Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome President Obama

Well, well, well. I was wondering when it was going to happen. I knew it would, couldn't wait for it and now it has and....

Boy howdy it feels good.

Nah, not Barack being elected President. It was enough black people standing in line day after day during election week in my hometown alone that I felt fairly certain. I had the same lingering doubts of black folks everywhere: That maybe "it" could never happen and that even if he got the votes there would be some trickery. And all the way up to the inaugural with the whole "is he an American citizen" bullshit and a host of other challenges that we probably never heard about, black folks and any folks who voted for Obama were holding their collective breath until Jan 20. And they breathed a sigh of relief only to hold it in again as Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed the swearing in and finally, everyone was able to breathe out a second great sigh of relief when we found out they did it again the next day JUST to be on the safe side. Problem solved. Oh, and they probably will take the advice I heard on the Tom Joiner Morning show from a black Harvard educated lawyer saying that anything Obama signed before the second swearing in should be signed AGAIN.

New ground, it's a black guy - hell half of America doesn't believe Black folks are citizens or still believe we are some sort of hybrid second class citizen with nearly the same full rights of white people as defined by white people.

So when most breathed that collective sigh of relief I didn't. Because I KNEW that Obama was going to come against that attitude in the Senate. I know it's expected from the GOP but don't think there aren't some Dems who won't unconsciously take that attitude as well.

Yes Obama's the President. But he's a BLACK President. Kind of like when black people move into a white neighborhood and somehow that neighborhood just doesn't seem as desirable as it did 10 seconds before the UHaul showed up instead of the Mayflower Van.

I knew that the GOP would be expected to be given all the due deference of their collected generations of whitness. And after they recently laid out their grievences with Obama's plans about the economy, Gitmo and well, hell, just about everything the hell else, Obama put paid to that notion with two words:

I won.

I read that and yelled HELL YEAH, YEE HAW like a redneck white boy at a monster truck rally. Or hell, me at a monster truck rally. At any rate, you know what I mean. Obama, excuse me, I mean President Obama is now and has definitively set the tone of his administration from Day 3 and is truly the HNIC.

If you don't know what that means, get some black friends, really, you're long over due. My translation is simply this: Black or not, President Obama is truly the President and won't be letting the GOP smack talk him into false subservience. He has the swagger (that vaunted "arrogance" the media kept trippin over") to pull this off and get shit done.

I think I'm finally in Obama love - a love I haven't felt since my fourth grade crush on Jimmy Carter. Yeah, say something. I dare you. But yeah, if this is what the next four years will be like it - Bring It On.

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