Saturday, July 29, 2006

Been a Hell of a Summer

When I last left you, Kim Jong Il was happily testing missles over the sea. We don't hear much about North Korea these days, expescially since Hezbollah and Israel seem intent on bombing the hell out of each other; waxing on and on at length about who's right and who's wrong while patently ignoring the suffering they are inflicting on the people within their borders.

The other "world leaders" sit back and in public wag their heads sadly over the "misfortunes" of the people who cringe while bombs fly overhead and in the meantime, keep meeting to see if they can all get on the same page and if it's safe to finally chuck the US and their ever-loving support in our game of whatever Israel wants, Israel gets.

I really don't know who's at fault and I really don't much care. OK, Israel pissed off Hezbollah who captured two soldiers so Israel bombed them and Hezbollah keeps firing back and on and on and damnit there are innocent people dying but that's not a good enough reason for these folks to get their shit together.

On the homefront, in the past few weeks, I've spent arranging the busy part of Arabella's summer. She went from spending lazy days reading and hanging at the pool and doing a few chores at home to theater camp, then pre-band camp and theater camp, then to away band camp, and she turned 14. She also came back from band camp with a crush on a the scrawniest, homliest looking boy you ever wanted to see. I thought it was a one-way kind of thing but he's called a lot and been camped practically on our doorstep every day.

I must get rid of this kid before school starts. That's what I keep telling myself, but he's just so god-awful nice and he's skipped a grade so he's a braniac math geek with big brown eyes and I may just keep him around as Arabella barely scraped a B in Algebra last year. She has her reasons, I have mine. Besides, if they're around here all the time, I can keep an eye on them.

Did I mention she's starting high school this year? I can barely breath. It's all so terribly grown up an childish all at once.

Is it just me but is anyone else worried about the lack of civil liberties, the looming police state, the possible collapse of the American dollar and how to turn their own children into decent people?

I'm sorry that there's been so little segue between my homelife and world events but that's how my entire summer has been. Trying to keep my focus on local and world events but also trying to keep tabs on my family and homelife. Every day I've thought of something spectactular to blog about and the next minute the last idea is crushed in the breaking of new events (the Seattle shootings) and the latest on Hezbollah and Israel. My mother may actually live long enough get the benefit of a new miracle cure for MS and beat this horrifying disease yet. My daughter came back from camp with what looks like her first boyfriend, I quit my job because they were just too bitchy and did I mention that we had a pregnancy scare this month and I'm just not ready to repeat last year's tragedy?

By the bye, it seems the easiest way to get foreign currency is to buy travelers checques in the currency you desire. Right now I'm thinking Euros, Yen, and Canadian dollars.

Wake up folks. Our government is about to take us on a hell of a ride.

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