Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dear God...

Regardless of words said, not said and misunderstood.

Joy Rolland and Kabaka Oba, you are in my prayers at this moment.

May the Hand of the Lord guide you both through this dark hour. May everything turn out all right.


  1. The shooter is Howard Beatty, Junebug cronie. Dale Mallory has lond incestuous ties with both of these thugs. See
    for details.

  2. he's dead because of joy rolland

  3. I just now accidentally ran across your original entry surrounding this tragic event: thank you, for being a decent human being.

    --joy rolland-oba

  4. Number 1: Kabaka Oba used Joy Rolland's mouth as a place to relieve himself. He said that himself.

    Number 2: Kabaka Oba was NEVER married to Joy Rolland. Had he lived he would've NEVER married that crazy tramp. She needs to stop using Oba's last name. IMMEDIATELY!

    Number 3: What the hell does a person like Joy Rolland know about what makes a person a "decent human being"? Having NEVER been a decent person herself.

    Number 4: I agree. My brother Kabaka is dead because of Joy Rolland. She will pay for what she did. Our memory is long.

    Number 5: Joy Rolland listen up! Oba's family members want your head on a silver platter! Jail is the safest place for you. May you forever rot in hell for your roll in Oba's death.

    Deborah, you ae a decent person. Don't defile your blog with the likes of Joy Rolland!

  5. Dearest Sister Rebekkah,

    Please the time I wrote the original post, your brother was still alive. Injured, but alive. When I wrote this my only prayer was that he would recover.

    Joy had, at the time, previously posted negative comments to this blog and about me personally. However when there is a tragic event such as someone being shot, it is not my nature to quibble over past slights. I was simply offering condolence.

    The posts above were written two years ago. Much has been revealed since then regarding the events surrounding your brother's death.

    And I offer to you now, what I would have offered to you then, my deepest condolences for your loss.

  6. Deborah I understand. Perhaps I let my rage & fury at Joy Rolland and the evil she had done & the destruction & pain she has caused resurface and placed it where I saw it right here on your blog. It has been 2 years since you wrote the post and she placed the comment however it was the first time I saw it. Yes a lot of things have been revealed since that time things we knew but the public didn't. Oba is not totally blameless for what happened to him yet he was the one killed and Joy lives another day to keep doing evil toward my sister that's why she's in jail today. Allah is the judge of all and he will reek his vengence on that evil Jezebel. Thank you for your condolences.


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