Friday, August 18, 2006

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor Rocks!

"No More King, Part II"

It takes a woman all powdered and pink
To joyously clean out the drain in the sink
And it takes an angel with long golden lashes
And soft dresden fingers
For dumping the ashes

Yes it takes a woman
A dainty woman
A sweetheart, a mistress, a wife
O yes it takes a woman
A fragile woman
To bring you the sweet things in life

Except instead of the pale, pink lady described above, picture a strong and wise, brown and beautiful, intelligent African American woman of a youthful 73 (Cheney & Bush's worst nightmare, Condoleeza notwithstanding, and as long as she continues to relentlessly toe the party line).

Either way, it definitely takes a woman to bring us the sweet things in new hope for liberty and a shot at getting our Democratic Republic back instead of the Gothardite Envangelical Conservative Land we've been living in since September 11, 2001.

Well, The Dixie Chicks, Rev. Joseph Lowery, Cindy Sheehan, and Stephen Colbert can all take a bow. They're a few of the people who have been quitte willing to tell George Bush for a while now that he's getting entirely to big for his diminutive, executive britches and it seems as though they are right on the mark.

By now everybody and their grandmama should know that U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor has pointedly and strongly ruled that in her judicial opinion (where it actually counts folks) the wiretapping that King George said he could do anytime he wanted was actually illegal, unconstitutional and should be stopped per her injunction. Of course we knew the President didn't have the right to spy on us ad infinitum but it sure is nice to have a bona fide judge back us up.

Of course the Republicans are already howling and their bigotry is all but showing. They're crying foul saying Judge Diggs is an activist judge and a "terrorist sympathiser" who "just doesn't get it". They've explained in 100 different ways why the president can do what he wants, when he wants, inside and outside the law and they're really tired of explaining it but they're going to appeal the decision anyhow and maybe some friendly Republicans up the judicial appeals chain may see things their way. Of course there's no need stop the wiretapping program, judicial injunction or no. No uppity Black woman who's a terrorist sympathiser to boot is going to tell them what to do. Judge Diggs can just take her judicial robes and go home because her opinion doesn't really matter. She's not a white guy anyway.

Don't get me wrong but this whole appeal thing (and the Bush Administrations attitude of "we can do no wrong") makes me so mad. I know, I know, it's all a part of the process but it seems that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals is chock full of Republicans who will do nothing but overturn this. Not to mention, by the time this thing makes it through the courts Bush could be out of office and I'd really like to see the dictatorial midget and his minions tossed out on their ear long before that.

I'm talking the big "I" word. Yep, Impeachment, baby. And not just Bush. If he goes, we cannot afford to have to Cheney take his place. Cheney and a few others down the line of succession need to go as well. I don't even know if that's possible, but Dick Cheney and Karl Rove running this country together is a match made in hell if I ever saw one.

Well, if Impeachment doesn't work there's always the R word. Yep, I'm talking Revolution, baby.

1776 was over less and I say it's long past due. Too bad most Americans have been talked out of owning firearms because of the myth that "you'll more than likely shoot a family member, someone you know, or yourself than an intruder" which is a bunch of crap.

We don't have a constitutional right to own firearms. We have a constitutional DUTY to own firearms. There's a big difference and we need to learn that difference, head down to the nearest firing range and police classes for firearms safety and then we need to stock up. We need to quit glorifying gun culture and stop giving our kids guns for toys. We need to slap the piss out of the next rapper wearing any kind of blinged out gun at the end of a gold chain (which is a little last Thursday but I swear I saw it in a video this morning as I passed MTV).

We need to remember that the constitution gives us the right to not just vote but to openly protest our government. Despite what we've been told since 2000, dissent does not mean you're with the terrorists; dissent is the citizen version of tough love for our public servants and we need to remind them that just because they're from our hometowns and we like them and all and they have shiny smiles and kids and puppies and kittens on a campaign poster doesn't mean they won't get booted out of office and have to pay the piper if they should betray our trust.

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor has reminded us that we do not have a Constitution that can be circumvented at will and that not one of us, including our President, is above or beyond its sacred guidelines.

If you would like to read Judge Anna Diggs Taylor's decision click here to download the PDF file (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it). It's a bit long and what you'd expect a legal decision to be. But it's in plain English, it's worth reading and like the Constitution it upholds, it's the stuff that dreams are made of.

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