Saturday, February 26, 2011

About the abortion I had that time, Part II, Otherwise entitled: Men go fuck yourselves

I've been reading about the latest ridiculously racist abortion billboard and of course reading comments about it. And one man, in those comments, makes the original point that women just "shouldn't get pregnant in the first place."

I've read comments like this from a lot of men in a lot of places and it seems outside the realm of reality.

I think it's time for a sex boycott. I think all women across America should just stop having sex. Period. The men won't mind. It's obviously what they want. They want a world where they don't have to worry about pregnancy and where no women can have an abortion, then we should give them what they want - NO SEX.

Or maybe we should tell them to go shag each other. Or even better yet to go fuck themselves. Because if you're not having sex with other guys or various farm animals, then I'm pretty sure you're trying to have sex with women.

That men bear just as much responsibility for pregnancy seems to be missing from this debate on whether a woman should have an aboriton or not. That men often pressure women to have an abortion is also missing. That a woman should not have to bear or refrain from bearing a child at a man's discrection is also absent from the conversation.

And it's not a conversation anymore. Republicans are insisting on mandates that not only restrict a woman's access to abortion, but also mentally torture, guilt or shame a woman about her choice. You must watch an ultrasound, you must read literature, you must see a picture of an aborted baby, you must have a man present, you must have been forcefully raped - not date raped or druged or changed your mind about sex - it has to be rape rape, not just rape in order for it to count.

You must bear your male relative's children if they rape you. Father, grandfather, uncle, brother, cousin, nephew - if you are a victim of incest that results in pregnancy, you must bear the child. After all, it's not the baby's fault. It's the woman's fault. Keep your legs closed, your burka on and say your prayers - then no one will notice you even have a vagina and will not want to rape you.

You dressed wrong. You showed your ankle. You showed your cleavage. You stared a man straight in the eyes.

Men are not responsible for their actions. Men cannot be expected to show restraint or control. It's just their nature. Tits and ass drive them insane and it's all a woman's fault for tempting them.

Men are only the unwitting victims of all women. They have no control over their penises at all. If they say you tempted them, then you did that's all.

Your liberty, life and health are not as important as a man's and the children you will be forced to bear. If your life is in danger, too bad. You got pregnant, you must suffer the penalty, even if the penalty is death.

Pro-life is only for the fetus inside you. Silly woman.

You really didn't think we meant that your life was important?

When I was young, silly, poor and single, I got pregnant. I made the choice to have my daughter - I saw no other choice really. I knew my options and I was truly in no position to raise a child but I was going to see it through and I did.

That was my choice.

When I was older, wiser, with the most caring supportive partner a woman could hope to have, I got pregnant. I made the choice to have that child but that pregnancy endangered my life and I chose to end it.

According to Republicans, either way the choice is theirs.

It's yours.

Anyone's but mine.

And this insidious billboard implying that the most dangerous place for a black child is inside my body....inside my protection, inside my love, inside my mothering, inside my heart....

I would love to meet the person who dreamed up this billboard - who used that beautfiul black child for such an ugly purpose...

And tell them about the abortion I had that time.


You can read the proposed new bills on abortion here.

Ohio House Bill 63
Reverses current law and force minor's to get parental consent.

Ohio House Bill 78
The so-called "Hearbeat Bill". Would have let me die if it had been enacted six years ago. States that if a "heartbeat" is detectable then a pregnancy is viable and cannot be ended. Takes away emergency provisions for terminating a pregnancy. Introduces penalties for doctoros performing an abortion.

Ohio House Bill 79
Prevents insurance coverage of abortion.


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