Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FYI Jon Stewart: Obama Wasn't Wrong- You are

Dear John Stewart,

President Obama was not wrong in the way he spoke out on the Gates/ Crowley issue. You, however, were wrong, dead wrong in criticizing President Obama for speaking out. But hey, when was the last time you had to worry about one of your family members being profiled because of the color of their skin? Yeah, you make a big deal out of being Jewish on your show, but darlin, your skin is WHITE. That makes you a white guy. Period.

Oh, and now you're turning on the President in regards to him speaking out on health care. I guess he's not being dictatorish enough for you.

What you all don't seem to understand - and fuck you particularly Jon Stewart because you should know better - we didn't trade a Cheney Dictatorship for and Obama one. We actually have a President now - one who is willing to take a few blows in order to establish the rule of law - not the rule of whoever is willing to take the most pot shots or scream loudest at a public meeting.

You expressed on one of your shows that Bush just "got things done" without asking. That Bush ran roughshod over everyone and everything. And yeah, he screwed things up and put the country in debt, and ruined our credibility with the rest of the planet and killed a few million Iraqis and handed out pardons to his buddies like cotton candy at a state fair, but he got things DONE and damned, can't Obama just get things done like Bush in the name of doing somethign GOOD.

Unfortunately, the answer to that question, as much as we would like it to be yes, is no. Because we would simply be changing a malevolent dictatorship for a benevolent dictatorship. But it would still be a dictatorship and we are Democratic Republic.

And in this Republic, as long as it stands, there seems to be one man who understands that principle whether you or the rest of America does or not.

And that man is Barack Obama.

I read some comments on an article once that said that you simply were off the mark. That you weren't, above all "funny" anymore and that Colbert was stealing your thunder. And this was my response to that person.
As much as I love Colbert - politically, Colbert's the flashy pretty boy you play around with. Stewart is the one you take home to mama and settle down with. There is no eclipse. They both do two entirely different shticks for the same ends. Can't get enough of either one of them.

And without them, the political landscape would be very bleak instead. How quickly we forget the days when their voices seemed to be the only ones expressing their sarcastic dissent and how they dared to challenge the status quo.

I know American[s] are a fickle bunch. But to turn on Colbert and Stewart at this point in the game is just....wrong....and sad...on levels I cannot comprehend. They shouldn't have to be funny to get us to give a damn about our Democratic Republic. It's a damn shame that only their brutally intellectual and stunningly presented dog and pony show may have just saved us all.

If I thought that much of you then, then you can imagine my disappointment now.

It's one thing to criticize Obama. It's another to give the MSM fodder, as if they didn't have enough bullshit and lies to begin with. You, on the other hand, with your "shtick", give those lies and spin credibility.

You are not just turning your back on the President. You are turning your back on all of us who give a damn about how this country really should be work.

Once upon a time, I was ready to say fuck America, let it burn, who cares. But you reminded me that the country and the ideals it was founded on were great. It was the administration of the country that was screwed up.

And you were so right.

This administration also has it RIGHT. For all our sakes, don't abandon it now.

Now is not the time.


  1. You ROCK. I just found your blog by random chance (via but I'm reading it like crazy now.

  2. Wow! Thanks. Was it something I said?

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Always makes a blogger's day. Stop back anytime, bring a friend!



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