Thursday, October 09, 2008

Going to See Obama

My hair is a mess
I have nothing to wear
I'm probably on the no fly list for all my anti-bush rhetoric
or some sort of NSA don't let her in list

But I'm going to see Barack today

OH, and if you go
Barack or no
Check your civil liberties at the door:

No signs
No bags (what the hell am I supposed to carry my camera in? *sigh*)
I suppose there's a free speech cage setup
somewhere out of sight
*grumbles over Barrack's FISA vote*
will be a good little goosestepping American citizen today
Must see Barrack even if it means
behaving myself


Here's the buzz in case you haven't heard already.
Ault Park Pavillion
Rally starts at 3:00
Doors open at 1:00

Parking: You have to park at and take a damn shuttle from Lunken airport (it's free but hella inconvenient IMHO)

(hella is a new adjective I picked up from my daughter; note to self, wash her mouth out with soap)

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