Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Prizes

The Mid-Term election was one of the biggest disappointments I've had this year. It ranks right up there with CollegeArabella and me fighting like cats and dogs to get her off to college (granmda took over and got it done) and my Anniversary Scavenger Hunt being a bust.

I actually thought I had a few entries, but they turned out to be spam. LOL. At first I was all sad. I promoted it here, on facebook and hung up flyers all over but takers. Oh well. I'm not Frito Lay.

At any rate, I have five t-shirts to give away so give them away I shall....and I've decided to give them to my favorite bloggers.

T-Shirt #1...
..goes to my blog pal Jo over at TheSkeptic One.
Ever the voice of reason, always with a perspective I haven't considered and just an all around cool person. My sometimes breakfast companion whom I've neglected for well over half a year. We will get together soon. Let's have breakfast and I'll bring you your t-shirt.

T-Shirt #2
... goes to Mike over at CityKin.
Half of my meager blog traffic comes from his blog and the other half comes from people looking for Ethan Kilmer. But I love his blog - it never fails to remind what a good place Cincinnati can be and how much better it could become if only people loved it like he does. Although I have it on good authority from Ye Olde matey that my t-shirt design is "too girly", I'm going to give one to Mike in the hopes he'll pass it on to a female family member.

T-shirts #3 & #4...
...go to Leesee and Reenee at Hasta Los Gatos Quieren Zapatos
A new blog I've come to love for many reasons, not the least of which - because they like me! The feeling is definitely mutual. Leesee and Reenee, "two hermanas sharing their wit and wisdom with the huddled masses" featured me in their weekly Blogs of Note and their comments made me ridiculously happy. Hasta Los Gatos Quieren Zapatos is insightful, quirky and a riot to read. Not for the politically correct, they have embraced the Blogger content warning wanner - and although I have yet to read anything objectionable there - it's a reminder that this blog is for adults.

That's four t-shirts and I still have one left....hmmm....I think I'll keep it just in case I ever do the scavenger hunt again. I'd give it to Drug Monkey but I already made him his own. claim your prize, please contact me with the DebLite contact me thingy over in the sidebar.


  1. Deb; Thanks for the kind words. I have no problem wearing pink or purple, but rarely wear a t-shirt. Basically for all my waking hours, I wear a collared dress shirt.

    But I consider it an honor and will contact you as requested. Perhaps wife or daughter will like it.

  2. Yes! we finally won something! Send us t shirts!
    I'll have to call my sister and ask if she wants her address put out there.
    Your blog is still great and we are happy you come over to read ours.
    Lately we've been distracted with our dad's illness and his inevitable decline. We do this because it keeps us focused. That's a good thing.
    Thanks once again.
    PS. Had trouble contacting you through email thingy, will try later

  3. Still can't get through to your email thingy, maybe it's busted, it says wrong code entered?

  4. Hola chica!

    No, it's working. Everyone else has theirs and I just did a test.

    Please try again. If not, we'll arrange a time to get on chat here and I'll give you my email address that way.


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