Thursday, August 13, 2009

Racism? What Racism? Part I

NBC. Meredith Vierra, Matt Lauer. ABC. Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts. Whatever conservative robots they have CBS that I refuse to even watch anymore.

They are liars. Liars by omission. That any and all of them can sit there, grin in America's face every morning and not mention the bigotry and racism behind the vitriol that is the Townhall Protest, Birther and Tea Party movements is disgusting. I know they're paid to look pretty and spout whatever they're told - but they sicken me. Every damn morning.

White folks are on a kick right now that is really pissing me off. First, they are openly declaring black folks racist. Yep. Racism has nothing to do with white people anymore. Black folks are racist. It used to just be Minister Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and occasionally Jesse Jackson. But oh no. The cop who arrested Professor Gates - not a racist - but Professor Gates is. Obama for saying the cop acted stupidly - well Obama's a racist. Me - for calling out my coworker on her bigotry - oh, that makes me a racist for reading something into her comments that she never intended.

Rush Limbaugh called new Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor a racist over and over again on his show for her "wise Latina" comment. "Here, we have a racist," he declared. Limbaugh, of all the God-forsaken people and who has, to any sane and rational person, become the poster boy for what is true American bigotry, had the unmitigated call to someone else out for racism? My stomach churns with anger just thinking about it.

We all have seen the playground scenario - A little kid on the playground who shouts out "You're stupid!" and the other kid lamely yells back, "Well yeah? are you! You're stupid too." Simply out-of-hand calling people of color "racists" merely for the crime of pointing out the blatant bigotry of whites is a disgusting and pathetic practice. Beyond childish and shows the dangerously simplistic minds of grown people who should be intelligent enough to know better.

Worse, bandying about the term "racist" and applying it to black people is an attempt to rob all people of color of what that term really means. White oppression, white privilege, discrimination and bigotry are real. They have not gone away and have never been "underground" or "silent" as white people like to claim. That there are still "white" neighborhoods and "black neighborhoods", "white" schools and "black" schools, "white" churches and "black" churches - that we still categorize so much in terms of "black" and "white" is indicative of a larger problem and it's not one that people of color can ignore as it effects their livelihoods. But it's a problem that white people more and more often quickly set aside by labeling black folks who call them out on their narrow-mindedness "racist".

I really have to question the sanity of people who listen to the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Savage, O'Reilly and Coulter. If you watch FOX News and BELIEVE that it's news not propaganda, think again. If you watch shows like the 700 Club and BELIEVE that it's a news show, not propaganda, wake up!

One last note - please do not accuse me of or expect me to apologize for using "white folk" as a general term. I will not. If you're white and the mindset I've described above doesn't apply to you, then obviously, I'm not talking about you. But you need to be aware that the good have to fight as well. Don't stay silent. Fight back. Fight back for the soul of our country.


  1. I think Obama is trying to bring us all to a higher level. Not necessarily post-racial as some have said, but rather to tone the rhetoric down and get to know each other as persons not colors.

    Unfortunately, some idiots have put Obama on the ropes because they see his position as soft. I think Obama is smart enough to see the bigger picture. He seems to be playing the rope-a-dope strategy. Let the idiots work themselves into a lather and then Obama seems like the reasonable man to sort it all out. That worked against Palin.

    Labeling Sotamayor a racist pissed me off too. What, she cannot have a perspective? Only the white perspective is objective? BS!

    Same with the Gates thing. The arrest WAS stupid. As if someone cannot complain to an officer in his own house!

  2. You are a racist though, that's why you trolled my blog, didn't read it and basically called me an Uncle Tom for not agreeing with you even though you simply wouldn't know BECAUSE YOU DIDN" READ IT. Thanks for making us look good.

    Are you really claiming Al Sharpton, a man RESPONSIBLE FOR STARTING AN ANTI-JEWISH POGROM that led to a Jew being murdered isn't a bigot? That Farrakhan, who ordered Malcolm X's death when he rejected the racist teachings of the Nation of Islam is not prejudiced? Grow up.

    When I was growing up people like you called me Zebra every danm day, then you cry when someone points out to you that you're just a hateful, small person who cna't get their life together so you blame it on racism. The difference between you and the White racists you claim are everywhere is that they are used to being reviled, and you're still hoping that White folk will love you even after you spit your venom on them. Like a child with a parent.

    Maybe you should concentrate on helping yourself more than blaming "Whites" for how unhappy you are.

    Since you care so much I notice on your blog you say nothing about the Latino gangs ethnic cleansing of LA aimed at Black people. Surely you simply overlooked this story, it's not as if you'd just ignore real racist violence aimed at your fellow Black folk is it?

  3. Hmmmm....

    I guess if I was trolling, I would have left the comment as "anon" rather leaving my blog link and name.

    Actually, what I'm really hoping, and you're right, it is a childish hope - that the people who jump up and down screaming at these town meetings actually recognize what they're shouting against - and it sure isn't healthcare.

    But I guess the pictures & footage & quotes aren't enough? What more will take for you to recognize what is truly there.


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