Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More Correspondence

From: "mitch painter"

To: "'Deborah'"

Subject: greenland keys


I need to get the keys back from you by tommorow for Greenland, both doors and mailbox keys. I'm sorry that your upset with me as I never meant to hurt you.

If I do not receive the keys to the units and mailboxes I will have no other choice but to file suit of $25,000 for loss rents, as well as file criminal theft and harrasment charges. I have the absolute best attorneys and will win. I don't mean to be mean but can't have someone steal from me. I will wait to hear from you. If not I will file the charges immediately.



From: "Deborah"

Subject: Re: greenland keys

To: "mitch painter"

I don't have the keys, they are in the building. I never took them and I simply omitted telling you. I tried to make sure I covered all the bases before I left and this was a simple mistake. Gosh, for someone not trying to be mean, you sure do a good impression.

Where the keys are: In the common room off the lobby, in the small kitchen area, in the cabinets to the far right if you are facing the sink. That's where I kept the key rings and the mailbox keys ALWAYS. I would have remembered to tell Tony that if he hadn't been following me around like I was out to steal something.

To heck with you, Tony and your darn attorneys. Please do not EVER contact me again by, phone, mail or email or I will file a lawsuit against you for harassment.




1. He threatens like I'm one of the college kids he rents to while claiming not to be mean.

2. He falsely accuses me of THEFT without even asking me where the damned keys were.

3. He swears up and down to be gay friendly but has no problem being a bigot: accusing me of being a thief even though it was the last white girl who worked from him that actually stole from him and he hands my job to the first white guy buddy of his that asks and says I'm a bad "personality fit".

And this idiot wants to be a City Councilman?

Kiss my ass Mitch Painter.

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