Monday, March 06, 2006

Life Happens

A Post Not Planned

Lately my blog has had a bit of a polital bent but today I put all that aside and am simply and not quite so simply MOM. When I first started blogging last year, I actually intended to start two blogs. Deb Lite was to be my personal blog for all my own week to week updates. LSN was to be my taking on Local, State, and National news items of the day. I haven't been able to create the format I would like for LSN, so I'll more than likely discontinue it until I can. Meantime, Deb Lite will do for most of what I want to say.

My last post dealt with an email response I received from Senator Mike Dewine. I'd like to deconstruct the letter, line by line but life happens. My weekend of chaos began on Friday when I forgot the carpet cleaners were coming and I all but killed my back getting EVERYTHING in the house that was a not a major appliance or heavy piece of furniture off the floor in less than 30 minutes.

My daughter came home sick on Thursday and seemed to be fine Friday and Saturday but by Sunday afternoon it was clear she had the flu. I missed a meeting at work that had been scheduled around me and also didn't go in today. Throw in my mother's MS flare up, two trips to to the grocery and a run to Burger King and laundry and dishes and walking the dogs in between fixing plates and turning pillows to the cool side and you have a full scale madhouse with me pretending to the be the cheerful nursemaid and finally disolving with a lovely little crying jag when I finally got everyone settled down for a nap. The Cheesy Chicken Enchilada we are having for dinner has been salted with my tears and my wonderful man is doing the dishes and keeping me from going off the deep end. In return he got clean sheets, towels, a fresh made bed and a pile of clean folded underwear.

Did I mention that if I leave my daughter's room for more than 5 minutes she wakes up and cries. Mind you this is the same 13-year-old who keeps the door shut tighter than a vault any time she's home and if you call her the most you an see is two eyes and bangs peeping out. But since she's sick, I have full access and have been granted the privelege of sleeping on the loveseat in her room that only fits me from neck to knees.

Ah, but now I know what's keeping her locked in her room. It's called Anime or more correctly Manga which is just short of comic book (excuse me, graphic novel) soft-porn for pre-teen girls written by someone called Yu Watase. If your pre-teen or just barely teen daughter hasn't brought home Fushigi Yugi yet she will, get ready. It's pretty tame stuff; nothing she couldn't get in one of those watered down Harlequin romances of days gone by and I've decided that there are much worse things she could be reading or doing. I'm going to let it go. I have more important things to worry about like rescheduling her exams she was supposed to take this week and getting her homework assignments. *sigh*

Right now I have to decide if I'm going to risk my bosses wrath and take another day off work. I probably will if my kid is still at the weepy stage. What else can I do?

But I won't think about that right now. I'll think about that tomorrow. After all...tomorrow is another day.

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  1. It always cracks me up how even the most secretive teenager turns into a babbling baby when they're sick. No Manga's all about being a groupie/roadie for tons of local bands.


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