Friday, June 23, 2006

Vote out all Incumbents.

The Bloodshed & Collateral Damage
9/11 - before, during, and after
Abu Graib
Emedded Reporters

The Photo Ops
My Pet Goat
Mission Accomplished
Hurricane Katrina
Clearing Brush on the Ranch
The Thanksgiving Turkey
Back in Iraq

War on American Citizens
Patriot Act
Homeland Security
Secret Wiretapping
Sneak and Peek Searches
Free Speech Zones
Terror Alerts
Two Tiered Internet Bill

Political Cannon Fodder
Media Compliance and Suppression
Downing Street Memo
Wilson - Plamegate
Women's Rights
Religious Right
Gay Marriage
Stephen Colbert

And last but not least

The lies. The god awful lies.

The reasons for the war.
Shock and awe
They'll Greet us with Flowers
No or few civillian casualties
WMD Threat
Saddam must be removed
We must establish democracy
This has nothing to do with oil and everything to do with freedom.

The Republicans lie and the Democrats bide their time and meanwhile trying to figure out why they can never lie as well as the Republicans.

I'm sick of them all.

Vote them all out.


  1. What about the Charterites?

    -Chris Bortz

  2. It takes organization to make a vote out incumbents mission a reality.

    Such an organization now exists in the FEC registered non-profit, all partisan all volunteer organization known as Vote Out Incumbents Democracy, at

    It takes money, organization, and volunteers will give more than just their vote to return our government to the people and return politicians to their designated task, solving America's problems. Support the cause, or kiss it good-bye as a great idea which never grew.


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