Monday, October 19, 2009

FOX Network: Officially Not Fair or Balanced

So the White House, with the quiet sanction of President Obama, is finally saying what the rest of us already knew: FOX "News" is not a news station but a propaganda outlet.

Uh, duh. Maybe the President will actually answer that little boy's question next week: "Why do people hate you?"

I wonder if that little boy's question has anything to do with he sudden shift in the White House's policy to take FAUX News a bit more seriously. Beacause the comments that follow the linked article prove that the little boy's question was precient.

Cue for Beck, Hannity and the other spinners saying this is an attack on the press and the media in general, instead of a single finger pointed at FOX Network.


Update: 10/21/2009, 11:01PM

Seems I've been writing this blog post in bits and pieces but I really wanted to add this part.

I don't know when it occurred to me that I could be a boycott of one. I guess it was when a good majority, but not all, of Glenn Beck's advertisers bailed on him. Despite this fact he's still on the air and that was when I made up my mind:

I will simply not watch FOX Network programming, media or movies. Period.

It means reading the backs of DVD's before I buy or rent them. 20th Century Fox movies are out for me. It also meant giving up a show that I really like. House has been a very entertaining medical drama for me, but it's not worth supporting FOX to watch it. Likewise, Ye Olde Matey came to me last month about this great new show he'd discovered, Lie to Me. I told him I wouldn't be watching it because it was on FOX and that was the show they had aired instead of President Obama's speech. Also, my mother has become a fan of the new show Glee. I watched it with her a few times not realizing what network it was on. But now that I know, I've giving it up.

Below is FOX Network's Primetime Lineup for Fall 2009. If you watch any of these shows, please consider that you're supporting the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin and Laura Ingraham, helping them to continue to spout conservative propaganda:


  1. Deb,

    I'm a reporter for WCPO doing a news story on Rent Clifton -- can you call me @ (513) 259-0809 or email

  2. I have to laugh when Obama supporters bitch and moan about Fox News.
    Lets see, Obama has CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NBC, CBS, and ABC in the tank for him, so why cry about ONE news organisation that DON'T AGREE WITH HIS POLICIES AND WHERE HE'S TAKING THE COUNTRY. Remeber, 63 million people re-elected GWB to a second term. Independents swung to the Democrats in the last election and put Obama over the top. Independants are now swinging BACK to the GOP.

    Fox cable news draws MORE and MORE viewers everytime someone whines about them not being fair to the president. Let them tune into the 6
    that do.


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