Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dear Tim Ryan: You are part of the problem

Again, I was watching C-Span this morning. I caught tail end of Mike Pompeo and after yesterdays diatribes from a Republican and a 'Blue Dog' Democratguy on deck is Representative Tim Ryan from my own home state of Ohio. Again, I was angered, but I decided to wait until I calmed down a bit to type to see if my anger still held.

It has.

I liked a lot of what Tim Ryan had to say - up to the point where he said, "John Boehner is a reasonable man," and I could have gone batshit trying to call in and only getting a busy signal of course.

In that moment I realized what's wrong with people like Tim Ryan. He doesn't have a dog in this fight because he has too much money. He's a reasonable man but to him, and the other Democrats like him, this is all just an intellectual debate. It's a shame but Tim Ryan and the rest of the Dems have NO IDEA how bad things are in the America you and I live in and we already know that the Republicans don't care. He went on to say that he finds the Republican's position on the debt ceiling "disgusting" but then went on to say that John Boehner is a "good guy".

He reminded me of President Obama in the beginning of his term in office. The President really thought he could present reason to Republicans and that they would actually listen. Mr. President said, "Let's bring the troops home," and Republicans said, "Muslim dictator communist Kenyan." Mr. President said, "Let's help Americans with healthcare," and Republicans said, "Obamacare witch doctor muslim dictator communist Kenyan." Mr. President said let's work on the economy and Republicans said, "Touch me and my rich corporate donors tax breaks and we'll fuck up the entire world economy, just watch us work."

People like Tim Ryan and Barack Obama think that people like Boehner are good people with ideological differences. I went to hear Joe Biden speak this past June and he said something along the lines that Republicans really believe they're doing what's best for the country, they just have bad judgement. I wanted to stand up and ask him was he fucking serious? Democrats seem to not know or not care that Republicans know EXACTLY what they are doing and the Dems seem to have no clue that Boehner and the other rich conservatives are playing this power grab For Keeps.

As long as the Democrats take the Ryan and Obama path and stay this clueless and keep trying to deal with the devil, to reason with the unreasonable, then we can continue to say goodbye to anything that Liberals and Progressives try to protect as American values.

And we can say goodbye to the last remnants of our country as we know it.

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