Monday, August 13, 2007

MC Rove, Exit Stage Left

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The treasonous maggot who was responsible for outing a CIA agent, thereby killing many operations and blowing the cover of other agents globally, has announced that he will resign at the end of August.

For those who love to divide all things political into left and right you will find that either way, there isn't going to be anyone who's really sorry to see him go. When Rove finally carries his final box of crap from the White House, I'm quite sure every eye will dry.

Unfortunately, he hasn't resigned as any sort of comeuppance for the havoc he wreaked and the Democratic Republic he has helped to all but destroy.

Don't breathe a sigh of relief folks. Rove isn't leaving simply because there's not much more damage to inflict on America. Rove's exit has been rumored for months, even on his own Wikipedia page. However, many thought he'd be gone long before now and only those everyday citizens like me were foolish enough to think that Rove would escape the axe many saw coming after the 2006 Election.
In the January 29, 2007 issue of Newsweek, GOP activist Grover Norquist ...was quoted as saying "I think some people had given him up for dead, but he was good old Karl, upbeat and enthusiastic."
Cheney and Bush Sr.'s (and by default Bush, Jr.) had a dream of a conservative Executive, Legislative and Judiciary and it almost came true. The fact that it did not was not Rove's fault who gave his all to make sure it happened.

If not for the Republican sex scandals that continue to plague the party as recently as this summer, things would have gone a lot better for Rove. Not that the Democratic party has proven to be much opposition for a now minority Republican Congress. Even so, a pound of flesh must be exacted for anything less than total victory and Rove, who was once untouchable finds himself nearly as expendable as his own aid Scooter Libby.
"I don't know anyone who holds him personally responsible for what happened to us in the election", said a GOP national committee member, who declined to be named talking about the inner circle. "But his stature isn't quite the same.
Libby took the fall for everyone and was rewarded with commutation of his sentence. Still guilty but he doesn't have to go to jail. Unlike Libby, Rove actually worked his way Cheney's good graces enough that he doesn't even have to testify let alone be found guilty of anything.

Good riddance Karl Rove. May you be tried for treason one day when Bush's Executive Privilege Protection Charm wears off.

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