Monday, October 03, 2011

F@!* you Yahoo!

I, like so many others, aboslutely posifuckingtively hate the new Yahoo mail. Worst, I hate being denied access to my mail until I click their fucking upgrade button. And even worse I hate Gmail.

So now wtf?

I am pissed.

It's not about hating change. I embrace change, I embrace tech. But Yahoo's mail went from having a clean, functional stellar interface to being ad-ridden, clunky, slow, hideous tabbed email (again WTF) clustefuck of fucktivity.

Did I mention that I hate Yahoo's new fucking mail so much that I damn near damaged my laptop in hatred. If Yahoo had a building anywhere near me I would be fucking picketing in front of it.

Yahoo, you fucking suck. For changing a perfectly useful email into garbage you fucking suck. For forcing me to use Gmail in absolutely hatred of Yahoo now, you suck.

Yahoo, you simply fucking suck and as soon as humanly possible I will migrate everything off your punk ass servers and never use your search, never click on your ads, never be bothered with anything that has to do with Yahoo again.

Fuck you Yahoo.

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