Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our Government as the Harry Potter story

Cheney/ Voldemort
Will lie, cheat, kill and steal for all power and immortality. Never had a friend although everyone claims to be his one and only BFF. Has as many Horcruxes as their are articles in the Patriot Act and you can bet he murdered a principal of our Democratic Republic to create each one. In short: Evil Incarnate.

Bush, Sr./ Lucious Malfoy
Voldemort/ Cheney's most loyal supporter until his own son started listening to the Dark Lord more than following his own advice. Now trapped in a prison of his own making and hoping for the day, if he ever, he can bring his son back to the lighter portion of the Dark Side.

Bush, Jr./ Draco Malfoy
A little clueless yet more than willing to make his papa proud by talking up the Dark Lord. However when the Dark Lord called, Jr. understood that he must answer. Sadly, even papa was frightened by just how far Jr. would go in service to Voldemort/ Cheney.

Karl Rove/ Belatrix Lestrange
A bitchy fem version of the Dark Lord: just as evil and deadly without the charm or the #1 spot and quite willing to be #2. The plotter, the planner, and by far the most loyal - will never realize that no matter how hard she tries, she will always be too soft for the Dark Lord and can never be the friend to the Dark Lord she believes herself to be. The Dark Lord has no friends and never will.

Ashcroft/ Snape
In light of recent evidence, the jury is out on Ashcroft. Just when we thought his attraction to the Dark Arts had overwhelmed him to the point of resignation, we find that all along it may only have been the starch in his epiduraled spine that has left us with a shred of our Democratic Republic intact. The question, "Ashcroft - Friend or Foe?" becomes the question of 2007.

Gonzales/ Peter Pettigrew
Ah, the little weasel. Our Executive Branch has long been under Voldemort/ Cheney's dark influence. Our Legistlative Branch like so many Cornelius Fudges and other Ministry of Magic notables argue and debate and keep up appearances. We put up with Gonzales because he was always underfoot and kept up a decent enough appearance that our Judiciary was still free of Dark Magic. However when things got hot, he showed is plainly that his loyalty was and always had been with the Dark Lord. He has claimed to the bitter end that a cross between a bad Memory Charm and the Imperius curse led to "all those U.S. attorney's being fired"

Mainstream Media/ Rita Skeeter
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. And half-truths and deceptions and coverups and whatever Paris Hilton is doing. However, MSM, it's not what you say, it's what you don't that let's us know where the true stories are and who is lining your pockets. Remember the Stephen Colbert Blackout? How smoothly you slid back into Bush photo ops after Katrina? Mission Accomplished? The Thanksgiving Turkey? Bush's Twin? Same two guys in robes and turbans, standing in the back of lone pickup in the middle of the Iraqui dessert waving ak-47's and screaming, "Death to America." Are they the same two guys? Don't they have anything else to say? What about the college students, and families and refugees and what the hell is REALLY happening in the Green Zone that is fortified with 10 walls, a checkpoint at each wall and why shouldn't we believe that that they weren't aiming at Cheney and at Blair? If it was close but no cigar isn't it reasonable that they were targets.

Ah, just keep lying. It's more fun to get the truth from the internet anyway.

Dumbledore's Army = Bloggers, War Protesters, Impeachment Protestors, Cindy Sheehan, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert
Those who have constantly and consistently protested the American war of aggression and the subsequent occupation. Those who have blogged and picketed and marched. Those who have manned Camp Casey and kept the faith with Cindy Sheehan. Those who have refused to believe for one instant that this war was ever the right path. Those who responded to 9/11 by buying books about Islam and getting better internet access - not just to keep up with the news, but to get online and join the global dialog and try to understand our world neighbors better. Those who have refused to swallow the Bush Administration lies hook, line and sinker and continue to fight, hope and work for a better tomorrow.

If you're not watching Stewart and Colbert, you should be. If you're not reading Truth Dig and TPM Muckraker every day, you should be. If you haven't yet done one thing to protest the war - write a letter and or make a phone call to our senators and congresspeople; start a blog, write a friend, put on a button or bumper sticker- what are you waiting for? Join Dumbledore's Army today and help stop this war and get our Republic back.

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  1. Interesting, but Colbert has never made his true political views known.


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