Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who Dey?

Yeah, 'Who Dey' with a question mark. I'm just not sure about the Bengals these days.

Before I get to discussing Christ Henry's delinquent tendencies, Chad Johnson's supposed arrogance and Carson Palmers overall whining, bitchy behavior, I want to update my fellow Ethan Kilmer fans. Kilmer simply rox and I could not be more heartbroken that he's hurt. I'm not the only one. I get many hits a day on people trying to figure out whether he's playing this year. Well, he's not. According to the Friday, August 22 Sports Section of the Cincinnati Enquirer:
...the Bengals announced that Corner Back Ethan Kilmer (thigh) officially had cleared waivers and reverted to the Bengal's season-ending IR [injured reserve] list.
[09/2009: DebLite Update on Ethan Kilmer here.]

So folks, Ethan won't be back in the game this season but my best wishes go out to him for a full recovery. We miss you Ethan!

The article also goes on to mention several other injured players as well: My beloved T.J. Houshmandzadeh (hamstring injury); Chad Johnson (shoulder injury) ; Andre Caldwell (right foot) and Marcus Maxwell, who like Kilmer, is on the IR list and won't be back for the rest of the season. Get well soon fellas!

Carson Palmer: If you don't stop biting your lip and sighing like a little bitch and get that sad ass look off your face when things in the game don't go the way you planned - a clear indication that either a sack is now inevitable or that the other team has finally trash talked their way under your skin - I am personally going to come and take my get well card I sent you and pop you upside the head with it.

Carson. Baby. Man the fuck up! You are in the N-fucking-FL! When shit doesn't go your way, you need to take a lesson from Kevin Kaesviharn. Yeah, I know you don't want to hear that about right now since Marvin Lewis made a big ass mistake by letting Kevin go. And Kevin went to the New Orleans Saints- which would almost seem like a punishment if they hadn't spanked our ass this past Saturday and, to add insult to injury - Kaesviharn bloodied your nose in a moment that the Enquirer captured so well for the Sunday paper. (Side note: Ever notice how the Enquirer backhandedly trashes the Bengals while pretending to support them? So much for rooting for the home team.)

I know this must have hurt but you should have been gritting your teeth and tasting your own blood like an over-acting WWE Wrestler instead of looking all pitiful. Plenty of time to look sad in the locker room.

I didn't see the game, but I've seen Kaesviharn hit a mo'fo harder than Robert Gaethers giving somebody a concussion and not blink. Carson, you need to cut your emotional losses, man up and quit blinking. That whining, self-defeated posture does not suit a quarterback of your standing.

Chad Johnson - There's been a campfire pissing contest of sorts between Chad and Carson for the past couple of years. The Enquirer ALWAYS blows it out of proportion yet Marvin seems to ride herd on the situation pretty well; Chad and Carson themselves - two grown ass men, both stellar players on any field on any given Sunday and yes, they can have the big head - yet they still seem to take the semi-manufactured controversy with a grain of salt.

But if I could throw like Carson, lead a team like Carson, come back from injury like Carson and just hell, be Carson Palmer, I'd walk the Earth with his confidence as well. However you never once hear *cough*white folks*cough talking about how "arrogant" he is. However more than once you hear that term applied to Chad. But if I could run like Chad, take hits like Chad and just plain perform Superman-like aerial pursuits and literally run myself into a wall all in the name of six points like Chad, and well hell, just be Chad Johnson, I'd walk the Earth with his confidence as well.

A black man with confidence must be labeled arrogant. From Barack Obama to Marvin Lewis, there has never been a black man in history who didn't "stay in his place" as far as the bigots among white folks were concerned that hasn't been called, at best arrogant and at worst, an uppity negro. I really don't see Chad Johnson's behavior as being that much different from Carson Palmer. Both have shot their mouths off at times - but Johnson gets more scrutiny because he's black. Both have had their childish moments where I wanted to put them in time out - but Johnson gets more scrutiny because he's black. And Chad Johnson has the confidence, talent and yes, arrogance to match Carson Palmer. He should. He's in the N-fucking-FL and he brings the noise and puts his heart into every play.

Chad and Carson need to get their heads out of their respective asses, do what's best for the team and work on getting their mojo back. Ignore the irrelevant Enquirer.

My friendly enemy over at the Nati Life and I normally don't agree on anything. He's all McCain, I'm all Barack. Well our parallel lines found a common plane where Chris Henry is concerned. I posted a response to his recent Idiot of the Week post featuring Chris Henry saying:
I still can't believe they're reconsidering Henry. Even if the current charge against Henry is bogus, the one where he pulled a GUN on the cops in Florida was not. If he'd been in Cincinnati, he'd be dead, let alone given another chance at the NFL.

Even this bleeding heart slaps on a band-aid where Chris Henry is concerned. If he puts a single other toe out of line, I will personally lead the march to Paul Brown Stadium to have him escorted out of the city, never to return.
I get more than I really want to - the most recent charge against Chris Henry was proven to be bogus. I also understand that the Bengals get him back by default because, honestly, who the hell else wants him? But how much more embarrassment and "rap sheet" jokes do the Bengals have to endure?

My Ye Old Matey was not exactly forgiving of Henry, but definitely more understanding than I am capable of being at this point. "Henry has said he wanted to keep hanging with his old friends. But when they got in trouble he got into trouble, and they all bailed on him; none one of them had his back, they were just using him. He will grow up from all of this and he'll be ok."

Ye Old Matey's instincts are nearly always right when comes to people and character. Having worked in criminal justice, he is the last person to have any false illusions about people and their ability to change. Let's all just hope he's right where Chris Henry is concerned. Henry's talent on the field is undeniable if he can just keep his personal life under control. He has to wait four games before he can play; I haven't checked the schedule, but I pray it's not a home game. You'll hear crickets the first time Henry takes the field at home. He needs to get on the field before that happens.

I'm a mom though...and for mothers, hope always springs eternal.

Who Dey!

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  1. I miss the days of the Bengals being the laughing stock of the NFL. Remember when it was so obvious to everyone, except Mike Brown, that they were the worst team ever to take the field in the history of football fields? It reminded me of the company I worked for at the time. Fiscal year after fiscal year of no profits to be found and fiscal year after fiscal year the CEO would tell us how this new program was about to turn things around...usually around the same time Mike was telling Cincinnati that this latest number 1 draft pick was gonna turn things around.....good times.

    At any rate. My neighbor is an uppity-ass arrogant white golf douche and I hate him. To most of the (white) world though, he represents the epitome of what all us white males should be. So your point is well taken. Remember always the number 1 lesson of world history:

    Strange white people show up in your neighborhood, you kill them. Immediately. Nothing good comes from uninvited white guests.


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