Friday, March 04, 2011

Think of 9 Children That You Know

Think of 9 children that you know.

Name them.

9 children that you know and love. Or maybe a few them are little bad ass kids that are always acting up at church and never mind and stick out their tongue when you tell them to go sit down somewhere.

9 kids that walk past your house to school every day. Or 9 kids that play pick up football down the street. You keep an eye on them because sometimes they take a notion to pick on the younger kids. And they know you keep an eye on them.

9 kids that are your children or grandchildren's friends. 9 kids that you've watched grow up when you see them as you drop your own off at piano lessons, or ballet or soccer. 9 kids with lives of promise of purpose.

9 kids who get shot down by US Soldiers - sorry, excuse me, pardon me - NATO soldiers.

And the world shrugs. We apologize.

But your 9 kids - out picking up firewood and climbing dangerous hills where everyone knows it's possible to get shot.

We don't care.

After all

It's just 9 kids

A world away from here.


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