Friday, August 12, 2011

Note to Rick Scott: That was the polite version of what I really wanted to say

I am obviously more accustomed to public writing than I am to public speaking. In my defense, I was shaking with anger and doing my best to stay calm and make some sense, not knowing how much time I would have before the infamous C-SPAN disconnect button would cut me off.

I got to say a lot more than I thought I would. I wasn't as articulate as I would have liked to have been. The people who came after me did a lot better.

The upshot is that after the initial call patting him on the back (you can see the beginning of his interview here), Governor Rick Scott (R) of Florida got his ass handed to him this morning by everyday people like you and me.

And like any politician, he seemed to take it all in stride for the calls I listened to, never quite offering a true rebuttal to the callers, but simply falling back on the nearest handy talking point. We're just gnats to him. Our opinions, our words, don't matter to him at all. He is, if nothing else, a man of his convictions. Too bad he deserves simply to be convicted.

It takes my good blog pal DrugMonkey to explain why Rick Scott deserves your ire and mine - why he deserves to be in a jail cell rather than the governor's mansion.

I was vain enough to edit the start of the video above with my call in this morning as "Mary, from North College Hill, Ohio." I had a lucky day with C-SPAN today and I'd already gotten through once as "Deborah, from Cincinnati, Ohio". I was afraid they wouldn't let me back on again if I gave the same name and location, so I used my mom's name and my current hometown to identify myself.

Getting to tell Rick Scott off first thing this morning was worth being a little late to work for. It was worth watching the small reaction I saw in his eyes that I got by telling him that he was "the epitome of everything that is wrong with American politics today."

Too bad it won't make a bit of difference


  1. That was awesome. C-SPAN is about the only venue where these jackasses have to listen to an unfiltered opinion. They don't have to respond in any meaningful way, but they at least have to listen.


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