Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Just cleaning up a little. Fixing a typo here & there. Dusting off a few old posts & putting them back where they belong. When I updated my blog a while back, somehow I never got around to putting back a couple of my sidelinks so I've updated "The DebLite Must Read" and "DebLite on Racism" and put them back in the side bar.

Also, I've added a few new links for sites that have become staples for me lately:

Cake Wrecks
If you haven't heard the buzz about Cake Wrecks already, you've got to check out this site, it's simply hilarious. Started on a whim by Jen Yates, the site has spawned, a book, a tour , a theme song and many otherYouTube homages plus a million laughs. Read the guest post entitled, James' Sweet Safari and you'll realize that Jen is not only a wonderful baker but a very special person indeed. From the Carrot Jockeys to the Sunday Sweets, "Underneat" it all, you'll fall in love with Cake Wrecks.

Suicide Food
If I ever do decide to become a vegetarian, this site will be why. It's humorous and witty commentary gives serious food for thought on how and why we humans feel free to not only eat animals but claim they want to be eaten in packaging, labeling and advertising. I'm not quite ready to give up meat, but as someone who's recently taking a class in packaging & design toward my degree in Graphic Communications, I will seriously be rethinking designs that show animals enjoying their ends. Serious message aside, the site is funny and not to be missed.

Oliver Willis - Like Kryptonite to Stupid
He makes so much sense he truly is Kryptonite to stupid; and to buzz and to spin on all things political (with a smidgen of pop culture thrown in)- he simply cuts through bs and hits the nail on the head, every single time. His site is a pleasure to read, even in the links he chooses. A must read every day.

Your Pharmacist May Hate You
If you ever wanted to know why your prescription takes so long to fill and the backroom drama at your local chain drugstore....this is the place to be. The story of why this blogger changed his name from DrugNazi to DrugMonkey is worth a read all by itself. Start there and stay for the rest but beware, this site is as addicting as the vicodin Drug Monkey dispenses.

I'm going to do something I rarely do and recommend a post of my own. It's from 2008 entitled "Why None of the Republican Candidates Should Be President". It's over in the "Must Read" and even though it's two years old, I feel it's as relevant as ever. I hear all the same names being bandied about, particularly Mitt Romney, but all other usual suspects are lined up in the post as well: Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo and John McCain. Rudy Guiliani and Fred Thompson are as far out of the running now as they were then, but I did see an AP article that dusted off a theoretical Duncan Hunter candidacy. Who knew back in 2008 that Sarah Palin would be naught but a distant memory? I can't wait to do a 2012 version of this particular post. There are simply so many reasons Palin should never be allowed near The White House she may get a post of her own.


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