Thursday, October 25, 2007

Warantless Wiretapping

What's the big deal?


This issue is really simple.

Bush (read Cheney) asked the telecom companies to break the law, in the name of fighting terrorism, by giving out customers info and tying that info into real-time phone and other transmissions. Whatever info the telecoms have on any American citizen was handed over to the government.

All of them complied except for Qwest. Qwest was punished for not complying by having their purchase of MCI denied and not receiving other lucrative government contacts.

Bush is trying to reward the telecoms that did comply with immunity for breaking the FISA law.

We know Bush never even got the retroactive warrants for the information he was requesting because he already told us that as the Commander and Chief, he is the decider and he decided he didn't have to comply with FISA law while we are at war.

The president is wrong. The telecoms should be prosecuted. Bush and Cheney should be impeached. For this and many other reasons, but this will do.

Democrats in Congress and in the Senate, WAKE THE HELL UP! STAND UP to Bush and Cheney and get busy with impeachment.


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