Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This Was the Revolution. It WAS Televised

Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha:
Welcome To the White House!
Blessings To You All!

White folks. Black Folks. Every Folks.

Went to the polls and an joined in the strongest repudiation possible

Goodbye George
Goodbye Dick
Goodbye Karl
Goodbye Condi
Goodbye Donald
Goodbye Wolfie
Goodbye Sarah
Goodbye John

You ain't got to go home...but please don't step on the White House Lawn as you head back to Crawford, TX, Wasilla, AK and all points west.

This was the revolution. It was televised.

Let the Church say, "Amen!"


  1. A-M-E-N Sistagirl!

    Barack Obama In The White House...
    Now that's BLACK POWER!

    Peace & Blessings To You DeborahGirl

    YES WE DID!!!

  2. YESSSSSS!!!

    I was in a hotel room in Dayton last Tuesday night (because Delta has us all in a choke hold) on my way to Michigan - what a strange place to be when History was being made! And so I watched all alone (but of course I was on the phone, too), bouncing and cheering and then weeping with relief and emotion when he made his Acceptance Speech. For the first time since I was 16 and lost faith when MLK and Bobby Kennedy were killed (why yes - yes, I AM old) I feel proud to be an American again.

    Hallelujah, Praise Be, and let's all go out and start building a country we can be proud of!!


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