Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So, what am I thinking about...

Karl Rove...George Bush is a lying pile of crap. He promised he would fire whoever had to do with outing Valerie Plame. Lying pile of crap the both of them.

William Bennett...god what a loser. Why doesn't he just apologize already and quit trying to clean it up. He fucked up. And Phil Heimlich is an ass for supporting him. Around these parts (Cincinnati) Phil will be remembered as the man who stood behind Bennett wanting to come to UC after Bennett made his shameful ass comments.

Harriet Myers...another Bush fuck up who'll probably get on the damned Supreme Court of the United Friggin States just because she was his personal lawyer. Why do I bother living in this damned country sometimes?

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina...damn, just damn

The Baby that will never be....
In August, I went to the hospital in crazy mad pain. I found out I was pregnant. Half an hour later I found out the baby was trapped in a falopian tube so there would be no baby because they'd have to remove the tube and the baby. I went to sleep, had some surgery (I guess that's what they did because I was asleep) and woke up less one left fallopian tube and no longer pregnant.

Earlier this year my dad died and I got fired from my job of two years (more about that another day). There's this chapter in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book (The First Four Years) called "A Year of Grace" where her only born son dies, they lose their crop and the house burns down. I feel like this has been my year of grace.

I know my house hasn't burned down but I'm moving back in with my mother ("I" means my 13 year old daughter and this guy I've been living with but no I have not yet married him and I never might for the past 8 years and if you do the math, no he's not my kid's father (he lives in Chicago) ). My mother has MS, we just lost my dad and she thought I was might to die. She asked me to move back in with her. I couldn't tell her no.

Microsoft...is this the beginning of the end of the Evil Empire? Are they really evil or just plain greedy and not so stupid. If this end of Microsoft's reign is it Year One for Google. One day we'll quite using B.C. and A.D. and start using B.M.$. and A.G.

Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy...I wish they had a hot black chick on the show but at least Alfre Woodard can ACT which is more than I can say for all the rest of them except Brie and the girl who play's Terri Hatcher's daughter. And why doesn't that pretty girl tell that guy she's pregnant? Ah well.

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