Saturday, February 03, 2007

Harry Potter and the Major Decision

I don't mention it often but I have a deep and abiding love for Harry Potter. It's not the obsession it used to be, but I still really enjoy the books and the fandom.

In case you missed it (I don't see how, but lets just say) the seventh and final Harry Potter book will be released on July 21, 2007. As we speak, the book is finished and is being edited for final printing. The Wizarding World's fate is sealed on the shoulders of one fictional young man and I can't wait to see what happens.

There is a Harry Potter conference for fans called Sectus which will be in London in July. With the announcement of the book release date came the realization that the book will be released smack in the middle of the conference. So the world's biggest conference for Potter fans is also about to be the world's biggest release party.

Now for the Major Decision.

Ye Old Matey does not have the interest in Potter that I do. He plays the video games but he's not interested in a Potter conference. My daughter likes Potter a lot, but is still not as obsessed as I am. I also found out that the conference may be for adults only and though she'll be 15 then, she may be three years shy of being able to attend. I've emailed the Sectus staff for clarification but she may not be able to go due to age. If neither of them want to go, or if Arabella can't go, should I be selfish (and brave enough) to attend Sectus alone?

Mind you, a trip to London just doesn't happen every day in our family. It's going to be a major thing. It's scary to think I could leave them behind and I have all these mom emotions about doing so. Yet and still, I REALLY want to do this.

Still I don't know if I could go to London alone, knowing I left my family alone on the trip of a lifetime.

Your comments and opinions are REALLY wanted on this one. Fire away. In other words...

H E L P ! !

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  1. If it's that important to you then hopefully your family knows and understands. Grab a good friend... and go. Have a really good time and come back refreshed, energized, and really happy to see your matey and kids!

    AND... make sure you bring everyone a present. A *really* nice one! ;)


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