Sunday, September 27, 2009

A New Day

When in the course of human events, more than half of your links don't work anymore and you're sick of looking at your own page design it becomes necessary to update your blog.

So, here it is - the new DebLite page I've been working on for a bit. Actually - I've been hanging on to the new template for sometime - wasn't quite sure I was ready to let go of the old and then today a miracle...

The Bengals beat the Steelers! WHO DEY! I took that as a sign - and it wasn't long after today's game that I actually got busy, implemented my new design (a lot easier than I thought it would be considering I've been putting it off for nearly a year now) updated my links and this is the result.

There are a few new faces in the Cincinnati Blogs area as well as my old friends and favorites.

Tavern Wench
Tagline: Of Bars, Booze, and Bartending - Proving "Coughlin's Law" Invalid Since Feb '05
A delightful blog highlighting Cincinnati's local bar scene from the POV of a fem bartender.

Tagline: News Scores and Complete Local Coverage
Best blog I've found so far to get the real scoop on Cincinnati Sports. From basic info like the score of the latest game to some nice in depth commentary, this is my new go-to site for the local college and pro athletic scene.

Last but certainly not least - My very own Ye Olde Matey came to me one day and said: "So what's up with this blogging thing?" Before I could blink, he was up and running on his very own blog. What he says: "...on this site I will be giving tips on beats, production, music. Reviews of movies and my love for the 5 elements of hip hop."

What I may not have mentioned before (and I how I could not have up to this point is just crazy) is the Ye Olde Mate is a very talented music writer and producer. So now he has his own blog giving tutorials on recording software and his reviews of anything and everything to do with music related media from movies to the latest and hottest hip hop tracks.

A few new links have also been added under the Progressive Blogs and Around the Web sections. I'll be adding several more over the next few weeks, including a few that got lost while the site was under construction.

So, welcome to the new digs. It's a new day at Deb Lite!

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