Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Al Franken

It happens every so often. I go through my daily round of life, reading the news online, following the idiocy that is the news cycle of the MSM. Sometimes I have a nagging feeling that there is a piece of business left undone and the question hits me yet again: Has Al Franken won the election yet?

It's June, 2009. Election season has been over. Well, technically it's never over, but really, the song has been sung - it was At Last, sung by Beyonce, engendering Etta James' wrath. The confetti and plastic american flags have long been swept away by winds or garbage men. Obama's 100th day in office has come & gone.

Yet Al Franken remains, even today, on the outskirts as the only Senatorial candidate who it has been determined won his election, yet still remains....well, a candidate.

Here are the facts.
  • The 2008 Senatorial Election in Minnesota had two candidates: incumbent Norman Coleman and his challenger, the popular comedian & political pundit Al Franken.
  • The race was very close - to close to call and at first it seemed Coleman won. But Coleman's margin was so small that by state law Franken was entitled to a recount.
  • Coleman had the audacity to ask Franken to waive his right to a recount and concede the election. Franken said, thanks but no thanks, we'll take the recount.
  • The recount took place, this time including absentee ballots. Franken was determined the winner.
  • The Coleman took Franken to court. There was another recount. Franken was determined the winner. The panel of three judges dismissed Coleman's suit "finding that his claims had no merit".
  • Coleman has appealed to the Minnesota supreme court where it's fairly likely, they stand to lose.
At this point, you would think, that's it and that's all. But much like Dick Cheney refusing to sit down and shut up about ANYTHING lately the Republicans do not know when to quit. Their plan is two fold:
-Keep Franken in court long enough that he runs out of money to fight the legal battle. The Republicans will keep using their corporate & big oil folks to help their guy Coleman

-Keep Franken in court long enough to delay him being seated as long as possible, preferrably well into the next Senate term, so the Democracts, by sheer numbers, will be firmly in charge of the Senate - leaving the Republicans literally token protesters without even the power to fillibuster

So, Al Franken has asked people to donate to his campaign/ recount fund, any amount will do, but if you can, $58 in honor of his recenth 58th birthday For the second time in my life - I actually donated to a political campaign. Last time it was time. This is the first time I've ever donated actual cash.

I've been meaning to for sometime now but somehow I never got around to it. Until I read this headline today: Republicans Ready to Take Franken to Supreme Court.

It's pitiful that the Republican party is sacrificing the representation of the state of Minnesota for their own meager interests. Pitiful that they can never seem to do what is in the best of the American people instead of pursuing their neverending quest for power and continued corruption.

When will it end?

I'm sure Al Franken would like to know.

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