Tuesday, November 15, 2011

God Damn America

I will not vote for Barack Obama.
I will not vote for anyone.
America deserves a GOP President.

We deserve whatever we get when we do not support the voices of dissent.

NYPD clears park of Occupy Wall Street protesters


  1. I am equally frustrated. I am tempted to drop out. Resist!

    As well, lets recall that evil can dissent just as well as virtuous people. So dissent in itself doesn’t make one correct.

    Like you, I am exhausted by our nation’s lack of leadership over the last 10-20-30 years. Deepak Chopra says if we live in the light then we have a shadow. The shadow is our dark side. He contends that our dark side is tempted to act in positions of authority and obedience. Authority says I can do anything I want. Obedience says I can submit to anything I want or must. Man and woman’s shadows are tempted to act when we have power structures run amok. We have seen the shadows of the Catholic Church; we see them when our political leaders (both Dems and Repub) fail us. We have seen this occur at Penn State and when the military suffers from poor leadership. You will agree, there has to be accountability.

    There are reasons we have extreme polarization in politics. I think we have to look at ourselves. There is a collective denial of who we are. It’s more than politics. Most of us want leaders to be accountable; the leaders of corporations and the leaders of our two political parties. But both parties are failing us. Institutions are failing us. There is a collective rage from the left, right and center that is common ground. Perhaps we can work on underlying causes.

  2. Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park, which I visited several times over the past two months, was a collection of scruffy uninformed people with no purpose other than complaining about their poor choice of college majors.

    Most of the whining came from people who borrowed lots of money to study art, English and film. They felt cheated and became angry when no employers were interested in hiring them after they graduated.


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