Monday, March 07, 2011

Karzai Refuses U.S. Apology For Children's Deaths

Honestly, I don't blame him. What good is an apology now?

I mean how many civillians can we kill before we stop shrugging off the deaths of innocent people.

I tend to take things like this very personally. Because I'm fairly poor. I don't have much anyhow, but thanks to my family, I get by. I send my daughter out into the world and I can only pray that she's ok.

But I simply cannot imagine a world where US soldiers pick off nine kids and we go back to life as usual.

I mean the 9 kids are bad enough. But what about the 5 children killed the week before that along with 7 adults? And the complaints from Afghan citizens that for all our talk about "smart bombs" and "precision strikes" we are indiscriminate in our killing.

Yes we. You. Me. Us. The murder of nine children was carried out for the sake of protecting freedom and liberty and keeping of safe from the terrorists. We're killing off children over there so we don't have to do it over here.


Only we just created a hell of lot more people who hate us...and with damned good reason.

I certainly would look on anyone who murdered my child or any child with hellish contempt.

How do you think I look I feel about my government right now?

How may more excuses can we make to continue this one-sided war?

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