Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Who I'm voting for - all Dems with the notable exception of Chris Monzel for County Commissioner. I wouldn't vote Tarbell for dog catcher and I'm sick of him and his giant mural.

Governor/ Lt. Governor
Strickland/ Brown

Ohio Attorney Gen.
Richard Cordray

Auditor of State
David Pepper - Pepper for President? Hell why not? (sarcasm) Annoying DINO berk. Our side's answer to Leslie Ghiz only not quite as dense. We didn't elect him as mayor or to council, he finally ended up on the County Commission (God, I wish my family had the money to keep running me for stuff until I lucked up and won something) and now I guess we'll keep electing him on up the line until his picture is next to Peter Principle in the dictionary.

Secretary of State
Maryellen O'Shaughnessy

Treasurer of State
Kevin Boyce

US Representative
Steve Driehaus - more I know about Steve, the more I like him. I want your job some day Steve.

US Senate
Lee Fisher - I guess

State Representative - Dist.29
Liz Ping - knocked on my door and shook my hand. I liked her and Lou Blessing has annoyed me for ages. You have been Ping'd! Vote for her : )

OH Supreme Court
Eric Brown - Chief Justice
MaryJane Trapp
Pfeifer (unopposed)

OH Court of Appeals
Martha Good
William L. Mallory, Jr. - still don't like family dynasty's in politics. Like with Pepper, this is a problem.

Cour of Common Pleas
Luebbers (unopposed)
Ruehlman (unopposed)
West (unopposed)
Winkler (unopposed)
Nadine Allen

Court of Common Pleas - Juvenille Div.
Tracie Hunter

Court of Common Pleas - Domestic Rel.
Stephen Black
Tolbert (unopposed)

State Board of Ed
Pat Bruns

Hamilton County Commissioner
Chris Monzel

Hamilton County Auditor
Dusty Rhodes

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