Sunday, September 26, 2010

Will Raj Bhat Die?

"This apple grew in Raj Bhat's backyard.
An apple still waits a bite."

Raj Baht is a pharmacist. He's on a hunger strike to protest the unfair working conditions of his former employer Medco.

Around half of all Americans are on prescription drugs. Many insurance companies now make patients get them filled by mail instead of the pharmacy down the street. Mail-order drug giant Medco fills more than one million of these each week. Such high demand may be putting potentially hazardous pressure on the pharmacists who process prescription orders.

Bhat says the company enforces hourly quotas on pharmacists that leave little room for careful scrutiny of doctor handwriting, and reprimands those who call for clarification.

He says this leaves room for potentially deadly errors.

Bhat has eaten nothing and has had only water to drink since July Fifth. While he waits to see if the appeal gets taken up, he says his other hope is that the Senate Finance committee looks into the case.

-Pharmacist on hunger strike against prescription giant Medco

I first learned about this story here.
Then I read his blog. The blog he is now to weak to update.
Then I read this article, which I have excerpted above.
And this one where he was on day 7.
And this one where he was on day 75.
And I got the story greenlighted on FARK.

He is protesting to help save us.

How do we save him?

Start by calling MEDCO Health Solutions and demanding answers.
Delaware 1-31312 22-3461740

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