Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Everyday People's not the superstars or the rich and powerful who amaze us. It's the quiet, determined strength of Everyday People - people who refuse to quit, never give up and always, always look for the silver lining.

Meet the Bedgood Family
: Dad Brent, Mom Christie and the kids - Arianna, Poetrie & baby Parker. You cannot fail to be moved by their story and their fight to save Arianna's hearing.

From their blog:
Arriana is a talented, hearing impaired, 15 year old Dance Major with the goal of getting a Cochlear Implant this summer. Our family has just learned that the little hearing she does have, is deteriorating quickly – Ari will become deaf. A Cochlear Implant would give her a second chance... Our hope is to raise funds to help cover our family's out of pocket expenses. Any donation, no matter what the size, makes a difference. Thank you for your support! And, welcome to our journey...
Ye Old Matey has worked with Brent for the past five years. The Bedgoods are a wonderful family and their story is and incredible one of love, caring, support and making the best out of grief and sadness. Please read the blog - and make a donation. It really couldn't happen to a nicer girl.

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