My aunt & uncle, who hadn't gotten me a gift since I was a small child, took pity on me and later that afternoon, brought me a gift. They had somehow managed to get me one of the hardest to get gifts that Christmas for anyone anywhere: Michael Jackson's latest album Thriller. I didn't need anything else! When I went back to middle school and kid's posed the inevitable question - "What'dya get?" I could say as casually and offhandedly as possible, "Thriller." And the eye popping response and all the questions and the best words you could hear back in 1984 "Cool beans!" more than made up for not getting anything else.

I remember watching the making of the Thriller video in science class. I remember wearing a single white glove to school anytime I wore my parachute pants with a million zippers and penny loafers with the pennies carefully tucked in. It was the ultimate middle school fashion statement. A sign of the times that everyone got it and no one laughed. I was cool.

To this day I know every single word and note of that album and so many more. There has never been a world for me without Michael Jackson in it. Listening to the ABC album on 8 track. Watching the Jackson 5 cartoon on Saturday mornings. Learning to never blame it on the sunshine or the moonlight or the goodtimes, but to always blame the boogie. Through all his 80's super stardom that saw him injured during the filming of the Pepsi commercial and on into the 90's where, while I was in basic training, the camp stopped for the evening to be allowed to watch Michael put on the best half time show and we saw the entire stadium converted to children of the world holding hands while he sang "Heal the World."

For someone up so high, the only direction left was down. And despite allegations of child molestation and many trials, ill health and financial troubles, Michael Jackson could never quite be dragged down completely into the mire. It is a testament to his talent and humanitarian efforts that these gifts are what he will be remembered for.

The King is dead. Long live the King.

Farah Fawcett - She was pretty. She fought her battle with cancer long and hard and is now at peace.

David Carradine - Damn. Helluva career, messed up way to die - hope he found what he was looking for. Just damn

Ed McMahon - Goodnight funny man.

Billy Mays - His death was a shock to me more than any of the others. Reports of Michael Jackson's ill health had been circulating for months. Farah Fawcett's battle had been widely publicized, Ed McMahaon was just old and Davaid Carradine wasn't exactly known for living easy.

But Billy Mays death, that was startling. He is fondly known around our house as "The Oxy Clean Guy" despite how many other products he went on to promote. Last summer, I wrote a piece called As Seen on TV about his influence on our household that ushered in an era of us buying things for the low, low price of 19.95. And like Michael Jackson, he was only 50 years old. A relatively young man who probably had a lot of infomercial items left to conquer. If Billy was selling, America was buying. He had a face you could trust and an undeniable energy that sent us running to telephones or at least the As Seen on TV aisle at Walgreens.

Billy Mays gave us more than just infomercial gadgets. He brought back that old-fashioned belief in Yankee ingenuity. Along with Ron Popeil he made us believe that the answers to some of life's knackiest little problems could be solved for 19.95 and the rest would be easy.

Monday, June 01, 2009

You'll Bring Honor to Us All

The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Al Franken

It happens every so often. I go through my daily round of life, reading the news online, following the idiocy that is the news cycle of the MSM. Sometimes I have a nagging feeling that there is a piece of business left undone and the question hits me yet again: Has Al Franken won the election yet?

It's June, 2009. Election season has been over. Well, technically it's never over, but really, the song has been sung - it was At Last, sung by Beyonce, engendering Etta James' wrath. The confetti and plastic american flags have long been swept away by winds or garbage men. Obama's 100th day in office has come & gone.

Yet Al Franken remains, even today, on the outskirts as the only Senatorial candidate who it has been determined won his election, yet still remains....well, a candidate.

Here are the facts.
  • The 2008 Senatorial Election in Minnesota had two candidates: incumbent Norman Coleman and his challenger, the popular comedian & political pundit Al Franken.
  • The race was very close - to close to call and at first it seemed Coleman won. But Coleman's margin was so small that by state law Franken was entitled to a recount.
  • Coleman had the audacity to ask Franken to waive his right to a recount and concede the election. Franken said, thanks but no thanks, we'll take the recount.
  • The recount took place, this time including absentee ballots. Franken was determined the winner.
  • The Coleman took Franken to court. There was another recount. Franken was determined the winner. The panel of three judges dismissed Coleman's suit "finding that his claims had no merit".
  • Coleman has appealed to the Minnesota supreme court where it's fairly likely, they stand to lose.
At this point, you would think, that's it and that's all. But much like Dick Cheney refusing to sit down and shut up about ANYTHING lately the Republicans do not know when to quit. Their plan is two fold:
-Keep Franken in court long enough that he runs out of money to fight the legal battle. The Republicans will keep using their corporate & big oil folks to help their guy Coleman

-Keep Franken in court long enough to delay him being seated as long as possible, preferrably well into the next Senate term, so the Democracts, by sheer numbers, will be firmly in charge of the Senate - leaving the Republicans literally token protesters without even the power to fillibuster

So, Al Franken has asked people to donate to his campaign/ recount fund, any amount will do, but if you can, $58 in honor of his recenth 58th birthday For the second time in my life - I actually donated to a political campaign. Last time it was time. This is the first time I've ever donated actual cash.

I've been meaning to for sometime now but somehow I never got around to it. Until I read this headline today: Republicans Ready to Take Franken to Supreme Court.

It's pitiful that the Republican party is sacrificing the representation of the state of Minnesota for their own meager interests. Pitiful that they can never seem to do what is in the best of the American people instead of pursuing their neverending quest for power and continued corruption.

When will it end?

I'm sure Al Franken would like to know.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Excuse me....

Please allow me to interrupt my regularly scheduled rant about white folks (the unenlightened, the bigoted, the hell, you know who I mean....all well meaning, decent acting white folks, this doesn't mean you)....

So, yet again....please allow me to interrupt my regularly scheduled rant about white folks to take a word out and say something about my people.

Why are we, as a group, so pitifully rude? To society in general and particularly to each other.

There is an open computer area where I attend school. Granted it's an open area, but it's still a public area. Many a day I try to sit and study or merely surf the internet but I'm constantly disturbed by people playing music or watching YouTube without headphones. One day a young lady was loudly singing along with the music videos she was watching.

So....I turned up the music and started singing music....Toby Keith, I Ain't as Good as I Once Was....loud and strong. Some other people got the point. They started smiling at each surreptitiously, glad someone had entered the fray. Well she stopped singing...but only as long as it took me to sing my song...then she started up again. Oh and did I mention that between verses of her R&B favorites, we were also treated to a loud conversation about her sex life and her speculation as to whether her next date was a virgin or no?

I finally left her a note.:
Dear Sista,

No one needs to be all in your business like that. You are loud & you are rude. Don't take it personal. Have a nice day.

I signed it with a smiley face = )
But today, I'm back in the open area. And I sit down and the guy next to me is blasting music. So I hand him the unopened pack of headphones I bought day before yesterday as my previous pair met an untimely end by a cycle through both my washer and dryer. He looks at me and my meaning is clear but he hands them back to me.

"I don't want to take your headphones."

"My brother, consider this a gift from me to you."

"I can't take them from you though."

"I would rather give you this gift then allow you to persist in rudeness."

"Well if I was bothering anybody, somebody would have said something."
Seriously? Does the average human being have to be TOLD that we are being rude to understand that our behaviors are rude? Hell no. We ignore the social clues that tell us our behavior is inappropriate and persist in rudeness as if it were our right....and even worse, we dare anyone with our continued rudeness to address us about it.

Well he returned the headphones. And he eventually left.

And I repeated this performance with another young woman about 15 minutes after he left. And Another young man not 15 seconds ago. That young man actually left with the headphones. Maybe he'll use them next time. I can only hope.

It's really not that difficult is it? To be polite. And to speak up when others are infringing on your right to simply be.

The reason I'm addressing this to black folks is because, although I've been at school for at entire year, I have yet to see any white folks of any age do this. Every instance of this has been a black person and NOT just young people - although I would say the majority have been below the age of 25 and definitely just may not get it - or may not have thought it a big deal.

But the people my age and older - obviously old enough to be parents and such, I must ask: Is this the best example we can set?

What every day rudeness do you come across and how do you address it, if at all? I'm afraid I've given up on smokers in doorways - particularly those who stand directly in front of no-smoking signs puffing away like chimneys. Now that's a societal infraction I have found among those of every race, color & creed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Everyday People's not the superstars or the rich and powerful who amaze us. It's the quiet, determined strength of Everyday People - people who refuse to quit, never give up and always, always look for the silver lining.

Meet the Bedgood Family
: Dad Brent, Mom Christie and the kids - Arianna, Poetrie & baby Parker. You cannot fail to be moved by their story and their fight to save Arianna's hearing.

From their blog:
Arriana is a talented, hearing impaired, 15 year old Dance Major with the goal of getting a Cochlear Implant this summer. Our family has just learned that the little hearing she does have, is deteriorating quickly – Ari will become deaf. A Cochlear Implant would give her a second chance... Our hope is to raise funds to help cover our family's out of pocket expenses. Any donation, no matter what the size, makes a difference. Thank you for your support! And, welcome to our journey...
Ye Old Matey has worked with Brent for the past five years. The Bedgoods are a wonderful family and their story is and incredible one of love, caring, support and making the best out of grief and sadness. Please read the blog - and make a donation. It really couldn't happen to a nicer girl.

Monday, April 27, 2009

FOX Network refuses to air the President of the United States

Can't help but start this off with WTF?

OK. And leave it to the mainstream media to completely miscontrue the message. EVERY single article I've read says something along the lines of 'Fox rejects Obama's request for primetime slot'. The link goes to a google search and down the whole PAGE every article title from the New York times to Variety paints the refusal as being from the netowrk to Obama.

NOT a single one of them has dared to even whisper that A. Fox has gone too damn far and B. Fox is not merely rejecting Obama, always mentioned offhandedly as if he was still a candidate not the guy who actually won. Why don't we, cough, call a spade a spade and spit this for what it truly is?

FOX Network is refusing to air a press conference given by the President of the United States.

Unheard of, unprecedented and just plain - disrespectful, anti-American, anti-Fourth Estate, unpatriotic, backwards and racist. Tea Party anyone?

Have you ever heard the term FUD? It's an acronymn that stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. It means that when people in power don't won't you to know the truth they will deliberately spread false messages to make you afraid, make you uncertain and make you doubt that anyone will ever know what the truth really is.

This is the stuff of conspiracy theories but there has been a buzz for weeks now about the clip of this GOP representative stating that Republicans own the Fox Network. Not only do they own it, but he also suggests acquiring ANOTHER network to spread Republican FUD so that their "message" is dissimenated through more than one source.

FOX is determined that any American who listens to their Network (and there are FAR too many - I don't care how much they say they don't - who watch, listen to, digest and worst of all BELIVE what they hear on the FOX Network.

You have to watch the clip to believe me. The quote is as follows:
If I had to recommend one single thing that the Republicans should be thinking of doing to help articulate the message, it is to acquire another television network so that there is not just FOX, but multiple sources of alternative information that will do a much better job than we did in 2008 to keep things honest.

So for now it's only one network (admittedly the most biased and racist propaganda spewing Network) but still - that's not enough. They want more and they want to start by thumbing their noses at anything that remotely resembles our Democratic Republic.

The time is not only for protest - it's for complete and utter revolution. Please refer to my Pimp Slap List - if you need to know who to begin to protest against.

Some issues do not have two valid sides. Sometimes there is a right side and a wrong side. FOX Network is definitively on the wrong side - of the President and the best interests of the American People.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear MSM

Dear Mainstream Media,

More fondly known as the MSM to those of us who have a love/hate relationship with you, at this point I would like to explain something.

Lately, the common buzz is that President Obama is currently feeling the rage of populist anger rising against him due to the American people's frustration at the economic crisis. Take, for instance, this gem of an article found on the Yahoo front page (pictured above, picture link goes to article) with the tag line: The president's TV event tonight is a chance to face growing public anger.

What you, the beloved/behated MSM fail to realize is that "the growing face of public anger" is not directed at President Obama. No, the bulk of their pisstivity is directed squarely at...well, You. And also the greedy bastards that make up Wall Street executives and speculators, but mostly our anger is directed at you, the MSM.

We realize that all media outlets in the US; television stations, radio stations, newspapers, cable providers are owned only by a grand total of 6 people, all rich republicans, with an industry to protect and propaganda to spin. However, those of us who were raised with the ideal of the Media being the Fourth Estate are very angry that you continue to bash President Obama over the head with all of former President Bush's failures.

It's very simple. Free yourselves from your totalitarian masters, stop looking so damn pretty, stop reading from the teleprompter and actually REPORT what the hell is going on and the real state of things.

We know that President Obama didn't insult the Special Olympics. We know that President Obama is not laughing at our misfortunes. We are on to the fact that you pick non-issues like this to focus on because for a man with literally a world of trouble at his feet and for only having been on the job two months he is doing a damn good job.

And he's doing it with you, the MSM, backbiting him at every turn, spreading the GOP message of "Obama's plans won't work" when honestly, NOTHING the GOP tried from War to well...hell anything, worked either. So, let's give the current President more than two months before we write him off as a failure, something the MSM still cannot allow itself to do in regards to former President Bush, despite the fact that the words "miserable failure" came to define his presidency.

The current economic crisis rides squarely on the shoulders of Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, George H. Bush, Sr and finally, George W. Bush for being the patsy that allowed it all to go down on his watch.

Blaming it all on President Obama after a couple of months in his new gig is stupid, we'll not even talk about unfair; but it does smack of the type of shallow reasoning that we would expect those in the national news spotlight NOT to exhibit.

So just know, we're not pissed at President Obama: MSM, we're pissed at you. For the spin, better known as misdirection, half-truths, utter fabrications and outright lies. For knowing that if your lips are moving you're more than likely only giving half the news that even a 30 second soundbite could actually cover. Knowing that I'll know more about the mother who had 8 children at once and that you'll give her the disgustingly hideous and disrespectful name Octomom, reducing her to something less than human - that I'll know more about the type of underwear Bruce's Willis' new Victoria Secret Model Wife wears - than I ever will about why we REALLY went to war, and exactly WHO knew about the economic crisis looming on the forefront and WHY there are people living in tent cities in America in the 21st Century and how on God's green Earth the MSM can possibly pin the 8 years of MASSIVE FAIL that was the George W. Bush administration of this country on the humble and hardworking shoulders of President Barack Obama who is working his ass off to fix the mess they created....

Seriously, MSM, get a clue - and once you do - report about it. Truthfully, honestly, insightfully.

Then maybe you'll realize that the American people aren't angry at Obama or You, but the people who got us into this mess in the first place.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Get on BOARD!

When I'm not posting here at DebLite I'm usually busy posting my opinions on the Internet somewhere. Usually at Huffington Post or at TruthDig.

The other day I'm reading Truthdig and someone basically calls Obama's plan for the economy a wash before it even gets started.

Housing bubbles,hi-tech bubbles—have failed us. Yes, there were highs but also devastating lows. So what else for our economy? Obama’s rule of 3: energy,education, health care. Really, they don’t seem like economy-makers. Nor do the Wall Streeters who click on mice,flip papers and sell illusions through fraud.
And finally this was the comment that got my goat enough to do a bonafide post again. Because it seems to me Obama has a plan. Everyone may not like it, I really don't give a damn. It's a PLAN. Just like for the last 8 years the GOP had a plan. And we worked their plan. And it didn't effing work!

War - which in every other era has actually boosted the American economy - well not this time. The three front war - War In Iraq, War in Afghanistan and War on Terror - has cost us time, money, resources, and countless lives and limbs.

Cutting taxes - hasn't helped a damn thing. Trickle down ecoconmics (fuck you Ronnie Reagan, dead or alive) doesn't help ANYONE. When rich people get tax breaks they do not spread the wealth around. Anymore than the banks who have gotten bail out money are actually distributing that money back into the American economy. They're hoarding it for themselves.

My point of view in response to this guy:

Obama’s Rule of 3 seems like a much better option than throwing money to people who seem determined to waste it. For instance Health care: Health care doesn’t just create a demand for doctors, nurses, health aides- but it also spans to medical supplies, medicines, research and even down to clerical, janitorial, giftshop workers - volunteer opportunities- tell me, when’s the last time you heard of a candy striper in a hospital?

Wall Street and corporate America give us the same answer. Give us the money. We promise, we know best what to do with it. And then they line their own pockets, the pockets of their cronies, redecorate their offices, hop on the corporate jet and continue their champagne lifestyle.

Meanwhile the reality is, CitiGroup is making my family jump through crazy hoops, if they approve us at all, just to add another two grand to a loan I already have w/ them (and have paid down substantially) so I can get a new car to replace a 17 year old car that recently died never to recover. And we need the second car so we don’t overtax the 11 year old NEWER car we have trying to get back and forth to work and other family needs.

Is this fair? Especially considering they were given money from the American people with the mandate - use this money to help the American people.

Well hell, I am the American people. And if you think the banks or [Citi] or anyone is trying to give John & Jane Doe money for housing, transportation, food, I’m talking BASIC needs here folks - you’ve got another think coming.

Wall Street is a bottomless pit. Help the people who really need the jobs and who REALLY make the economy work. As far as I can see, Obama’s plan to create jobs by solving problems we already have is the best of both worlds if people just get over the fact that yes, damnit, he’s black already! His plan is the awesome and it’s the best we’ve got. WORK WITH HIM, not against him as the GOP is determined to do.

If you haven't already, get on the Obama train. Or you can choose the GOP route. Work against him and work against the best interest of the entire country just cuz the President is black and a Democrat.

What the hell sense does that make?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

People I Need to Pimp Slap

I Know You Got Soul

It's been a long time I shouldn't have left you
Without a strong rhyme to step to
Think of how many weak shows you slept through
Time's up I'm
Sorry I kept you
-Erik B & Rakim

Mr. Miagi told Daniel-san: When life is out of focus return to basic principle of life: breathing.

For me, hip hop is the breath of life. Hip hop describes so much in such a succinct and fluid blend of meausured poetry and prose, that to immerse oneself into true hip hop is to begin to breath. Treble, bass, flow...ahhhhhh.

I have been angry. So angry that I could not speak. And it seems that once again, as my generation has done for the past two decades, I must turn to hip hop to express the unexpressable, to give voice to what can only be described as sheer, complete and entire rage.

Of course this song does not express that. It's merely my way of saying sorry I've been gone for a bit, I've been focusing on school and simply to pissed off at the way the GOP is dominating the media discourse to speak coherently.

But I'm back and soon should have something of substance to add to the current discourse. But in keeping with my newfound pisstivity, I leave you with a list of people I would gladly slap with my pimp hand down five strong and just as gladly bear the assault charge for. They all deserve it. Every last one.

Rush Limbaugh
Sean Hannity
Ann Coulter
Karl Rove
Dick Cheney
Bush Sr.
Bush Jr.
Bill O’Reilly
Anybody that works for Fox News
Tom Delay (that's for you Jo, I got yo' back girl)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome President Obama

Well, well, well. I was wondering when it was going to happen. I knew it would, couldn't wait for it and now it has and....

Boy howdy it feels good.

Nah, not Barack being elected President. It was enough black people standing in line day after day during election week in my hometown alone that I felt fairly certain. I had the same lingering doubts of black folks everywhere: That maybe "it" could never happen and that even if he got the votes there would be some trickery. And all the way up to the inaugural with the whole "is he an American citizen" bullshit and a host of other challenges that we probably never heard about, black folks and any folks who voted for Obama were holding their collective breath until Jan 20. And they breathed a sigh of relief only to hold it in again as Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed the swearing in and finally, everyone was able to breathe out a second great sigh of relief when we found out they did it again the next day JUST to be on the safe side. Problem solved. Oh, and they probably will take the advice I heard on the Tom Joiner Morning show from a black Harvard educated lawyer saying that anything Obama signed before the second swearing in should be signed AGAIN.

New ground, it's a black guy - hell half of America doesn't believe Black folks are citizens or still believe we are some sort of hybrid second class citizen with nearly the same full rights of white people as defined by white people.

So when most breathed that collective sigh of relief I didn't. Because I KNEW that Obama was going to come against that attitude in the Senate. I know it's expected from the GOP but don't think there aren't some Dems who won't unconsciously take that attitude as well.

Yes Obama's the President. But he's a BLACK President. Kind of like when black people move into a white neighborhood and somehow that neighborhood just doesn't seem as desirable as it did 10 seconds before the UHaul showed up instead of the Mayflower Van.

I knew that the GOP would be expected to be given all the due deference of their collected generations of whitness. And after they recently laid out their grievences with Obama's plans about the economy, Gitmo and well, hell, just about everything the hell else, Obama put paid to that notion with two words:

I won.

I read that and yelled HELL YEAH, YEE HAW like a redneck white boy at a monster truck rally. Or hell, me at a monster truck rally. At any rate, you know what I mean. Obama, excuse me, I mean President Obama is now and has definitively set the tone of his administration from Day 3 and is truly the HNIC.

If you don't know what that means, get some black friends, really, you're long over due. My translation is simply this: Black or not, President Obama is truly the President and won't be letting the GOP smack talk him into false subservience. He has the swagger (that vaunted "arrogance" the media kept trippin over") to pull this off and get shit done.

I think I'm finally in Obama love - a love I haven't felt since my fourth grade crush on Jimmy Carter. Yeah, say something. I dare you. But yeah, if this is what the next four years will be like it - Bring It On.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye Bushies - Let the Doorknob Hitcha...!

Bush got booed today.

CNN - Sycophants to the last, edited the booes out of their live mix - how the hell they did that I can only say thanks to the advent of digital television - we're going to be getting a lot of live editing - a few seconds delay will mean a LOT.

The clip I saw on YouTube (I'll add it later, being lazy today) - I guess the poor commentators had to say it, but they were lamenting over the booing. Oh, poor taste, bad form, I'm sorry to hear that. Oh, they shouldn't do that.

Which just goes to show how far we've come from America - Home of the Free to America, Home of the PC. I'll watch any number of racist pricks on Jerry Springer in full Klan regalia taking advantage of their First Amendment rights and being decidedly un-PC in exchange for the continued right to boo or jeer at ANY public official responsible for the mess George Bush and Co. have left us in.

Not to mention how he leaves is how he came in. How quickly we forget that people were booing back in 2001 when he jacked the presidency in the first place AND throwing eggs and rotten tomatoes at his motorcade. He didn't get to make the walk to the White House that year. It's only out of respect for Obama that most people stuck to booing and singing that Bush was out of the Oval Office. You gotta love the black folks singing "Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!" Brave souls every one of 'em and God Bless 'em.

I know - take the high road, turn the other cheek. Whateva. Georgie and Laura, George Sr. and Dick Cheney, Rummy and Rovey, Ricey and Wolfowitzy - get the F out. You ain't gotta go to Crawford but you got to get the hell out the White House. Let the doorknob hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha - hit the road jack and don'tcha come back no more, no more, no more, no more...

Yes, Dear God, I'm bitter, about the past 8 years. It's gonna take 8 years of Obama minimally pissing me off (still can't forget FISA) to get the sour taste of our broken Republic out of my mouth.

I'll do my semi-fan-girl welcome of the Obama's tomorrow. But today. I'll just heave a sigh of relief that the Bush years - hopefully and thankfully- are OVER.

George is going, going GONE!

Slip out the back Jack
Make a new plan Stan
You don't need to be coy Roy
Just listen to me
Hop on the bus Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Just drop off the key Lee
And get yourself free!

Friday, January 02, 2009


"Well, that was life. Gladness and pain. . . hope and fear . . . and change. Always change! You could not help it. You had to let the old go and take the new to your heart . . . learn to love IT and then let IT go in turn. Spring, lovely as it was, must yield to summer and summer lose itself in autumn. The birth . . . the bridal . . . the death. . . ."
- L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Ingleside

When I went back to school last June, I really thought I wanted to be a Web Designer. I took up the Multimedia and Web Design course wholeheartedly only to realize three terms later that I can think of nothing more boring than designing and coding websites all day. However after four years of blogging, I realize that I do like to write so I may just be changing my major to Professional and Technical Communications. Sounds more along my lines and still has to do with Multimedia.

My daughter just completed her junior debutante year, and it was brought home to me that the minute her junior cotillion ended, she became a senior debutante, despite still being a junior in high school. But the future, it seems, is now and I must begin planning NOW for her cotillion in December. Some changes take place in the blink of an eye and that is one I should have been prepared for and decidedly was not.

Barack Obama built his entire road to the White House on a platform of change. Many naysayers doubt that he can or really wants to change anything - noting his cabinet picks, his speeches, his budding policies and the actions of his transition team. However the man has yet to move so much as tie clip into the White House yet so at this point all any of us can do is speculate. I'm willing to believe, much as Sam Cooke did, that A Change Gone Come.

And poor George W. Barely president for the past eight years, he is spending his final days of sevitude meting out the evil wishes of George Sr. and Dick Cheney - ensuring that Obama spends his initial days in the White House working to undo the last bits of treachery the Bush/ Cheney cabal can render during the waning days of the Bush Presidency. It's as if they thought they would be allowed to stay forever. And now that it is evident that any remnants of the Bush administration and family have long outstayed their welcome, it seems they cannot let go of their White House dream. But it's over folks. The change we've all been waiting for is here and dear God, let it go Bushies, let it go!

19 days and counting - and Obama will be sworn in.

Thank God for Change.