Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Case of the Missing Blog Posts

I have learned certain truths about blogging this week.

The one week you declare you will begin posting every day is the week you can't.

You will start at least a dozen different blog post and be able to finish none of them leaving them languishing in your drafts box.

Murphy's law applies especially to bloggers who plan to blog every day.

That being said, here's what happened:

Sunday - I spent a lazy day finishing the last blog post. I didn't realize blogger dates from the date you saved the draft instead of the date is was actually posted, so it says I finished that post on Thursday instead of Sunday, which is not true. At any rate on Sunday my full intention was to blog every day from now until eternity.

Monday - I get a call at work from Ye Old Matey saying mom was very ill and could not get out of bed by herself (Note to Self - mom needs a med alert bracelet). Mind you she had worked two days the week before and driven herself and Arabella to church on Sunday so there was no warning that he legs would just decide to stop working. MS is a bitch and the bad days are a hellish experience at best. I was stuck at work with no reprieve so Ye Old Matey was the one to comfort and help my mom and hold down the fort until I could get home. I missed the town meeting and another rally for some worthy cause or other in a flurry of grocery shopping and tending the home fires.

Tuesday - I get a call at work on my cell from Arabella reminding me that she has an awards banquet that night at 7. Mind you I had planned to work until at least 8 (scratch that plan). Although sitting through a two-hour high school awards ceremony is on my list of fun things I usually avoid like getting a root canal, I'm glad I went. Arabella got an award for "Best Overall Performance" for her portrayal of Veruca Salt in her school's winter production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. It's especially nice because it's an award that is usually given to graduating seniors as a preference and she's only in the eighth grade. It's also her high school's equivalent of Best Actress Tony, Emmy, Oscar and Golden Globe award all rolled up into one because you have to be nominated by the other actors, tech crew, students and the teachers in the Arts Department. She was over the moon because the most she hoped for was a repeat of last year's "Outstanding Underclassman."

Wednesday - I get a call at work (do you see a pattern here?) from the school counselor saying that Arabella is doing great in all of her classes except English. If she does not turn in her end of year project she will fail the class. If she turns in her end of year project and does well, she may get a C. After a call to Arabella's cell I find out that I had been right in my sneaking suspicion that she was sluffing off a little on her schoolwork. She has a an "A" in Science, a "B" in Algebra and Social Studies and everything else because she's been pushing hard in those subjects and skiving off her English assignments.

Her reasoning, explained to me with the annoying sigh of teenagers everywhere: She can speak English articulately, she's read all the materials, she just didn't get around to doing a lot of the work trying to keep up with everything else (Piano, Clarinet, Drama, Church Choir and Bible Study and homework for harder classes). The fact that she can hardly move a finger in this class and still have a C means she must have learned something. I'll just have to take her word that he grade does not reflect her knowledge.

I gave my own sigh. The sigh of mother's everywhere with impossible teens and instead of going ballistic (it's not a PMS week, she got lucky) I decided to help. I find out that the last major project she was supposed to do was actually completed but still in her locker (WHY DO KIDS DO THAT??!!). She finished it two days late and never asked the teacher if she could still turn it in. I'm having a conference with her teacher today and my goal is try and convince her teacher to let her turn it in at this late date (I know, I know, but I have to try) and we're working furiously together for her Friday presentation (no I'm not doing it for her, just giving typing and shopping support).

On top of the mini-drama at home, there's always work which entails a laundry list of details that I will not go into. And in the middle of all this, I suddenly had one of those weird freaks of personality that embarked me on another project that I needed like a hole in the head.

I, who have never so much as kept a houseplant alive and haven't planted a thing since my kindergarten sweet potato in a jar, decided that the best thing I could do to help my mom feel better was to dip into the grocery money, purchase some flora in the way of annuals and plant them out front.

It should have been a disaster but the project turned out much better than I could have imagined. After two days cooped up indoors, the weather was perfect and Mom, feeling better now, zipped outside in her Hoveround chair to supervise the project. She's been training Arabella to pull weeds for years and it paid off as she accomplished that chore in record time. I watered, dug, planted then watered some more and now we have a nice little showing of Petunias, Dusty Miller, Daisies and two plants I can't remember the name of. I won't be plowing the back forty any time soon but I did a good enough job that Mom is now planning a small patch of tomatoes and cucumbers. She may just make a gardener out of me yet.

Except for the dirt and the bugs, it was pretty cool. The project did actually cheer up my mom and it made a nice little segue into working on Arabella's school project. Having cooperated nicely on project one, and the fact that she really needs my help, she was more than willing to have my help on her homework..

So that's why I haven't blogged for four days. But I'll empty out my drafts folder soon, remembering to cut, copy paste so at least the dates will be updated, and you can see what else has been going on the past few days as if all that wasn't enough to be going on with.

Sometimes I don't know how I keep up with my life.

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  1. My 8th grader shoves completed work in his locker too. It must be so darn difficult to actually carry it to class and turn it in.


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