Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

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Like anyone else who has a website or blog, I was curious about who reads Deb Lite and what people are looking for when they land here. So, I got a stat counter but not because I'm all that chuffed about how many people read the site. I just wanted to know where people come from and what types of searches bring folks here.

As it turns out, I have people reading from a wide variety of places. To my faithful, returning reader from Ireland, I salute you. Also a shout out to my blog pals and readers from New Zealand, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South AFrica, Brazil, France, Canada, and the UK.

These are the top 10 searches that have brought people here this week.

12.93% ethan kilmer
6.80% white on white crime
4.08% what does crank dat mean
2.04% fired from powernet global
2.04% mitch painter
1.36% ufe recovery
1.36% time goes by jenny joseph
1.36% a nigger in the white house
1.36% racism and terrorism

Ethan Kilmer may not have played last season but yes, he's still on the Bengal's roster and he has not been forgotten, as I predicted in the one post I did on him. The hit he made, the touchdowns he scored and the fans he garnered continue to come here wondering when Kilmer will be back on the field. From the Bengals website:
Sidelined early in training camp with reaggravation of knee injury that had been surgically repaired during offseason ... Did not play in preseason ... Carried onto season-opening roster and was on inactive list for Games 1-5 ... Placed Oct. 16 on Reserve/Injured list.
I get a lot of hits about racial issues because, as a black woman, it's impossible not to comment on racial issues from time to time (I know, constantly). However that "nigger in the white house" and other popular searches terms that didn't make the top 10 list are a sobering reminder that the few articles I have done are not on the wrong track at all.

A new search that never appeared until this week was "fired from powernet global". Whoever you are, I hope you found solace here. I feel your pain. Just know that the company sucks and it will as long as Bernie Stevens is at the helm and still listening to that god awful sorry excuse for a phony motivational speaker Ron Archer.

A picture is a worth a thousand words but the picture properties speak volumes. The picture on Archer's page of him with Marvin Lewis also includes Bernies Stevens but Stevens (who considers Archer a personal pal) doesn't get a mention in the name of the picture. LOL! That's what friends are for. At any rate, PNG sucks. I cannot say that enough and probably now, neither can you.

Far too many people want to know what Crank Dat and Superman dat ho mean. Trust me, you really don't want to know. I'm definitely sorry that my 16 year old daughter knows but such is life.

Still, no matter why you came or how you got here, thank each and every one of you for reading Deb Lite!

These are the top 10 blog posts read here (not what I expected at all):

(This post has been removed but is available upon request by email or through the google cache)


  1. Hello to "That Deborah Girl!" I've been Reading some of your Articles off and on, for Some Time. Oh, Happy Belated Birthday! Mine was on July 6th. I have some Good Information that I would like to tell you about. How can I contact you?


  2. Hi and Happy Birthday to you too!

    If you want to get hold of me, just email me:

    deblitemail [at] yahoo [dot] com

    Thanks for reading Deb Lite.

  3. Happy Belated Earthday Sister Deborahgirl!!!
    And many many blessed returns!!! Black Power!!! ;-)


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