Friday, March 10, 2006

Oops, Wrong Number

I'm at work and (shhh) I just happened to be perusing the morning haps at The Cincinnati Beacon.

So I get this phone call and answer the way professional secretaries do: “Acme Company, this is Deborah, how may I help you?”

A female voice asked quite professionally and politely, "May I speak with Mark Mallory?" I'm thinking it's a prank call for a second but her professional sincerity was unquestionable. When you answer the phone as much as I have in my lifetime (temping, receptionist, call centers, secretary, every version of admin you can think of) you know when people are jerking you around after the first sentence or so.

I sit there really quiet for a second and then I break the news.

"Mark Mallory is the Mayor of Cincinnati. This is Acme Company."

"Oh, okay…"

We had a brief discussion to clear up the confusion and I asked if I could help her any further. I thought maybe she needed the number to City Hall or had a question about Cincinnati she needed answered. I figured I could help her out with a Google Search or two. (Note to self: Stop using Google and start using other search engines.)

As it turned out, someone had filled out an inquiry for insurance quotes. They had filled in the name of Mark Mallory and given my work phone number as their home number. Weird. Just weird.

Note to the world: If you’re going to fill out fake info on web-forms, please use information that’s really fake!

Quick Life Update: Kid is doing better and I think she'll be back in school next week. Boss did throw a bit of a hissy about me taking two days off but her version of a hissy fit is quiet disappointment and a gentle, pointed talking to so it’s hard to get mad and stay mad. I just find it annoying and slightly humiliating to apologize for taking care of my sick child. No one cares if you stay late or put in extra work (and trust me, this place pimps me like a two dollar whore) but I think I have finally learned a lesson I was meant to learn: Deeds past are easily forgotten. It is a mistake to think that dedication and hard work will be repaid with understanding when things go wrong.

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