Friday, January 02, 2009


"Well, that was life. Gladness and pain. . . hope and fear . . . and change. Always change! You could not help it. You had to let the old go and take the new to your heart . . . learn to love IT and then let IT go in turn. Spring, lovely as it was, must yield to summer and summer lose itself in autumn. The birth . . . the bridal . . . the death. . . ."
- L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Ingleside

When I went back to school last June, I really thought I wanted to be a Web Designer. I took up the Multimedia and Web Design course wholeheartedly only to realize three terms later that I can think of nothing more boring than designing and coding websites all day. However after four years of blogging, I realize that I do like to write so I may just be changing my major to Professional and Technical Communications. Sounds more along my lines and still has to do with Multimedia.

My daughter just completed her junior debutante year, and it was brought home to me that the minute her junior cotillion ended, she became a senior debutante, despite still being a junior in high school. But the future, it seems, is now and I must begin planning NOW for her cotillion in December. Some changes take place in the blink of an eye and that is one I should have been prepared for and decidedly was not.

Barack Obama built his entire road to the White House on a platform of change. Many naysayers doubt that he can or really wants to change anything - noting his cabinet picks, his speeches, his budding policies and the actions of his transition team. However the man has yet to move so much as tie clip into the White House yet so at this point all any of us can do is speculate. I'm willing to believe, much as Sam Cooke did, that A Change Gone Come.

And poor George W. Barely president for the past eight years, he is spending his final days of sevitude meting out the evil wishes of George Sr. and Dick Cheney - ensuring that Obama spends his initial days in the White House working to undo the last bits of treachery the Bush/ Cheney cabal can render during the waning days of the Bush Presidency. It's as if they thought they would be allowed to stay forever. And now that it is evident that any remnants of the Bush administration and family have long outstayed their welcome, it seems they cannot let go of their White House dream. But it's over folks. The change we've all been waiting for is here and dear God, let it go Bushies, let it go!

19 days and counting - and Obama will be sworn in.

Thank God for Change.


  1. deblite-
    as a rentclifton renter i came across your currently in process of establishing escrow account downtown...i won't get into the bs but am interested if you would sign a petition of rentclifton renters who have had shitty experiences in the past....let me kno...thanks

  2. No problem. I didn't actually rent from them though. I was an employee. They still sucked though. But if that one difference doesn't matter, I'll be happy to.


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