Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Power of the Pen (or the keyboard as the case may be).


I really pissed someone off. I didn't think my own comments on another blog would piss someone off so badly that they would actually track back through my name link and post the following comment on my blog. But I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Check out the following:

hey dumb bitch,
great blog!
maybe you should not watch the j.r. show. nor read "her" blog.

focus on both of your shitty own blogs.

we don't give a damn about your lengthy opinions on blogs everywhere concerning "jr".

The "JR" in the post refers to someone called Joy Rolland, whom I've never met, spoken with, or as of yet, had a chance to watch her access cable show. But I made some comments in response to someone else's comments about her, none of which I will link to because it's just goofy that a perfect stranger would go to such lengths.

Although the comment was written in the third person, I'm fairly certain it was done by JR herself. I thought about erasing the comments, but I think I'll leave them up for posterity as evidence of the day that I pissed off a crazy person and led them to my blog. May others more sane follow.

Color me amused rather than insulted. And I don't think she really cares, but I actually appreciate the fact that she left the comments on my personal blog (since it was a personal insult) rather than my LSN blog which I regard as a tad more serious. However, neither blog is really ready for the world. I'm just beginning.

So thanks Joy. For making me realize that my words are important and effective (even it wasn't the response I expected). That even if only a crazy person reads them, I put it out there and maybe this blogging thing is worth the trouble.

And I think to myself...what a wonderful world.

Oh yeah.


  1. hey dumb bitch. puzzled and "amused" that you would respond to someone who is so "crazy." you have no life nor any readers at your blog.

    you rock. i wanna be just like you, "deb."

  2. I'm puzzled and amused why you would spend so much time reading a blog that no one reads just so you can insult me.

    At least I'm open for opinions, which you aren't. Talk about no life. You simply avoid the issue by not accepting comments. Why does my one opinion bother you if so many people are reading what you say? And why post as anonymous? Be proud of who you are, what you say and put your own stamp on it. Why hide like a coward?

    My blog is new. Hope springs eternal. If you build it, they will come. Your response to all of this is just as tired as those cliches. Get a life, work on your own thang.

    Trust me. You can post all the insults you want. I really don't care. You're just one person and since you obviously don't have anything constructive or otherwise to contribute, your opinion really doesn't matter.

    P.S. Could you please come up with something more original than "dumb bitch"? How about "supercalifragilistic ho" or "uninspired idiotic heiffer"? If you're going to be insulting as least be original with your shit.

    *giggle* Supercalifragilistic ho. That shit is funny. : )

  3. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL That was funny as hell deborah girl.That nutcase deserved a good ol' fashioned intellectual ass spanking.

  4. Deborah, if you get the chance, "Kizzy" will be on Channel 24 (cable) next Thurs. 12/29 at 7PM. You didn't miss anything exciting this evening. She trashed the Mosque incident, went on her rant about Kabaka & the Junebug boys, Nate having a white child with a white woman, made racial & heritage slurs about the Judge on the bus incident with the juvies, flopped her gazzooms on the table (this is a scream to watch her squeeze her arms to her boobs so they pooch up. It is really a scream!) Oh, and she was wearing her real hair tonight! Then she got some loonies who called in with some sexual comments.

    If you can get past the racist crap & the psycho-babble, this show is really a laugh. Forget about trying to get through to Norwood Community TV. You'll get stuck in voice mail hell. "Kizzie" doesn't think she's in violation of the FCC, but I've got a news bulletin for her.

    Take "Kizzie" for what she is & what she's worth & laugh it off. But seriously, if you have time next week, take a break from the holiday fiasco & treat yourself to a laugh. This is comedy TV.


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